Today’s Music to Cheer me up in Isolation – Pink Floyd

I first saw Pink Floyd back in the Underground days of Middle Earth. They were the ultimate psychedelic band and we bopped along to the likes of Interstellar Overdrive which seemed to go on forever! I saw them at a lot of free gigs in Hyde Park and Parliament Hill – There are a couple of memorable gigs that stand out for me – One was on Eel Pie Island. I remember there were two stages. The Floyd played at one end and Blossom Toes at the other. The floor bounced up and down as we all bopped along with our Newcastle Brown and Jazz woodbines. I think that cost seventeen and a half pence (normally twelve and a half pence – but there were two bands!) plus a penny to cross the footbridge on to the island. That was a great night. The other was at the Fishmonger’s Arms in Tottenham. I can still picture the eerie scream of Careful With That Axe Eugene. Great light shows and atmosphere.

When they became an arena band charging pounds to go and see them I refused to pay that amount to see specks on a stage. I still regret that!

So today I shall be playing Floyd out loud!! I’ll be back in Middle Earth!!

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