The reason why we write – some things to ponder!

This was a piece of subversive writing that was written by a friend of mine who has just published his first book.

It certainly resonates with me.

‘This is why we write’ – Here are some thoughts to ponder.
The evil that men do lives on and on.
Ignorance, lies and deceit are the fundamental principles upon which world leadership is based: regimes would not last otherwise. Their understanding of power is infantile, their outlook myopic, their vision undefined and short-term. There is no world vision only the subjective opinion of individuals who have amassed wealth and operate outside of anyone’s jurisdiction. They have more wealth than governments. Money buys services and favours including political influence to promote personal power and extend dominion.
There is no such thing as democracy. It is demonicracy perpetrated by submissive governments in constant debt to banks and worryingly private investors and foreign regimes: in debt to anyone with enough money, including ‘sponsors’.
The law of the land is bought: it does not serve justice and does not honour truth. Governments weaponise the law to allow them to act with impunity.
The evil propensity for greed and wealth acquisition is a throwback to our ancestral reptilian nature’s: it is the endemic philosophy of our time. Reptilian mentalities lead the world, poison minds, influence culture, become the norm, get written into law.
Governments do not progress humanity or civilisation: governance allows passages of time to pass between successive governments whereby the people are fooled into believing there is abundance and socialism before then having that removed again by the following government – over the long-term there is no actual measureable change. Whatever is given is then taken away to ensure power remains in the hands of elitist few. Governance is an ideology subservient to banks and wealthy individuals. Governance is an illusion: a public display, a show, a farce, a comedy, played out time and time again, argued over and discussed to ensure its utter unimportance remains central as though it were important. It is futile to think otherwise. Until power is removed from individuals and placed into the hands of the people, the people will always be dominated by elitist rule and self-perpetuating mechanisms that achieve nothing.
Governments do not know what true power is: they are blind to everything except greed.
Governments are not enlightened but yet they insist they are dispensers of correct behaviour concerning right and wrong and act in the people’s best interests. This is hypocrisy and a fundamental lie. Governments promote conflict because they are bound by conflicting interests.
Privatisation of education is a deliberate sabotaging of innocence and freedom of expression: impressing disturbed philosophies on receptive minds – ideologies centred on greed, capitalism, business, illicitness, lies, deceit. It is no different to institutions dedicated to secular faith: it offers a blinkered narrow vision and is not at all natural but designed to augment young undiscerning minds.
Money is the only god governments know and promote. Theirs is a world turning on an axis of idiots gold by dinosaur mentalities
Authorities enforce subservience to principles and philosophies with which they disagree but are paid to defend. The armed forces are a classic example: embarking upon spurious wars without questioning or in possession of proven information: the gulf war is a classic example.
Freedom no longer has meaning: democracy is a misnomer, it is tyrannical and self-serving, self-perpetuating, enforced at the expense of decency, morality and ethics and all consideration for the common man.
Employers demand we act in a schizophrenic manner so as to meet internal rules and regulations that differentiate themselves from human rights and common decency. Employment law is blatantly bias. Human rights are diminished. Employers are given rights above and beyond human rights: they operate on the basis that employees cannot afford legal challenges against them. They are happy to take the risk and pay low wages to ensure legal challenges cannot be made
Neo-liberalism is fascism. Fascism is the new demonicracy. Labour are capitalist funded.
Since the first occasion an ape used a stick to beat another monkey, humankind has not changed one iota in terms of intellectual, spiritual, physiological ascendency. We may know more about the world we live-in, but civilization is not going anywhere because government mind-sets are still infantile and deluded and focussed on personal gain and retaining power, and the world’s people easily fooled by shiny things and pretty words. Governments perpetuate illusion whilst the uneducated, undiscerning, ignorant majority soak it all up as truth and never ask questions: far more interested in consumption and consumerism.
Governments act with impunity from the law and against the wishes of the people. Governments pay millions in legal fees to defend their illegality and spurious behaviour: and to silence people.
GDP statistics define nothing but constantly hide the truth of how un-progressive a nation is. GDP is constantly highlighted to brainwash people into capitalist mentality. GDP reflects the gross aspects of a nation: the ugly and disturbing truth of absolute failure is held back from the public domain.
There is no place for royalty in progressive civilisations, either now or in the future: they symbolise nothing other than decadence, classism, elitism, domination, and remain a constant reminder of imperialism, dictatorship, arrogance, past atrocity and millions of deaths worldwide. They are not a symbol one should be proud of or have allegiance to.
Why does the UK national anthem still allude to the queen being gracious and noble when on March 22, 2018 the Independent newspaper stated: Number of children in poverty surges by 100,000 in a year, figures show Government statistics show 4.1 million children now living in relative poverty compared with four million the previous year, accounting for more than 30 per cent of children – ~ The state of this nation defines the authenticity and worthwhileness of royalty…what standards are the self-appointed royals upholding when poverty amongst children is so disturbingly high?

