Ten of my best hates and ten of my loves. Why don’t you have a go!

Ten of my best hates and ten of my loves. Why don’t you have a go!


Ten of my best hates and ten of my loves.

I stole this idea off Calensariel. It was a great idea. Well it wasn’t so much a steal as a borrow and adaptation. It set me thinking. Thanks Calensariel (in reality she put it out as a challenge and borrowed it from elsewhere but that doesn’t reduce it). This was something that I did not want to do lightly.

These are the ten things I detest most

  1. Cruelty – particularly to helpless animals.
  2. Violence – I think it is primitive. There are better ways. War, thuggery and brutality are invariably wrong.
  3. Greed – people who think that the purpose of life is to take everything they can at the expense of others.
  4. Megalomania – the people who will do anything – lie, cheat and kill – in order to get to the top.
  5. The misuse of power – the way certain people wield power for their own interests and do not care about the damage they cause to others or the environment.
  6. Mindlessness which produces music, films, soaps, books, fashions and lives of such shallow superficiality that they reduce the magnificence of life to dross.
  7. The destruction of the planet – deforestation, pollution, and irresponsible dumping. It is a tragedy. It is short-sighted. The destruction of habitat and butchering of wild-life makes me want to cry.
  8. Superstition and indoctrination. I believe religion does far more harm than good. The intolerance, arrogance and dogmatism is appalling. Indoctrination of children is child abuse. From the hunting of rhinos to the slaughter of infidels it stinks. Jihads, crusades, pogroms, inquisitions, witch-hunts and beheadings. The destruction of historic sites. There is no god. Religion is man-made. The sooner we give up on that the better. Now spirituality …..
  9. Overpopulation – It robs us of a future, uses up resources, creates pollution, destroys the environment and traps us in huge claustrophobic cities.
  10. Poverty – There is no need for it. It is a result of the economic model we choose to adopt where a few reap trillions while billions live on the edge. It disgusts me. It doesn’t have to be that way.
  11. Disease – It may be natural and inevitable but disease is a breaker of hearts, an ender of lives, and a creator of misery.
  12. The isms that create inequality, injustice and unfairness – sexism, racism, fascism and intelligentism (I had to make that one up). The only ism I like is pacifism.

Those are the things I spend my life opposing, fighting and attempting to put right.

These are the ten things I love most.

  1. Love – To be in love, to hold your children, grandchildren, pets and friends, is the greatest thing of all.
  2. Beauty – To look at a sunset, a rock, a tree, a mountain, a flower, the stars, wild-life, the colours and shapes. It is wonderful beyond words.
  3. Women and sex. They are not only beautiful, graceful, discerning, caring and sensual but they bring serenity, calm and intelligence with style. I generalise. Sex is also a delight of sharing, passion and pleasure.
  4. Animals – I love them all apart from spiders.
  5. Music – It moves the spirit and warms you to the core.
  6. Reading. It is the greatest invention of mankind. We can share the thoughts, stories and dreams of the greatest people who ever lived.
  7. The natural world. What can be more impressive than the result of a few billion years of evolution, the majesty of the heavens, the magnificence of geology? What could match that?
  8. Writing and words. When humans created words they created a wealth of communication that enabled us to capture our thoughts and feelings. I love to ensnare my thoughts in symbols and share them. Communication is the essence of civilisation. Poetry is a distillation of the form.
  9. Creativity – In all its forms – art, music, drama, poetry, opera, sculpture, writing, dance …. It is transcendental. It gives purpose to life, expression of being and a means of exploring truth and life. Creativity sets us apart from most other life.
  10. Novelty and discovery. We are inquisitive and born with a natural desire to investigate the world we live in.
  11. Friendship – We form friendships through chemical bonds that join us. We do not have to share the same tastes (but it helps). Friendship for me is something as strong as any emotion. With a friend you are fully at ease to share the contents of your mind, to argue and dissect. To learn about yourself and change your mind.
  12. Food and drink. There is nothing better than to share a meal with a bunch of loved ones, close friends and the pets at our feet, while watching a sunset, listening to good music in front of a roaring fire.
  13. Sport – It is ritualised warfare without the violence and hatred. It is tribal. The thing I love most is the unpredictability. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with tension. I love to see the tactics, strategy and skill. It keeps me enthralled.
  14. Photography – freezing the moment into a perfect shot that captures, frames and locks in the essence of its beauty.

When I retired I said I wanted to travel, write and read. I should have added – with the ones I love. That would make my life complete.

When you have digested my lists of ten (I never was any good at counting and it was hard limiting it to ten) you can clearly see why the whole fundamental basis of ISIS is the antithesis of everything I believe and stand for. They stand for fascism, indoctrination, intolerance and violence. They wish to impose their brain-washed superstition on everyone and destroy all vestiges of other cultures. If there is such a thing as evil then they epitomise it.

(After I had posted this I noticed that WordPress had somehow removed a number of words from my post. That was weird. I have had to go back and edit them in)

Opher 5.9.2015

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