Who’ll take your place?

Who’ll take your place?


Who’s it going to be?

Who’ll take your place?

In the leadership election –

The leadership race?

They’ll stab and boot

With ruthless glee,

Leaving us wondering

Who it’s going to be.

Mogg or Johnson?

They’re all lining up!

Hunt or Javid?

With the devil they’ll sup

To get their hands on

The reins of power;

They’ll sell your grandmas

Until it all goes sour.

They’ll promise the earth

To every last man

And lie through their teeth

As only politicians can.

Behind the mask of sincerity

They’re plotting to screw you and me!

They’re all the same – Tory scum!

Arrogant bastards every one!


Opher – 18.12.2018

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