The Doors – When the Music’s Over

Gosh – I remember singing out – WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT NOW!! at the top of my voice as Jim sang. We did want the world. We wanted it to change. We wanted an end to this whole capitalist nighmare. We wanted fairness, equality, respect for the planet. We wanted to wrest it from the power-mad loonies, the exploiters and profiteers.

What have they done to our fair sister – ravaged and torn her, bit her and ripped her, stabbed her with fences in the side of the dawn.

We wanted a better more caring world.

I was very idealistic and naïve. Fortunately I still am.

This was from an age when music actually meant something – something social, political, deep and meaningful. It moved people. It joined them together. It woke people up.

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