A fifth Springtime walk through Yorkshire – God’s own country!

This isolation is difficult but fortunately we live in a beautiful part of the world, in a small village in Yorkshire. We can walk out of our front door and take a walk through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Our exercise is a delight

It reconnects us to nature. And nature has come alive during this pandemic!

It was a magnificent Spring day in Yorkshire. The sky was deep azure blue. The sun shone. There was a little chill in the air.

I like rocks.

Today’s walk started in the village. We were heading out for a long walk down the back lane to Lowthorpe – about 8 miles.

We were soon out of the village and on a trail across the fields.

It took us down a little path the May blossom was beautiful and formed an arch over our heads so that we appeared to be walking through a tunnel of white blossom.

We crossed the railway and along the lane.

Then we were on the low road to Lowthorpe. There were no cars or walkers – just the odd cyclist.

I was taken with the patterns in the fields created by the drilling. The crops were just beginning to show.

The trees were still dressed in their winter skeletons – just about to burst forth.

Some trees were adorned in their bright green – looking fresh and new.

Past the brooks and old farm houses.

A tent for visitors to stay in while cycling the Yorkshire Way.

An idyllic allotment in the middle of nowhere – a place to escape to and soak up time.

Fields of bright yellow rape with an old farmhouse and tree that have seen much history pass before them – back to the days of horses and carts.

Into Lowthorpe.

Off back down the track towards Nafferton.


There’s the church again in the distance!

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