The Teaching of White Eagle – from my Grandfather Lewis Forsyth

My Grandfather was a spiritualist medium and healer. He recited teaching from the Native American Chief White Eagle while in a trance.

This small book is the collection of those surviving teachings.

Words of wisdom from the spirit world.

In the UK:

In the USA:

6 thoughts on “The Teaching of White Eagle – from my Grandfather Lewis Forsyth

  1. I am pleased to see that insanity prevails and is alive and well. They do say that family traits have a tendency to skip a generation – and here we are – basking in bloody lunatic madness. Whilst it’s commendable that he could perhaps recite the words of White Eagle whilst in a trance – which would be hard to prove or disprove, but I’ll take your word for it, this isn’t exactly interesting to anyone. However, the healing claim is certainly ridiculous. What exactly did he heal? Or did he just stick a plaster on it and said keep it dry?

  2. How can anyone truthfully say that they have these healing skills? I would expect to see some expenditure on their services from when I work in Treasury accountancy, were these claims to be true. The NHS would be hiring them if they could heal. These people belong in the past with witches, wizards and magic potion fixers.

    1. I come from Malta. We have many people who say they are these kinds of things and we know they are not. Why do you believe this? Was this because the man was a family member and so you should show respect. Or did you get to see some healings?
      I never saw any healings and I only saw people shouting that gypsys steal money.

      1. Sal – I was only a kid when I saw him. Supposedly he carried out healings on me but I don’t remember and I was very cynical anyway. I do not believe in religion or spiritualism myself but I do feel there is some kind of spirituality that we do not yet understand.

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