The Corona Diaries – Day 82

As the current death-rate from Covid 19 exceeds that of the entire EU the government and Tory press hide behind silly excuses such as we can’t compare countries because they measure deaths in different ways.

The statistics on excess deaths show there have been over 62,000 extra deaths. Regardless of how you measure – that is an enormous amount. One has to start asking why we have performed so much worse than everybody else. Could it possibly be government incompetence???

The other thing we need to ask is why our ethnic minorities have been hit hardest. Is it social, economic or biology? Or is it a combination of them all?

I hope there is going to be a full and thorough investigation and report when this is all over! People need to be accountable for the mistakes they have made!! I think laziness and ineptitude shouldn’t be rewarded!!

Well today has been a strange day. I’ve been suffering with back spasms. I sneezed when reaching down to put plates in a low cupboard and pulled some muscle or ligament. It was agony. I couldn’t move. It passed off but keeps coming back two or three times a day when I sit down or reach down. Agony.  So I’ve booked a virtual physio! I’m not quite sure what good can be done over the phone but we’ll see!!

Today I’ve been playing Jerry Lee Lewis, writing poems and going for a long walk up my hill and down the other side!! Then I came back and sorted photos!! It’s been a gloomy day!

Another day down!!

Stay well!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 82

  1. Opher, you (rightly) pooh-pooh their silly excuses like “…we can’t compare countries because they measure deaths in different ways.” There’s supposed to be an international standard for reporting these things. But the politicians and bureaucrats don’t want to keep to it, if using it makes them look bad.

    I suspect that the Germans have been under-reporting all along, and the French figures are complete nonsense – just like the Chinese ones. The Belgians just woke up to the problem this week, and said that the reason they have such a high deaths per million figure is that they’ve been counting all deaths in care homes as COVID, not just those that were tested. I don’t know if this is correct. But anyway, the UK is now second worst among major countries in deaths per million from this thing. If I understand right, the major causes are: (1) the NHS failing to stockpile protective kit, even though they had a huge budget for it. And (2) using ventilators in a way that harmed the patients rather than helped them. All these are, of course, the fault of the bureaucrats and of the “experts” at the top of the NHS system.

    And yet, they still want us to worship the NHS as if it was a god, with the Two Minutes’ Clap and all that. Myself, I’d look for a radical solution . Like: (1) abolishing the NHS and its central bureaucracy altogether. (2) putting day-to-day matters at each general hospital under the control of the people who actually get the jobs done there. And (3) giving a share in the hospital to every adult in its catchment area, so they all have an equal vote on strategic matters. I’ve not thought this through yet (and it doesn’t really go far enough!), but these thoughts are a start. What do you think?

    On why ethnic minorities are hit hardest, one story I’ve heard is that it may be caused at least in part by shortage of vitamin D. Lighter skinned people, having adjusted to colder and less sunny climates, tend (apparently) to be better at making vitamin D than others. There are also obvious issues of living at close quarters with others, high-density housing, and frequent use of public transport. The UN and its WHO’s grand scheme of forcing us all into compact high-rise cities, and eliminating private transport, needs to be re-examined, no?

    As to your back, let me give you a sympathetic Ouch! Fortunately, that part of my anatomy has tended to be quite strong (one of the few positives of being shorter than average). My hurts tend to be lower down – knees and ankles.

    1. Hi Neil – yes I believe they are making excuses and obfuscating their own incompetence. We are indeed second in the world – behind Trump and America and with Brazil coming up fast. What an indictment!!
      The problem with the unpreparedness following the Cygnus report was not the NHS but the politicians. This falls squarely on May and Hunt. They chose not to act. It is them who were in charge. I don’t like the idea of giving everyone votes – it sounds cumbersome. I think that have a large centralised institution makes for economy of scale. Yes I agree it has become too bureaucratic – that again is a response to politicians and their constant need for targets and proof. We had the same problem when I ran my school. They nail you down with red tape so that you spend more time doing that than teaching.
      I think there might be something in the vitamin D story. Black skin protects against UV but in temperate regions doesn’t produce vit D. But it might be due to social situations – institutional racism – poor pay, poor jobs – dangerous front-line jobs. We need a good investigation when this is over.
      My back is a prolapsed disc!! Not good but it will repair!!

      1. Hunt is “my” MP, and I have nothing but contempt for him, but my understanding is that in about 2017 he negotiated a budget for these emergency preparations to be done. And they weren’t done.

        “They nail you down with red tape so that you spend more time doing that than teaching.” Yes, exactly. As an NHS nurse friend said to me (before COVID): “I spend more time on the phone trying to find places to put people when they leave the hospital, than I do treating them.”

        “Dangerous front-line jobs.” That’s an issue I hadn’t thought of; thanks for bringing it up. When my mother was in a care home for her last 18 months in 2005-6, I noticed a lot of the staff were from Africa. Of course, they weren’t dangerous jobs at the time.

        And to finish, let me say “Back to the Future!”

      2. Surely it was his job to ensure these things were done!
        They certainly do need to sort out the Care Homes and care of the elderly – certainly before I have the need!!

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