Why does the American national anthem state in God we trust, when obvious to all is that the current administration is not enlightened but a self-serving enterprise led by an ignoble blind man to profit the few. Land of the free, was it ever?

Governments attempt to debase society by promoting perverted ideology paid for by the capitalist agenda: we are no longer citizens of anything – this is not a free land – we are common resource fit for exploitation Slavery has never gone away. The UK is defined by elitism and classism: it is vile and debased.

26 thoughts on “The reason why we write – some things to ponder!

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Heavy stuff!

    I find myself in full agreement with the sentiments expressed here: realistically the article could be extended quite easily but the message seems evidently clear: government/domination of a state by elitist rule (for the elitist few) has failed, is failing, and should never blight Earth again. It is Kakistocracy – government of a state by the very worst individuals in society. However, given UK’s current leadership, perhaps a far better word might be Cacodeamonocracy – government of a state by an evil entity or spirit.

    I read online that there is possibility of a general election brewing: society demands it, common sense demands it, the people demand it! If so, it will represent an opportunity when The People can ensure the right outcome, IF THEY VOTE! It is an occasion when Socialism and Socialist values can be drawn up and extended to every single individual in this land to eradicate poverty, racism, and the capitalist agenda once and for all. The People do not want to be dominated, we do not want freedoms being taken away, we do not want erosion of human rights, we do not want dictatorship: we want true leadership from an individual with extensive vision and truth in their heart, who won’t be bought or sold or sell their soul to capitalism or bend over for the American regime or for bankers. We need a leader with a steel backbone who will stand up to the world and say ‘ENOUGH!” One wonders where such an emerging force will originate from for as yet I see no evidence whatsoever of any politician with balls big enough to lead: only peas small enough to lie. I see plenty prepared to submit, fold, collude, and weaken under pressure or in the face of truth when it is revealed.

    The incoming government would do well to listen to the people and assimilate THEIR wishes into political agendas. The People can change the world for the better: we shouldn’t have to be at war with the government of our land nor have nothing but loathing and contempt for wrong decisions, debased values, depraved illicit behaviour and demonic leadership by self-serving fascist regimes. Individuals shouldn’t have to have their lives invaded by abusive authorities operating on lies and deceit either! All this HAS to change: it MUST change before society collapses, before civilisation is divided beyond all hope of achieving Equality, Fraternity, and Fairness. We want leadership to advance civilization beyond the threshold of self-serving myopia and into the future.

    No-one wants Trump here in the UK visiting. No-one wants American intervention in this great land. No one wants their reptilian mentality poisoning the minds of the People and extending their corrupt foreign policy from our shores either. The incoming UK government would be wise to align themselves with Canada and European nations and give America a very wide birth indeed.

    Good post Opher, certainly had me thinking and agreeing! Perhaps the writer of the post should come forward and lead the UK! 😉

    Hoping all is well on this bright sunny day and you at ease soaking up the sun! Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing this article.

