VE Day – the dilemma and the irony.

Victory in Europe – what’s not to celebrate?

I don’t know. I’m not so sure.

I don’t like this palaver. I’m not one for waving flags.

Yes it is great that war is over, that we beat the fascists and restored a level of decency. But is that what this is about?

The war finished seventy five years ago. I wasn’t even alive then. My Dad went and joined up to fight Hitler. My Mum worked with Churchill in the war bunker in London. I can see they had something to celebrate and commemorate. They both lost friends in that war. They would have like to remember and show respect.

I can identify with the young men and women who went off to fight Hitler and fascism. That’s worth remembering and commemorating.

But is that what this is about? I don’t think so.

I think it has become a jingoistic bit of nationalism. It’s been taken over by the Brexiteering Nationalists with their Union Jacks.

There’s real irony in that. It’s the modern day fascists waving their Union Jacks. It’s the racists and xenophobes who are crowing over defeating Germany.

For me it wasn’t about defeating a nation; it was about defeating an ideology – Fascism. I find it sad that the ones that support that ideology are at the forefront of the celebration. It’s perverse.

I have a huge suspicion of any form of Nationalism or Patriotism. I think it is elitist and dividing. I want respect for all people. I do not believe in my country right or wrong. I will decide for myself what’s right and what’s wrong and whether I support it. There have been lots of things my country has done wrong.

Of course, I’m not saying that all patriotic people are fascist or that all those celebrating VE Day are racist xenophobes or even Brexiteers. I’m just saying that I do not want to be identified with that group who are.

The Union Jack and celebrations, such as VE Day, have been sullied as far as I’m concerned.

So I won’t be putting up my bunting or waving a Union Jack! I’ll be thinking about my Mum and Dad and how we oppose this resurgence of fascism.

4 thoughts on “VE Day – the dilemma and the irony.

  1. Quite agree Opher. It was 75 years ago.What has Britain done to
    congratulate itself for since the Attlee government.

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