America is Lost!!

I can’t help but think that America is lost.

It is wallowing in division, hatred and fake news.

The people have lost faith in their leaders and do not believe anything any experts say.

This is the era of conspiracy theories and lies pumped out by right-wing sites intended to cast doubt and undermine all credibility.

Nobody knows who to believe. They attach to the absurd.

It is a land of poor education and religious superstition in which hypocrisy is the norm.

All that matters is profit and cash.

As the poor are fed false hope in the midst of this fake storm the rich are busy cleaning up before they jump ship.

America lies like a beached whale as truth recedes. It was led straight into a mess of its own making.

The Russians and terrorists look on gleefully at the discord and self-destruction they have orchestrated.

America is lost and Britain is following suit.

28 thoughts on “America is Lost!!

  1. Incredulously false statement to suggest that it’s only the work of right-wing sites pumping out conspiracy theories and lies.
    However, on further consideration in order to engage in the concept of a conspiracy theory, a person generally requires to have a fully functional mindset which by decree automatically dismisses a mass contingent of the sheep-people left-wing.
    But in truth both wings are equally to blame for any of it.

    Not quite so certain that Russia is in any way shape or form in good shape. It’s not by a long way and chronically under funded.
    What’s America lost with? From where I’m standing I’m looking at a whole load of peoples in jobs today that were what seemed like terminally unemployed two years ago. Life for many millions is certainly on the up.
    Down with pessimism I say!

    1. I agree with what you say about both sides being responsible. Some people are sheeple no matter where they stand. But the job numbers are misleading as they don’t take into consideration those folks who have run out of unemployment and have dropped out of the job market. They’ve given up. Especially older folks who have been purged from jobs of 30+ years and now can only find positions as greeters at Walmart or slinging hash at fast food joints. They aren’t counted in those totals… I know SEVERAL of them who are quite despairing now. Unfortunately ageism is rampant in this country… ‘course that’s just my opinion…

      1. Hi celensariel,
        I agree on the whole with what you say regards some older people. It’s really unfortunate and seems to be a controlled mechanism to extract them and let in some new blood with the younger people. It makes sense on paper and that’s all that matters to those that remain hidden. I was indirectly without being race-specific relating to the very positive situation with Afro-Americans and Latinos. It was long overdue that we got some headway with fixing unemployment in that direction.
        Overall, I’m feeling very positive.

      2. I think you are right Cheryl. It’s the same here. They have forced people into a low-paying gig economy with few rights and no future.

    2. Darcy – I’m certainly all in favour of optimism! But all I see from America is fake news, superstition, rubbishing of science and experts, crap low-paid jobs, environmental mayhem, division, hatred, poor education, racism, crass and rude behaviour, the rise of fascism and a country fast heading downhill.
      Not a lot to be optimistic about.

