My Perfect Society.

I want to live in a society that is multicultural, based on the values of freedom, tolerance, justice, fairness and respect.

I want to live in a country that doesn’t care about the colour of a person’s skin, their gender, or what religion they choose to follow (if any). But rather focusses on the quality and nature of the person.

I want to live in a country that values excellent education and healthcare for all.

I want to live in a society where people are rewarded for their efforts and skills rather than privilege.

I want to live in a society where racism, sexism and misogyny are non-existent.

I want to live in a society whose members are empathetic, compassionate, caring and always want to lend a helping hand.

I want to live in a society that is not run by greed, avarice and selfishness.

I want to live in a society that cares about nature and living creatures; where cruelty and viciousness are rightly abhorred and driven out.

I want to live in a society that gives me the freedom to create and live my life as I want without judging me on how I look.

I want to live in a society that is not hierarchical with huge privilege and inequality.

I want to live in a society based on fairness, that doesn’t exploit or abuse its weakest members, where it’s weakest members are protected and cared for.

I want to live in a society where child abuse, homelessness and sexual abuse are non-existent.

I want to live in a society without crime, aggression and violence.

I want that country to be Britain!!

We might not get there overnight! It will take time! But we can start by booting the racists, xenophobes and greedy bastards into touch!

Less fear!! Less hatred!!

I want a kinder Britain!!

6 thoughts on “My Perfect Society.

  1. Forgot did you, perhaps not living in a Country where the Girls White and Pakistani of this Country are NOT being Gang Raped by muslim paedophile Rape gangs all over this Country, oh forgot its all lies according to you. As for allowing every Tom/Dick and Harry into GB try living next door to them or in a Town/City controlled by them but you live in a tiny place hidden away from the real World don’t you.

    1. Don’t be silly Anna and do try to keep things in proportion. You have allowed all that right-wing propaganda to magnify your fears.
      Your Islamophobia is taking what has happened in a number of areas and built it into a massive conspiracy.
      Islam is a disturbing intolerant religion of which we should be rightly critical but all Muslims are not the same and we are neither in danger of Sharia Law or rape gangs. The evil perpetrators who have abused those young girls have been rightly locked up.

  2. Pity about your choice of sky – “red sky in the morning = shepherd’s warning”.

    You can’t have a society that is multicultural, based on the values of freedom, tolerance, justice, fairness and respect and where racism, sexism and misogyny are non-existent if we have Islam.
    You are perfectly correct – it is a massive conspiracy. One that has gone to unimaginable lengths of deviousness to protect thousands of Pakistani Muslim men who have been members of rape gangs for many years. Those individuals as charged for these sex offences so far are only the tip of the ice berg. There will be many thousands more to follow. So many more so that in fact the Crown Prosecution Service has had to make massive concessions to cope with the demand placed upon itself in order to cope with the massive quantities of charges brought to their attention. The grand scale of this problem is beyond the realms of the average interpretation of understanding. In many sectors of the Islamic faith it is regarded as a right of passage, therefore by nature, unstoppable.
    You may not be in any danger of Sharia Law, but several million persons of the Muslin faith already are as Sharia courts are ever present and in full operation mode on every back-street in every town and city throughout the land. Their women folk are destined to a life of misery where they are granted little freedom and respect. Islamic misogyny dictates – by Sharia Law – that a women may only be granted half the rights of men.
    You appear to be hampered with some lack of knowledge regarding this massive anti-social problem.

      1. You are incredibly wrong and that’s a disgraceful statement. The number of offences figures speak for themselves. The only phobia I have are gangs of organised men who viciously rape children. It’s a global problem issue and I suggest that you find out more about it first before blowing your liberal trumpet. It’s a monster issue and only perpetuated by Islam. No other religion tolerates rape gangs of non-believers, except Islam. You need to fully understand that, as uncomfortable as it might be to your extreme liberal sensibilities.
        The Church of England has women in their charge. You will never find that in Islam.
        You talk a load of rubbish. A typical load of left-wing snowflake liberal rubbish.
        You probably believe the immigration figures, too. I bet.

        Did you know that the real population of UK is some 11 to 12 million people more than the official government figure? I bet you did not.

        You have an awful lot to learn. I feel sorry for you. But not as sorry for you than I feel for the rest of us watching our country flushed down the toilet and being tuned into some third-world backwater shit-hole. That’s also equally obnoxious.
        But you won’t be here to witness that to its fullest extent, whereas there’s a fairly good chance that I might well do. God willing.

      2. More Islamophobic hysteria. I expected as much.
        I think it is you that has a lot to learn – try tolerance, compassion and understanding to start with.

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