Post-Truth Era – A chilling poem

Post-Truth Era


Truth is now a commodity

They sell to the likes of you and me.

They spin the facts to tell the lies

Without a thought to where’s or whys.

Their intent is to deceive;

To alter the truth that we believe.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


They use algorithms to detect our fears

And feed us garbage to draw our tears.

They know the things that we desire

And offer dreams to take us higher.

They rig elections and alter our vote

From websites that are not so remote.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


Democracy can’t survive this war

We have to ask: ‘what are they doing it for?’

They manipulate us like we were dough –

Half-baked and never in the know.

Every expert is rubbished and denied

All their pronouncements are decried.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


They seek the power and they want our loot.

As for freedom and fairness they don’t give a hoot!

Sowing confusion into all our thought

So we never do what we know we ought

Paranoia and conspiracy theory is their game

Until we don’t even know who to blame.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


Even those who consider themselves free

Are being fed with lies of conspiracy

Ignoring the news from the BBC and Fox

They absorb their facts from Messrs Goldilock

In this pernicious web of smears and lies

We are sowing the seeds of our own demise.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


Science is now completely debunked

As our way of life is now defunct.

Superstition rules as the new age is spawned

Rationality will not even be mourned.

This is the age of creationists and flat-earth

As a new age of fascism is given its birth.

I couldn’t make it any clearer!

We’re living in the post-truth era.


Opher 6.8.2018




Thanks to Lionscafe!!

I find it utterly chilling to look at the way our lives are being broken down to algorithms so that we can be controlled. They not only know our shopping habits but our political views, likes and dislikes, personality type, fears and hopes. They use it to manipulate us.

No election is safe. We are now targeted with information that plays on our fears. We are fed misinformation to sow doubt. It plays on our emotions and undermines our rational thought. We are told we are being swamped with rapists, terrorists and murderers so that our way of life is being deliberately destroyed. We are told that Fascists, like Tommy Robinson and Trump have the answers. Indeed, Western civilisation is under threat.

Well it is.

But not from the sources we are being told. It is under threat from the algorithms that enable these populists to control us. The threat is from the ones who want power and want our money and will stop at nothing to get it.

Who is it that profits when the West is thrown into confusion? Who is making the money? Who is rising in power? Who is telling us that everything emanating from scientists and experts is all  ‘Project Fear’ and that climate change is not real, Brexit is good for us? Who stands to gain?

Who is getting shafted?

6 thoughts on “Post-Truth Era – A chilling poem

  1. Looks like they’ve done a very good job on you and got you by the short and curlies.
    Did nobody ever suggest or did you never think that its best ignored?
    Please tell me that I didn’t actually read that you believe Tommy Robinson to be a fascist. Your claim of you being told he has the answers is completely false and has no foundation. You are equally as guilty as the corrupt media for spreading such lies.
    In simple terms you are a George Soros puppet. He’s got you thinking and saying exactly what he’s planned you’d be thinking and saying.

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