      1. In case you didn’t know and you might not if the BBC is anything of a guidance to you, there is a very healthy optimism on the current situation and for the future here. We’re doing good. If you spend too much time on garbage news media you will in fact get a lot of garbage news. I guess that won’t be news to you but on reflection did it never cross your mind with that list of negatives that you previously supplied above, that all’s not too right with all that fake news?
        You put superstition as a priority. Are you kidding me? Have you any idea what kind of a schmuk concept deal that is and who it is related to? About 5% very tops that’s what. The hard-boiled religious nuts and nobody else. We don’t even talk anything about any superstition anything. I don’t know where you came up with that. You reading a newspaper from 1798 or something? Salem Witch Trials? LOL You must be watching way too much garbage TV.
        You didn’t notice that subtle change they made from using the term Global Warming to Climate Change? Because they don’t really know what’s happening. A lot of these so-called in the pocket scientific frauds don’t either. In a perfect world we could euthanize them without blinking. They talk so much shit and have made a business of Science Fear. Not all of them but enough of them to be very wary and suspect.
        We’ve always had racism. Is this a hot news item for you? Can’t be surely? It’s always more heavy duty down south. Always was and always will be. You can’t turn shit into pearls.
        If crass and rude behavior was all our troubles, I’d welcome it. So what, big deal. Deal with it. We’re no more rude to each other than those in Quebec or Paris. Go Paris if really want real rude. They invented it.
        The rise of what? Fascism? The Rise? Ha ha ha. What planet you on? Oh I get it, you mean self-governed action groups that get together to make sure that no such things as the building or creation of any Mosque takes place in their neighborhood? You better believe it. We had enough problems of violence and hatred inner city with our Afro-Americans membership of the Nation of Islam. You really wouldn’t want that anywhere near you, regardless of your political beliefs. Beliefs is one thing, living with it or next to it is quite another, trust me on that.
        You might need to do some learning about our taxation system and its laws. More people get jailed for tax evasion fraud that J-walking tickets issued. You’re way off the mark there. So way off. Big business pays their taxes. Just like anywhere there’s a from-to levy basis, you pay that much on that level, this much on this level etc. It’s not a new deal. But if you are suggesting that people who are rich because they make good business should pay more tax all at the top level of taxation all the time, then they’d pull out so fast you’d need string for your trouser belt. What a bad, bad idea you have there. Money makes money. Communism does not. Your economic dictat is communist. We don’t do communist here. Understand that.
        Your claim that the right-wing are backing division and hatred. Says who? You think there’s anymore division than when Obama was in? Get real. Go ask the blacks who are now in jobs for the first time in years how divided they feel.
        You English don’t know how to wipe your noses some days. You write letters if the postman was late. You know not what you think you know.

      2. Well Darcy – or who you really are – thanks for illustrating the problem just as I perceive it. Your diatribe couldn’t have been more illustrative of the points I was making.

      3. Well Opher – or who you really are, ex-Christ? – why don’t you know better before you say it? There you are, an Englishman sitting in god knows where with an opinion no less, an opinion on “America is Lost”! Spare us. Haven’t you got better things to do over there, like making tea or something. Pruning the roses, catching butterflies, stamp albums and other such manly pursuits. LOL.

        Suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome And The Crumbling Media – and simply not used to or can’t keep up with the speed of effective change of reality and creating lots of triggers. People like you can’t handle media in the middle and require it on the left and right. (Plus the fact that media in the middle doesn’t make money)
        Pre-election Clinton’s persuasion game went from very week to weapons grade heavy and she started calling everything that Trump did as super dark. It was super good persuasion and the work of real experts and nothing like she had done before.
        Had she won and we had avoided the big bad monster, a racist, a xenophobe, that bomb would have been defused and everybody could relax. But because that didn’t happen so many people woke up to the fear of this monster under the bed.
        Trump’s done a lot of complex domains and been very successful in large scale construction on large projects.
        He won the presidential campaign with a completely original campaign without spending much money. He’s since been calling out the Senate and is onto all its corruption and they’re scared and hating him for it.
        The leftists did the right a huge favor. They went out and burned down entire cities then targeted Trump supporters. People in return recorded left nutcases and Soros funded thugs to red pill an entire generation. AFter that all my leftists’ friends saw how bat shit crazy the left became and they all got pushed to the right. They are all embarrassed of what the left has become. Thank you SJW, Black Lies Matter, OFA, antifa, La Raza, and George Soros funded foundations. You helped us out greatly. Keep up the work and keep burning your supply of money… because it does not work.

        What you really should have said here Opher, is America’s Left-wing is Lost!
        That would be truthful.

  2. Yes, our beautiful country seems to be heading downhill. And money is a big part of it- the politicians, medical doctors, planned parenthood- all are in it for the big $$$. They don’t care where the country is headed as long as they’re rolling in the cash. They influence the media, so 90% of what we hear are lies or watered-down gloop they want us to believe. However, where Americans have failed is in leaving the faith of their forefathers. They legalized the murder of babies, marriage outside of God’s plan, and drugs. Can we ask God to bless America if we turn continue the child abuse, the immorality, the crime, the thievery? God, have mercy!

