Poetry – The Forgotten and Sacrificed. – THANK YOU BRAVE CARERS!!!

The Forgotten and Sacrificed.


Brave nurses in visors and masks

Fight the disease.

Brave carers in marigolds and scarves –

Brought to their knees.


Abandoned in homes ,

Sacrificed to the tide,

The elderly

Lie forgotten inside.


No ventilators for you


Though you fought in the war,

Lest we forget.


For admission to hospital

You’ll just have to wait.

Please sign the form:

Do Not Resusicate!


Brave nurses in visors and masks

Fight the disease.

Brave carers in marigolds and scarves –

Brought to their knees.


Opher – 29.4.2020



As Covid-19 decimates the elderly inmates of our Care Homes the true devastation wreaked by the disease is covered up.

Early on in the fight the government decided to sacrifice the elderly in Care Homes.

There was no PPE for the Care Staff and no training.

When the elderly became ill they were not rushed into intensive care. They were left in the homes to die.

The poorly equipped carers were left to care for them as best they could. No drugs, no protection, no hope. They administered to the dying and went home to their families. No visors for them. No gloves or aprons – other than what they scrounged for themselves.

The deaths were not included in any official figures – it was just covered up!

Yet these were government decisions.

Our elderly were sacrificed.


12 thoughts on “Poetry – The Forgotten and Sacrificed. – THANK YOU BRAVE CARERS!!!

  1. Well said Opher! Indeed, forgotten and sacrificed: in a word expendable, victims of the U.K government’s deliberate negligence and utter disregard. Despite advanced warning by the WHO, despite knowing operational failings highlighted in Exercise Cygnus, our right-wing government were woefully unprepared to deal with COVID. Now hollow Tory ministers mouth empty platitudes whilst attempting to deflect criticism of their complacency and seeking others to blame. According to some reports, deaths in U.K Care homes is likely to rise to 5000 by the end of next week.



    In the U.S, the situation is even worse: ‘…at least 13,762 deaths from outbreaks in nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the country. But that is probably an under-count because only about half the states are currently reporting nursing home deaths and not all count those who died without being tested for Covid-19.’ (1)

    The evil that U.K Tory policy does lives on-and-on.


    (1) – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/28/coronavirus-massachusetts-veterans-outbreak-holyoke-soldiers-home

    1. Cheers Dewin. I think when this is all over there might be a great accounting!! All their spin might not save them! There will be a whole list of questions!!

      1. ‘Tis a grubby, dirty, space these soulless degenerates occupy. A Great Accounting to follow The Great Pandemic and The Great Recession is an excellent idea.

        Have you had chance to watch the Moore documentary yet?


      2. Not yet Dewin!
        I’ve hardly had a moment. I have spent most of the day painting the stairwell – tottering at the top of ladders to reach the ceiling! Scary stuff!
        Tomorrow it will be finished!! I’ve got backache!! But I will get round to watching it. I do admire Moore!!

      3. No doubt you’ve done a good job and derived a sense of satisfaction. Backache?…that is the drawback to doing the decorating oneself. Ceilings are always problematic.

        You’ll find much of interest in Moore’s film. It’s very revealing, but its content will not surprise. The poignancy of the final few minutes lingers long after watching.

        Have a pleasant evening,


      4. Ha ha. I’m somewhat surprised you haven’t already thrown away the watch. What real relevance is time when you are retired? Personally, I’m looking forward to retirement, to discarding time in favor of restoring my natural bio-rhythmic state.


      5. I sometimes forget what day of the week it is but there are still a number of things that lock you into time! Part of that is the compromise of living with someone else!
        I’m trying to pack too much in!

      6. You relish life, as such I imagine you are not prepared to compromise on any part of it.

        I opt for a simpler, less busy life, and choose to be selective in what I invest my time doing.

        Deriving a sense of happiness from life is a very personal thing.

        Enjoy packing all you can in to your day.


      7. Dewin – if I haven’t achieved enough in the course of a day it feels like it’s a day wasted!
        I suppose I am a little driven.
        But this life is measured in seconds. I want to pack each and every one of them with life!

      8. If we have experienced all that we wanted to, and achieved all that we had hoped for, then that in itself is an accomplished life. I hope to not have any regrets.

        Every second is precious.


      9. Dewin, if it ends today it will have been amazing! No regrets. So much seen, so many friends, so much discovered, written, enjoyed, so much travel, so much created, family, health and an amazing wife. Who could ask for more?

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