Truth Decay – a poem about the death of America.

Truth Decay


Oral hygiene has taken a dive –

As politics talks – lies come alive.

The stench of the lying rancid breath

Is the sweet reek of democracy’s death.

We live in the age of Truth Decay

I need a political dentist to save the day.


Fake facts and fabrications are spouted forth

By spin doctors and web sites South and North.

Designed to obfuscate, cast doubt and deceive

They undermine everything that we believe.

Conspiracy theories are trotted out with glee

By those who enjoy confusing you and me.


We never landed on the moon

And the CIA brought down the towers.

Global warming is a leftist plot

And ISIS is controlled by some of ours.

Obama was from Africa

No way was he true American.

Clinton is a warmongering bitch

Lock her up! We need a Republican.

Abortion is murder and overpopulation a myth,

Scientists are the politicians’ tools.

Mass migration is a terrorist scheme –

What we need are bigger walls.

The Jews are behind everything that’s wrong

We need to keep the race pure.

There are tides washing in from the shit-hole States

And arriving on our shore!

We’re red-neck flat-earthers proud and free!

Nobody would catch us taking a knee!

We love our flag and our country!

We love our guns

And you’d best not disagree!


Truth Decay has taken hold!

Truth Decay has gone to the head.

Truth Decay is the symptom

That America is Dead!!!


Opher 28.7.2018

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