Under the Fog of Brexit – a poem

Under the Fog of Brexit


Under the fog of Brexit the country falls to bits;

Ravaged, destroyed and smitten by the Tory shits.

Death by a million cuts in unending austerity

As lack of investment destroys our industry.


Creeping privatisation bleeding cash to their chums

Leaving ordinary folks feeding off the crumbs.

Food banks, soup kitchens, so many sleeping rough.

Down on our knees – the country’s had enough!


The schools are losing teachers

Hospitals can’t find a nurse.

Ten years of cuts and nastiness

Has made the matter worse.


Crime waves and knifings

Are all taking their toll.

Tens of thousands of police

Chucked over the wall.


The courts are all in chaos

The prisons in a mess.

Youth services shut down

Gangs don’t care less.


Under the fog of Brexit the country’s suffering.

Tory louts and ideologist are free to do their thing.

Cutting here, cutting there and tax cuts for the rich.

Swigging champagne and heading for the ditch.


Under the fog of Brexit they get away with murder.

With callous ineptitude that send us all to Purdah.

These arrogant Tories have never had it so good.

They’re robbing us all blind just like I knew they would.


Under the fog of Brexit!


Opher – 1.2.2019

2 thoughts on “Under the Fog of Brexit – a poem

  1. What a load of tosh! Brexit isn’t a Tory issue! Only a fool thinks that.
    It’s completely evident that the reason for Brexit was due to Labour voters.
    Out of 382 voting areas 263 voted leave (68.85%) and 119 voted Remain (31.15%)
    It is proportional representation.
    Parties are more than happy to form governments on the number of constituencies they have won, with no regard for how small the percentage of the vote.

    The last few years have still seen a high proportion of income taxes paid by the top 1%, by historical standards. Since 1999 the percentage the top 1% of earners pay in income tax has risen in an almost consistent trend, across Labour, Coalition, and Conservative Governments. Back at the turn of the century they paid 21%.
    The top 1% of tax payers at current rates are paying 28% of the total income tax take.
    Go figure.

    1. Well thank you for that Jeff though I’m not sure that you read the poem at all. It isn’t about Brexit per se. It is about the way the Tories are destroying the fabric of our society and using Brexit as a smokescreen.
      Crown Prosecution Services
      Mental Health
      Youth Services
      Gig Economy
      All in crisis – all falling apart. The whole country is in such a huge mess due to Tory mismanagement. Not exactly Brexit is it?

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