    1. Serena, I would suggest that if one were to demonstrate in physical form the abuse of children, we should look towards the immorality of religious practices which are the root source of many of said crimes. Religion = $$$, in case you didn’t notice. If there was any kind of God, I doubt very much whether it would be so corrupt and insincere.

      1. Yes, it is so sad when religious organizations take advantage of people for their money or are immoral. God must weep at the wickedness on this earth, done by people who claim to follow Him. It hurts His heart to see the pain here, because that’s not His plan. But He created mankind with the ability to choose- either sincerely follow Him and do right, or don’t believe in Him. True believers of God won’t harm others.

      2. Derena/Darcy There is a great hypocrisy at work in religion in the States. The religious leaders are creaming it in from gullible people. Religious groups are supporting immoral people and actions. Religion is politics.

    2. Serena – I agree that money is behind it. The elite are milking it and making a killing. The right-wing are arrogantly backing division and hatred. All this fake news and rubbishing of science and experts has undermined any cohesion. It’s all division, tribalism and hatred.
      Where we differ is religion. As an antitheist I think the superstition of religion has played a big part in America’s decline.
      IMO one of the big factors in America’s decline is its silly attitude towards taxes. Not paying enough ta has resulted in education, infrastructure, policing and social services being poor. There’s the future!

      1. I had to look up the meaning of antitheist. Don’t know that I ever heard the word before😉so, obviously we differ in beliefs. And that prob will influence our ideas on the reasons for America’s decline. But I’m curious about your tax idea…do u think there should be higher taxes? Or just more enforcement to see that taxes are paid by the rich?

      2. Hi Serena – it is good to talk with respect to people who have different beliefs. It is good to listen and think.
        So welcome.
        In terms of taxation – yes I am all in favour of a graduated progressive tax scheme to properly finance excellent public services (Education, police, social services, health, armed forces etc.) and infrastructure. That is the future of the country. That is caring for the weak and needy. That is making the country strong.
        I do think that all those tax loopholes need to be stopped so that the rich can’t fiddle their taxes and shove their loot offshore. I think it is obscene that some of the rich pay less tax than their employees. I think that the rich need to be taxed at a higher rate.
        The inequality has been growing and the rich have been running the system (buying off politicians) for their own ends. The huge increase in wealth has been siphoned off into the pockets of a few. I think that is wrong.
        I think America suffers from very poor education and this is one big reason for its decline. There are too many people who are ill-educated and ignorant. There is too much propaganda and too many lies. The gullible fall for it. Perhaps that is what they want?

      3. Interesting concepts!!! Can’t say I totally agree…I agree public education is quite poor. I taught 4 yr at private schools which were funded by the parents and the churches that supported those schools. The students had an amazing education and a willingness to learn because the parents were very supportive of education.
        That is not right if employees pay more than employers in taxes.
        I also agreed that the rich/the government is telling lies for their benefit. It’s sad what so many, many people believe simply because they’ve been told something. There’s always two sides to a story- people need to research before they suck up everything they hear. Vaccinations, racial prejudice, rumors about the president, etc…the media tells what will further their cause. And it won’t be in the best interest of America.

      4. Serena – I believe every child deserves a first-class education -0 not just the fortunate. I am very leery of religious groups funding education. I believe they wish to get their hands on kids to indoctrinate them.
        In my experience, as a teacher and headteacher, if education is good then all children have a lust for learning. Good teaching is extremely hard to deliver. It requires exceptional teaching staff and support staff. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
        In my view good education should develop the whole child, raise their esteem, enable them to think and reason and develop their moral perspectives.
        I believe an ignorant population is a malleable population that is not discerning enough to question. They are gullible and can be easily exploited – hence the huge inequality and division. Scare stories, exaggeration and hate are used to divide and conquer. The rich get richer and the poor don’t count.

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