And this makes sense? Brexit the real costs.

£35 Billion divorce fee.

£45 million on consultants (with more to come).

Stockpiling of food to cover shortages.

An army of bureaucrats and civil servants.

An army of solicitors.

An army of extra border guards.

An army of extra goods checkers.

Firms moving to Europe.

Money moves out of the country.

Difficulty in staffing the NHS, Care Homes, Agriculture, Factories, Restaurants……………………

A flotilla of ships chartered to carry essential goods.

Motorways turned into car parks.

Hundreds of Millions more checks on goods.

Tariffs on goods.

More paperwork.

More bureaucracy.

More hold-ups.

Duplication of services.

Visas for travel to Europe.

Difficulty in travelling – musicians, lecturers, business people, holiday makers……

A smugglers charter.

Police and army leave cancelled to deal with civil unrest.

Obstacles for collaboration on science.

Obstacles for collaboration on terrorism.

Obstacles on collaboration on international crime.

Threats to the environment.

Threats to workers rights.

Threats to health and safety.

Diving pound.

Increased costs.

Stagnant growth.

Prolonged austerity.

Complete neglect of all domestic issues resulting in chaos.

Crisis in Police, Courts, Schools, NHS, Social Services, Local Councils, Railways, Mental Health Care, Libraries, Youth Services – all obscured behind the fog of Brexit.

Rising crime.

Rising gang culture, knife crime and murder.

Rise in hate crime.

Division of the country.

Political chaos.

The country being run by extremists.

More immigration from outside EU.

A loss of power and credibility on the world stage.

Uncertainty in trading markets.

Uncertainty in collaborative ventures.

A loss of negotiating power.

Loss of EU money into deprived areas, agriculture, science, technology etc.

We have to spend years negotiating trade deals with all manner of countries.

We have to send goods hallway round the world instead of next door.

The nation is left both poorer and weaker.

No solving of immigration, terrorism or Muslim immigration. In fact these will be made worse.

Does this make any sense to you? Because it sure as hell doesn’t to me!

And the benefits are??????????

We get to be ruled by a bunch of extremists!

We replace cheap European labour with cheap labour from the rest of the world.

We put our workers on worse conditions and pay.



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