The Environment – My Views

The Environment
I believe this planet is a living wonder and all life precious. That we are all custodians of one of the most miraculous events in the universe. A tiny planet in the outer spiral arm of a minor galaxy in a universe of trillions of galaxies might be the only home to life. It is that unlikely. We may be unique.
As intelligent beings (consciousness being another marvel) I think it is our duty to care for this amazing jewel of a planet.
At present our numbers and habits are plundering and destroying. We are cutting down habitat, polluting, overfishing, overhunting, strip mining, urbanising and generally laying waste to nature. We are reducing populations dramatically and driving thousands of species to extinction.
Our activities are having an impact on the climate and weather.
I believe we have to limit our numbers, live more sustainably and find a way of living alongside the rest of nature without destroying it.
I do not believe this would cost a huge amount. I believe we can create much more energy efficient machines and energy production. I believe we do not have to destroy.
I would like to see half the planet preserved for nature and half or us.

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