Johnson the TRAITOR. Tories prepared to scupper country in order to have a chance of being elected!


Come September there will be a vote of no confidence and a General Election!

The Tories know this and are already electioneering! They are splashing the cash! After causing immense damage from eleven years of austerity where they have cut public services to the bone, shutting down youth services, slashing police and unleashing a crime wave, creating cries in schools, hospitals, courts, armed forces, councils, and welfare – while giving the money they have saved to the bankers – they are now desperately suddenly finding a limitless pot of money to make promises they will not keep!

But even worse than this they are preparing to sell the country down the drain in order to get re-elected. They know that if they do not get Brexit sorted they will be annihilated by the Brexit Party. In desperation they are prepared to smash democracy out of the way, stamp all over parliament, and go out with no deal.

That is DISGUSTING!!! They no a No Deal Brexit will cause immense damage to the country, will close down firms, put people out of work and damage the economy, but they will do it in order to get elected!! That is not just putting Party before Country that is selling us down the river!! The lust for power takes precedence over the good of the country.

Boris Johnson disgusts me!!

6 thoughts on “Johnson the TRAITOR. Tories prepared to scupper country in order to have a chance of being elected!

  1. Hey Opher – fear not for the bridge to Tintagel is once again open: the symbolic spirit of King Arthur, ‘ the peerless warrior who functioned as the monster-hunting protector of Britain from all internal and external threats’ may now walk onto the mainland to guide the people to victory. Camelot will be restored to its former glory! Belief is everything.


  2. Ay Opher, the circus that is a General Election looms: a battle to be fought at the polls. Some say a GE is imminent.

    These are uncertain times: no-one knows the polling outcome, or what changes lie ahead. But I think it true to say people are frustrated and disquieted, angered by political turmoil and the damage it is causing – not just in the UK but globally, every where one looks there is unrest within society. One way or another that has to change, and will change, but people must wake up to reality and do the right thing.


    1. Yes. I think Corbyn is a threat to the establishment and has been demonised. He needs to stand up and shout for justice. There is a big battle looming!!

  3. I agree, Opher Corbyn is an existential threat to a system of governance – to an established order – that has not, does not, and will never serve the people. It is time for dramatic change else the world as we know it will continue to fail and drag us all into a very deep hole. Some say this is Socialism’s chance to turn the tide of misfortune washing over us: that it is now or never.

    The battle against Corbyn has been perpetual ever since he was elected Labour Leader. I trust he’s got enough left in the tank to win! Millions are urging him on…the will of the people is behind him.


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