A Few Owls!!

I don’t quite know what I think to these displays of owls and other birds. It is good that kids get to see and love the magnificent creatures but I don’t like them being in captivity. Animals should live in the wild. Soon the only creatures we’ll see are those in zoos.

These owls were magnificent though.

8 thoughts on “A Few Owls!!

  1. I love the owls too Opher…and I agree with you. I have very mixed feelings on the subject. The places like the rehab centers that take in injured animals and open themselves up to teach us about the creatures they help is a more preferable way to go, but that wouldn’t allow us access to see animals of the world..yet again, I’d prefer to sit and watch NATGEO or any of the many wildlife programs ..or if the funds allowed, a visit to a faraway place……

    1. Rehab centres do a great job and many zoos carry out great conservation work but I’d still rather see animals in the wild any day.

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