    Namaste 🙂


    1. I hope he will lead the UK Dewin – we are in sore need of a leader of worth!!

      Roll on the election!! May sense and reason trump greed and selfishness and a new age of fairness and equality dawn! May the greedy selfish elite who run the show be thrown on the scrapheap!!

      May Trump come and be blown away on a tsunami of outrage!!

      1. Who’s “he”? Surely not that Corbyn character? He’s just so unpopular, as are most of his closest henchmen. None of the decent Labour people will have anything to do with them.
        I don’t know where this story of an election came from as it’s rubbish. Especially after the recent local elections results that were particularly grim for Labour.

      2. Well Michael I see you’ve succumbed to the Tory Press. They’ve been running a vilification campaign and you’ve fallen for it.

      3. You can’t expect these extreme left misogynist Jew-haters to have any chance with the ever increasing dwindling support. They don’t fair well in the public eye because of their known hatred of women in their ranks. They even put the hated Ken Livingstone onto their Trident discussion committee over a female candidate.

      4. Susan – well firstly they are far from misogynistic, neither are they Jew haters – all Tory propaganda. Ken Livingston is great and if you bothered to read the policies you’d find that far from an extreme Left agenda – they make perfect sense!

      5. It’s eh, Matthew, thank you.
        However, no nothing to do with Tory press (no capital p required).
        It has everything to do with some of the intellectually challenged Labour people that unfortunately too often get themselves a slaughtering on the BBC – which these days, I believe to be in general slightly swayed to the central left, if anything.

        I always watch the Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr shows as they offer some of the best comedy. Certainly up there with Faulty Towers, Alan Partridge and The Office in terms of putting a spotlight on a vacuous political party member, where the fact that the vast majority of disasters are indeed Labour Party members is unfortunate at least for themselves.
        Put it this way, people like Jacob Reece-Mogg have got their act together and would never succumb to becoming puddles of squirming sweat like this lot.
        Dianne Abbott: I have no words for this person other than she is a disaster on every level.

        Angela Rayner: not far off from DA, but catching up on every interview.

        Rebecca Long-Bailey: another total embarrassment.

        Sarah Champion, the Rotherham MP: an excuse for a human being, a liar, an Islamist supporter, and not least an anti-social menace to society who should face criminal charges for her major role play in the cover up and attempts to deflect police from identifying child sex crimes culprits. She’s still in the job.

        Emily Thornbury: another brain-dead joke.

        Seema Malhotra, shadow chief secretary of the Treasury: a completely incompetent, snivelling, politically correct to the letter waste of space who cannot ever so much as answer one direct question. A unmitigated walking disaster.

        Sarah Olney: apparently barely compos mentis, talks like a headless chicken.

        Kezia Dugdale: as stupid as she looks and a wannabe celebrity. The fool.

        All experts/learner novices in Corbynista doublespeak which does them absolutely no favours whatsoever.

        I intently follow our politics and have never before been quite so magnificently entertained on such a regular basis. These people have left me crying laughing at them and total exhausted in doing so, too. Wonderful.

      6. Well as an apologist for a repugnant Tory Party who are scandalistically destroying the public services in this country and forcing austerity on everyone I find your views repugnant. You are spouting Tory propaganda straight out the of Express and Mail. The Tory scum are waging a class war – giving to the rich and taking from the poor, bringing in privatisation to put money in the pockets of their chums and giving tax cuts to the rich while slashing services for the poor.
        You believe the Tory media if you like. I’ve got more intelligence.

      7. If anything is repugnant it is Abbott and Champion. I cannot imagine what you can credit either of these numpties with. It certainly cannot be intelligence and I have no doubt that you do indeed possess more intelligence than these two combined.
        I do not read these newspapers, please understand that. I do not need anybody’s propaganda and what a silly remark to make. Hardly appropriate from a supposedly intelligent mature person, I should think.
        I specifically told you that I watch two particular programmes on BBC TV and from these is where I sourced my information of the aforementioned Labour MP’s, as I saw it for myself, first hand.
        I can only suggest that you watch too and all will be evident. I am not making this up and you will also find quite a number of interview segments on youtube, which are hilarious.

