I Like Hitler – Phil Ochs

Well this seems highly appropriate as America and Britain lurch to the far-right and fascists are once again marching on the streets.

Who could have imagined such extreme politics would once again become mainstream? It is quite unbelievable to me. The John Birch Society is no longer viewed as a bunch of obnoxious lunatics.

The scourge of fascism has to be opposed whenever it rears its ugly head.

I Like Hitler – Phil Ochs

I like hitler, jolly jolly hitler
I like hitler and mussolini too

I like franco in spain
And I’ll have to maintain
That batista was
Really quite all right

Trujillo was my man
Henry ford would understand
What this country
Really needs is apartheid

Loyally we birch along
Birch along, birch along
Loyaly we birch along
Back to the good old days

God save the King

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