Confidence in Mrs May

Confidence in Mrs May


They’ve no confidence in you Mrs May!

An understatement if I may say.

But I had confidence in you right from the start

To screw up the country – you vicious little tart!

You’ve screwed the poor and given to the rich

While steering Brexit into the ditch!

You’ve privatised the NHS, cut the police and army.

You are treating us as if we are all barmy!

There are big tax cuts for the fat cats

While scoffing at us – the scurvy rats.

Our confidence in you did soar

As universal credit savaged the poor.

We knew exactly what you were all about;

Your lying words left little doubt!

You represent big corporations;

Always party before the good of the nation!

You played us all like stupid fools

With gimmick after gimmick into our schools;

Cuts and cuts of austerity

Bringing the country down to its knees –

All mealy-mouthed ideology

Spouted forth from you to me!

I’ve always had confidence in you

To do the worst that you could do!

Now everybody wants to boot you out!

Good riddance!!

Shut the door on your way out!!


Opher 18.12.2018

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