A picture of a true American’s compulsory beliefs:

 A picture of a true American’s compulsory beliefs:

·         God is real

·         Guns make us safe

·         Socialism is communism

·         Hitler and the Nazis were left-wing

·         Socialism is tyranny

·         America is best

·         Every word of the bible is the word of god

·         TV evangelists are good people

·         Climate change is a hoax

·         Taxes are robbery

·         Freedom is not being part of society

·         John Wayne and the Wild West are good models

·         The towers were blown up by Obama

·         The Jews run the world

·         The holocaust is a hoax

·         Kennedy was shot by the CIA

·         The US bombs people for their own good

·         Overturning socialist governments is for their own good

·         Capitalism is the only way

·         Democracy is the only way

·         Equality is a commie plot

·         The billionaires deserve every penny they ‘earn’

·         Fairness is a dirty word

·         Trump is righteous

·         Immigration is a crime

·         All immigrants are terrorists, rapists and drug dealers

·         A wall will solve the problem

·         Obama is the devil

·         Obama isn’t American

·         Clinton is a crook

·         Welfare is a waste of our money

·         Losers deserve all they get

·         America has nothing to do with creating poverty elsewhere

·         Most other countries are shit-hole countries

·         Supporting corrupt tyrants is good business

·         There are no rules in business

·         Exploiting people is good business

·         The UN is useless and a waste of money

·         UN soldiers rape and kill

·         Evolution is a lie

·         Abortion is murder

·         All scientists and experts are employed by socialists

·         The earth may well be flat

·         The Founding Fathers were superhuman

·         The Constitution is God

·         The Founding Fathers foresaw the modern world

·         One only needs the bible and biographies of the Founding Fathers

·         Sex education is a sin

·         Universal healthcare is an abomination

·         Contraception is a sin

·         Masturbation is a sin

·         There is no species extinction it’s a hoax

·         Overpopulation is a myth

·         The oil companies are the good guys

·         Alternative energy is robbery

·         The environment takes care of itself

·         Government is against the people

·         All politicians, apart from Trump, are corrupt

·         Democrats are hypocrites

·         NATO has been robbing America

·         The Chinese have been robbing everybody

·         Everybody has been robbing America

·         The propaganda sites always tell the truth

·         Europe is lost to Islam

·         Sweden is the rape centre of the world

·         Britain is under Sharia law

·         Most of Britain is a no-go area for whites

·         There is a plot by Muslims to take over the world

·         All Muslims are terrorists

·         The Me-Too movement is a bunch of moaning women

·         Tommy Robinson is not a fascist

·         Women should know their place as wives, mothers and slaves

·         Women should be subservient

·         The White Race is superior

·         America is white Anglo-Saxon

·         There was no Native American genocide

·         Greed and selfishness are good qualities

But Hey – I’ve heard there are still a few Americans who don’t believe all of that!! I have it on good authority that not all Americans think this way!

We can but hope!

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