        Had you as much intelligence as you have made claim to be in possession of you would therefore already know why the current situation exists.
        Basically, we have been forced to be playing catch up for some years now and the reasons are fairly simple.
        The last Labour government left a debt of more than a trillion pounds, through borrowing too much and too expensively. Bad investment mistakes were made.
        They saddled the NHS with £750 billion pounds worth of PFI deals over 25 years and put a £50 billion hole in the public pension pot and also took us into two illegal wars at the cost of billions. If that wasn’t bad enough, in desperation they also sold off half of our gold reserves for half of what it was worth.
        Any advertising of these misdemeanours was not exactly forthcoming.

        You and I and the rest of us are subject to the fallout repercussions of all this, regardless of what political allegiances might happen to be. This situation is much bigger than that and I would suggest that the truth of the matter regards forcing austerity on everyone is the fault of the Labour Party. Of course, the little note in the drawer “there’s no money left” wasn’t exactly self-explanatory to the horror of the detail. In due course I think the majority of the country upon finding out a lot more were utterly shocked, hence, why Labour as a political party has since disintegrated from within and fallen out of favour with hundreds of thousands if not millions of it’s original core support. I don’t think there’s too much to argue about in that respect.

      8. Matthew – undoubtedly mistakes were made by Labour with PFI and pensions and a few other things too. They are far from perfect. But you cannot lay the global financial crisis at their door. They borrowed to try to prop up a failing system. Up until then their management of the finances was far superior to anything we’ve seen from the Tories. It is ludicrous to suggest that austerity is created by Labour. It is a Tory policy that has failed and is ridiculous. They used the financial crisis as an excuse – hit public services, hit the poor and tax cuts for the rich.
        The Tory policy is deliberate and always the same. Every time they get in they do the same. In terms of Tory mismanagement just look at deregulation and BSE, selling council houses and the housing problem, deregulation of banking, privatisation of post office, energy, rail etc. (now into NHS and schools), tax cuts for corporations and the rich, squandering of oil bonanza, Murdock and selling of our assets for a fraction of their value. They are a fucking disgrace.

  2. Namaste Opher 🙂

    When Number 10 comes calling, I’m certain the right person will be ready to emerge from the ashes of this pillaged, raped and battered nation to truly lead: an individual of vision with infinite creativity and a heart hardened by Alchemical Gold: ‘aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi.’ Where might they find such a leader?

    Indeed roll on the election!! Your sense of style and lyrical panache says it all good friend! One hopes the elitist few have every penny wrongfully gained paid back to the state from where it was robbed. Their second homes and houses can be removed as well when they are thrown from office: they belong to The People, and can be given to the Homeless: those deprived of common decency and respect by self-serving politicians. Every facet of their lives can be investigated and where wrong-doing is established, these individuals can be punished by the same weapons that they have wielded against the common man. I trust the ‘law’ will be unmerciful and show them contempt.

    Trump and May will wither in the face of public outrage: 200,000 plus people protesting against them both. The People have a LOUD voice and it needs to be heard. The days of Capitalism is long gone: this is a new world order emerging and it has no room whatsoever for reptilian mind-sets predisposed to self-gain. Should all who would attend the peaceful protests and demonstrations actually attend that 200,000 could become half-a-million – or better still become the largest protest ever seen on the face of Earth attended by the world’s media and the world’s leading authorities, and become a historical moment when the Earth turned for the first time in thousands of years on her own axis and not one made of fool’s gold..

    Power to The People!!

    Namaste 🙂


      1. I sincerely hope the people of the world wake up and roar like a lion ready to rumble!

        may it happen now! Soon is always to late.

