The Story of Fascism and how to beat it.

The Story of Fascism


It starts with fear and hatred

Of the outsider,

Of all who are different.

It proceeds through blame

To attribute the wrongs

To the chosen targets.

It creates simplistic panaceas

Of black and white.

It is idealistic.

If only these problems

Were addressed,

These people removed,

Perfection could be achieved.

It operates through an air of superiority

Through arrogance and certainty.

Only some are worthy.

There is a hierarchy of evils.

There are means to an end.

Power is the vehicle.

Morality is shelved.

The solution requires

The methodology.

Compassion is a weakness.

It is a cancer.

It is a cancer.

It is a cancer.


That cancer is destroyed through the chemo of education, love, friendship and the final recognition that we are no better than anybody else.

We are all one, all equal.

If we work together we are stronger.


Opher 11.12.2017


It seems we are always going through this cycle where we embrace this ideology of fascism. We are going through a phase. The right is on the march. Populism, with all its ugly hate and fear, is a growing phenomenon.

Fear of Muslims. Fear of immigration. Fear of the outsiders. It seems to generate a response. That response is a great lurch to the right. Hysteria. Fascism.

We’ve fought wars to rid ourselves of this scourge but still is regularly arises.

These people see themselves as warriors standing up for the purity of their race. They feed off the stories that generate fear and hate. They exaggerate and invent the horror stories until the minds are clouded and the defence mode is paramount.

Woody Guthrie had a sign on his guitar – THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS.

Yes – that is true. You kill fascism through education, intercourse and understanding. Music is more powerful than bullets.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Fascism and how to beat it.

  1. Are you not aware the last World War, that my late Husband took part in, was to stop Heir Hitler, who you may recall Heir Hitler and the Nazis wanted to rid the World of Jews, whats that remind you of? Heir Corbyn and his sidekicks, the ANTI-SEMITIC RACISTS which you conveniently forget, but you support Heir Corbyn and his thugs what does that make you. You called me a Fascist and Black Shirt, and made yourself look an utter fool. Heir Corbyn/McDonnell/Momentum/No Hate Campaign (what a joke) are so ANTI-SEMITIC as are these followers who already are showing the Nazi tendencies. Heir Corbyn and his lot refuse entry to Jewish journalists to any labour press meeting, don’t bother coming back with “the Jews did this and that”, we all know the truth. Opher no one has an opinion that counts, only yours. You come out with so many lies you never check your facts it appears. You call people like myself liars as according to you there are NO muslim paedophile Rape Gangs, Raping young Girls all over this Country, strange how the police can catch some and have them sent down, the rest are there the entire establishment all parties refuse to take action in case it upsets the muslims, never mind this Country’s young Girls can be RAPED night after night. Its not their Child or yours so you don’t give a damn like them. These Children are this Country’s Children. You have never criticised that khan as London Mayor for doing absolutely NOTHING regarding all the violence in London, you said before I had made up all that violence that was taking place, strange how there are still violent attacks and murders going on in London. You put out statements full of hatred for those that don’t agree with your way of thinking. How proud you must be to be able to criticise those like myself that are LOYAL to my Country and will do all I can to defend my Country. I am PROUD to be BRITISH. Your name calling for those who are Loyal to GB those that Love their Country those that Defend their Country is just so pathetic.

    1. Incredible Anna. Please explain just where Jeremy Corbyn has been anti-Semitic? It is all exaggerated rubbish. Yet you support Tommy Robinson who is a known fascist and Islamophobe. But I suppose Islamophobia is alright in your book? I make no distinction between the two. Racism is racism. I despise all religion.
      You are quoting right-wing propaganda at me again. Believe what you like.
      The rise in violence is obviously the direct result of the huge cuts in the police brought about by these Tory bastards you now idealise.
      You’re not loyal to your country – you are after destroying it.
      I think you allow your fear to run away with you.

      1. Lol Anna – You call me stupid now???
        Here’s a definition of Islamophobia:
        noun: Islamophobia
        dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.
        I think you will find that it was Herr Hitler who Britain fought against. It was the same fascism that you are now supporting.
        My politics have not changed – yours have lurched to the far-right. You claimed to have been a card-carrying Labour supporter – now you support the extreme right wing of the Tory party and fascists like Tommy Robinson.
        You are now getting your information from far-right propaganda sites. Shame.
        Your exaggerated fear of Muslims (which extends to the Mayor of London) is driving you to fascism in exactly the same way as Hitler exaggerated the fears of Jews. Except you can’t see it.
        As for me – I am an antitheist; I dislike all religion. But I do not make exaggerated statements about Muslims much as I despise their intolerant, indoctrinating religion and think that the extremists, like all religious fanatics, are scum.
        As I keep asking – what are these anti-Semitic actions of Corbyn? And these fascist actions? All ridiculous right-wing propaganda.
        I have a beautiful granddaughter, my own daughter and many female relatives. If I thought for one minute that it was anywhere near as bad as you make out.
        Yes there is a problem with radical Islam.
        Yes there is a problem with too much immigration.
        Yes there is a problem with knife crime.
        Yes there is a problem with Islamophobia.
        Yes there is a problem with Anti-Semitic stuff.
        But your exaggerated fears and hysteria are not at all clever. What we need are cool clear policies to deal with these problems – not hysterical knee-jerk reactions and silly finger-pointing.
        As for being loyal to my country – I want a pleasant, friendly country – not this hate-filled, racist, xenophobic pit that has been created by the extreme nationalists.

  2. I don’t know what Islampohobia is, there is no such word, you cannot have an irrational fear of a belief system. Are the Protestants in Northern Ireland Catholicphobic…. No because it does not exist as a word. You are so stupid at times Opher, calling me NOT Loyal and destroying this Country, you need to take a good look at yourself and the Country you have used and want to hand over to ALCOHOLICS in the EU. You still have not answered the fact that this Country’s Children are being Gang Raped by muslim paedophile gangs, says so much about you, plus you are refusing to mention all the violence taking place in London under Khan, Labours mayor.

    Will there ever be a time when you don’t bring up Tommy Robinson, you are totally OBSESSED with him, I have not mentioned him for quite some time, Tommy Robinson is at the forefront of your mind, its just so weird. As for HEIR CORBYN whats not ANTI-SEMITIC about praising an artist for his mural depicting eight old Jews playing Monopoly with the board placed the backs of the workers, talk about playing up to the stereotype, just one example. Who does that if not holding ANTI-SEMITIC views, do you find that mural acceptable?

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