Overpopulation – The biggest problem for everyone!

As the world population heads to a staggering 8 billion, we are destroying more forests than ever and producing more CO2 which promotes more climate change.

We are killing off wildlife in ever increasing numbers.

I think people are afraid to address the issue. It is not PC. So I will. There certainly is a problem with the size of third world families. It is madness. I was just watching a report from Yemen yesterday in which a father (who looked pretty well-nourished himself) was talking about the fact that he could not get enough food for all his eight children. They were starving. Babies were dying like flies.

Then the next item went to the 7000 refugees fleeing Honduras because there is no work – too many people not enough jobs. They were starving. They had no prospects. I could make a few connections.

a. If he only had 2 kids he might have enough food and they wouldn’t starve.

b. If there were less people the unemployment wouldn’t be so high and they would not be mass migrating everywhere.

c. With less people there is less pollution, less climate change and less of the environment destroyed.

It seems to be in everybody’s interest to get the overpopulation under control.

I would suggest some carefully thought out strategies are necessary:

a. Access to birth control.

b. Education.

c. Welfare.

d. Pensions.

e. Inducements.

Of course it is in the capitalists interest to have a large, desperate population to exploit.

It is in the various religious groups interest to increase their numbers and power!

4 thoughts on “Overpopulation – The biggest problem for everyone!

  1. But it is the so-called First World that causes most greenhouse gases, works people out and expropriates them, primarily through livestock farming. If we did not have these, we could easily feed all the people in this world.

    1. That is true – but it is the undeveloped countries that are clearing rainforest, growing cash crops like palm oil, coffee and timber and destroying precious habitat.
      The developed countries need to clean up their act, stop exploiting and act more responsibly. And the undeveloped world needs to reduce its numbers.
      I don’t think it’s a problem of being able to feed them. It is more of a problem of finding space for nature too.

      1. The so-called underdeveloped countries do not clear the rainforest themselves, but it is the multinational corporations that cultivate soy, maize and wheat for our so-called livestock in monocultures, are genetically engineered and pesticide-intensive. The indigenous population is expelled or murdered. That is the real injustice. We let her starve to death.

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