The rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism is a result of the failure of the West.

The rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism is a result of the failure of the West.

Over the course of the last century there has been unparalleled growth and prosperity. Globally science has delivered huge benefits and technology has created massive profits.

The world has never been more prosperous.

The end result of this is extreme fanaticism, war, overpopulation, poverty, misery and the destruction of the natural environment.


The reasons are very clear:

  • Inequality
  • Inequality
  • Inequality

The system of capitalism has produced winners and losers. The winners are the tiny numbers of businessmen and bankers (almost exclusively men) who have be come multimillionaires, billionaires and trillionaires, the corrupt leaders who cream off the profits, and a few ‘lucky’ individuals who joined the ‘club’ through sport, entertainment or the arts. The losers are, to various degrees, everyone else.

In the West ordinary people enjoy a good lifestyle. They formed unions and fought for social justice. They are still given as little as the ‘bosses’ think will keep them quiet in order to maximise profits.

In the Third World there is a staggering population explosion, no jobs, extreme poverty and early mortality and nothing to look forward to.

Billions of people live on the edge and yet technology now provides them with images of opulence.

People with nothing to lose don’t mind blowing themselves up. People who live in misery buy in to the pernicious philosophy that some fictitious ‘God’ will make it right for them in the end. People without hope latch on to any glimmer for a better future. They will join ISIS and fight ‘a holy war’ for hope of a better life. They are preyed on by religious and political fanatics and radicalised.

They may be in the process of being used by the leaders who seek power but for now they have brotherhood, comradeship and a cause. That’s infinitely better that misery and no hope. They can also vent their spleen against the ‘infidels’ who have ruined their lives.

The sad truth is that we have let them down.

In Britain we have not created an equal society with full integration. Around the world we have not produced a system of fairness and opportunity. We have created third class citizens and fostered the misery. We’ve waged wars, put dictators in place and bolstered up corrupt, vicious tyrannies in order to exploit them.

When the ‘Arab Spring’ happened we let them down.

Desperate people do desperate things.

I have no doubt that both ISIS and the mass migration will come to an end soon. The forces against it are too great. But they are both symptoms of the same disease. Unless we start to deal with the underlying problems of inequality and deal with the global problems of overpopulation, unemployment, war, fundamental religion, environmental degradation, poverty, corruption, pollution, and disease we are sitting on a time-bomb.

So what is stopping us?

The strings are being pulled by the billionaires who run the show and they do not care about anyone else. They are as callous and heartless as ISIS and a thousand times more destructive and vicious.

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