The Corona Diaries – Day 92

Death hasn’t come around yet! Neither has a ventilator! Indeed, everything is strangely getting back to normal.

Not that I can yet work out what this new normal is going to be like.

The USA, with its Trumpian easing of lockdown, looks to be heading for a second wave! I wonder what the fool will do then? Go back into lockdown or try to bluff it out?

Bolsonaro is still denying there’s a problem as Brazil climbs into second place above us. It looks like a competition between Bolsonaro and Trump for who kills the most people. I reckon Trump will win while we crawl into second place!

Beijing has a new outbreak and is coming down hard on a food hall and surrounding area. They sure know how to contain an outbreak! They will have their economy on full power while the USA and us trail in their wake. A few lessons to be learned!

Today we are allowed into pods (like dolphin) and to meet up and stay over. Next week the football starts up! Shops and businesses go back to the new normal – though how social distancing can possibly work is anybody’s guess. I think a lot of people are already ignoring it.

There is talk of reducing the 2 metre distancing to one metre. Not based on science but political with the aim of getting the economy working. There are a lot of people going to be slung on the scrapheap! So many businesses cannot operate with social distancing. The dole queue is going to get very long!

I’ve got a good idea!! Let’s leave Europe without a deal!! That will solve all our problems. It is the only thing that’s been in the ERG’s heads. When Brexit is done our government is going to have a vacuum between their ears!! It’s the main reason why we’re in this mess with the pandemic – they are brainless! We are ruled by extremist nincompoops who have been feeding us lies!!

So today I played my Nick Drake (what a genius) and walked up my hill. The sun came out and it was warm again. I put aside the gloves, scarf and mac and was back in shorts, T-shirt and sandals. I sat out in the garden and read my Woody Guthrie book. Life was good!!

Stay safe!!

(I say it so that it won’t happen!)


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