The great betrayal of Britain! Betrayal of the People! Give us a People’s Vote!

What is quite clear is that the majority of people in Britain do not want to be made a lot poorer!

The majority do not want their public services decimated!

The majority of people want to remain in the EU!

The polls tell us that this is so!

The majority of MPs, who have access to more information than us, know that to leave the EU will gravely damage the country!

There is a clear majority in parliament to stay in the EU!

Yet we are hoisted on our own petard. A reckless vote has locked us in to a poorer future!

Jobs will be lost. Chaos will ensue. Billions of pounds will be needlessly thrown away.

It is madness!!

Yet it is not just about economics. This is about a lot more than that! This xenophobic backlash has empowered the racists and fascists to do things they have never dreamt of doing before.

Football racism is back! Bananas have been thrown on pitches! Racial taunts are back! Eastern Europeans and coloured people are being abused. on a daily basis. Islamophobia is rife. Muslims are being labelled rapists, sex molesters and terrorists.

Right-wing fascists are marching on our streets. They are given status and lauded as the peoples’ heroes.

It’s time to take our country back!! I want the tolerant, friendly country I remember – built on respect!

It’s time to stand up for a decent Britain!


2 thoughts on “The great betrayal of Britain! Betrayal of the People! Give us a People’s Vote!

  1. If Muslims want to take part in raping sex gangs and terrorist atrocities it would not be inconceivable for them to labelled as such. If the caps fits, wear it.

    1. If anybody is a terrorist or rapist they need locking up. Goes without saying. To make out that these problems just apply to Muslims is disingenuous. The vast majority of Muslims are neither rapists nor terrorists.

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