The Corona Diaries – Day 25

Life goes on much the same in this isolated world. We make contact over the phone and internet with friends and family. Our lives have fallen into a pattern.

Last night Boris Johnson was taken into intensive care and his mate Trump sent a planeload of pharmaceuticals over. We’ll see.

So now we have Dominic Raab looking like a rabbit in the headlights – but nothing changes. Not enough testing. Not enough ventilators and not enough protective gear.

Today I did a bit of painting. I did a third coat over the walls in Dylan’s room.

I then finished the fifth edit of my new novel – ‘Farm 703 -The Human Project’ and decided there was little more I can do for it. I had a look on the web for public domain pictures of bacteria that I can use for the cover and found a few. I will check to ensure they are free to use. It seems hard to ascertain.

So I will publish and be damned!

My eager readership will be waiting expectantly!! It is a very apt story. Humans are being farmed by bacteria. There is debate whether to terminate the human project as we are being far too destructive.

It is a beautiful day so I went for a long two hour walk. There wasn’t a soul around. The countryside was blooming; the houses were shut up. I felt like I was a character in some post-apocalyptic story – Stephen King’s ‘The Standing’. It was almost eerie.

It is so great to see nature at play. I do hope that after this is all over we will cherish it more. We have abused it so much.

I am now off to begin the process of publishing! Stay safe and wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 25

  1. Day 25 already Opher. My, how time flies when in lock-down! Only 60+ days to go, keep your chin up.

    Irrespective of Johnson’s absence (let him, or Cummings, or preferably both, be guinea-pigs for Trump’s ‘game-changing’ Hydroxychloroquine before administering it to the populous) the hydra-headed Tory government (temporarily deputized by an alarmed, geographically-challenged Raabit) will remain deceitful, evasive, inept, incompetent and complacent. No one believes a damn word they say anyway.

    Good luck publishing the new book.

    Nature is looking resplendent: at her shimmering best and flourishing without human interference. At night beneath a full Moon the eerie quiet intensifies.

    I’ll leave you this well-written read to fill any hollow moments left before close of your day…

    Keep it real!


    1. Cheers Dewin. How time flies. The year will be over before we know it!
      I like the idea of Cummings and Johnson being guinea pigs! Perhaps Trump and Bolsonaro can join them?
      Nature certainly is resplendent! AQ rebirth.
      That article looks good – I’ll give it more of a read when I get a minute.
      Cheers Dewin – Keep alive!!

    1. I’m looking for a nice colourful photo of bacillus bacteria with flagella that I can use for the cover of my latest Sci-fi novel. It’s hard to find a free photo.

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