An optimistic point of view!

I somehow do remain optimistic in the face of huge political stupidity and gross unfairness.
The harvest of technology and science over the last hundred and fifty years has been enormous. Used wisely it has been sufficient to raise the living standards of every man woman and child on this planet to a high level and solve war, overpopulation and environmental degradation. Instead that wealth has been channelled into the hands of a small elite whose greed is inexhaustible. They have no conscience and do not care what misery they cause or what damage they do to the planet. They manipulate both business and politics to further their own greed and selfishness.
The result of this is that the inequality is enormous. A tiny number own half the world. There is mass poverty and enormous environmental destruction.
My optimism lies in the fact that this inequality has a tipping point. At some time people will wake up to what is really going on and force change towards a fairer system. I believe the internet is a tool that could do this – once we’ve got rid of the extremism and fake conspiracy theories that cast doubt on the facts.

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