        Namaste 🙂


  3. This is what happens after a couple of years on a university political science course, one falls into the bad habit of regurgitating the well known and the blatantly obvious. I should know having completed one such. I don’t think the writer has neared the course’s end as yet as I would have expected a great deal more thorough recourse to alternatives.
    He had us fooled into thinking he actually understood something about finance but burst his bubble towards the end with the anti-royalty where he clearly has no idea how much money they bring into the UK. It’s a common enough misconception with a section of society polarised from the main body of achievers, which indicates he’s yet to endeavor to make his own living as yet and get out and about a bit more and understand where it’s at. That 30% of children in poverty figure is certainly not representative of the UK as a whole, but most probably an immigrant hot spot such as the London borough of Hackney or the likes. Anybody surely could see that to be utter nonsense.
    Good practice though and food for thought for the bystanders. The first half of the piece was representative.

      1. Aha, a leftie using his “ist’s” at every opportunity!
        No, not a Royalist, just someone who works and lives in central London and understands their value. We benefit from it on a daily basis and also the forthcoming wedding will contribute to a financial bonanza. They as a body of people guarantee an extremely healthy return pound for pound. But I never for a moment thought that one would be required to be a Royalist to understand that. That is bizarre.

        Whatever next you inquire? Perhaps a political scientist.

      2. Matthew I’m sure they do pull in a lot but they cost more than they pull in and they own half the world and are ripping everyone off. You’re welcome to them.

      3. Do not be so foolish. I now realise that you are completely without the necessary information on this matter. They do NOT cost more, not even close. They cost millions of course, but return billions. Have you been living in Timbuktu or the likes? Even my Moroccan gardener knows this stuff!

      4. Matthew – your manner is rude.
        I do not agree!! I think you do not know what you are talking about. BTW your Moroccan gardener is hardly an authority. The Royals cost us a fortune. They are parasites.

    1. Hardly. I can’t fathom why you can’t understand what it’s all about. I can only suggest further research on your part and think a very good place to start would be the Crown Estate and the sort of money involved with that.
      Who said my Moroccan gardener was an authority? That’s your interpretation. I stated he understood, as in the arithmetic, which once understood speaks for itself.
      The Queen pays taxes from a variety of asset incomes and the Prince of Wales pays income tax on his income which is in excess to that of his official expenditure.
      Then there’s the multitudes of millions flooding into London every week from Royalty tourism., which you can’t have failed to notice at some point in your life.
      It’s huge money and way outweighs the on-costs.

      1. The amount of tax pulled in is a fraction.
        Tourism does not depend on the Royals. All this pomp and pageantry is a joke. If that’s all we get for the cost it isn’t worth it. They are a bunch of parasites who got their gains from theft.

      2. You just don’t understand the arithmetic. It’s a pointless exercise here with you. The sighted can only see so far for the blind.
        I see that you’re from Hull. A rather nondescript and depressing little town far removed from any splendors of the realm and indeed of the vibrancy of London Town.
        We as a family have a business interest in Notting Hill Gate, where my brother manages a rather splendid town-house hotel, so therefore at the forefront of tourism.
        My two children pop in if they have time to help out on private functions, weddings etc.
        All I can say on this is that you are entirely wrong as we have focused on the Asian market and some 80% of our users are from China, Japan and Korea and over here to see the Royal Palaces. The other 20% are Austrian, German and Swiss and over for the same reasons. By the way, a good 70% of them are all under 25. This is not an old persons pursuit.

        Take a look now of the projected world-wide viewing figures of the forth coming Royal Wedding and tell me all this pomp and pageantry is a joke. The money to be made on global licensing is astronomical.
        Upon it’s public announcement we were absolutely deluged with booking requests with many offering triple and quadruple to our advertised room rates.

        You are well out of touch with the facts and figures on this subject.

    2. Now, now, no need for the swearies, I can read between the lines already, thank you.
      That’s a most selective memory that you are in possession of and you seemingly have completely forgotten of the crimes committed by your very own Labour Party.
      Allow me to refresh that ailing memory of yours.
      They, Labour, borrowed to prop up THEIR failing economic system, coupled with world recession which was not a secret, they made a mighty dog’s dinner of it. They had the wrong people doing the wrong jobs. They placed political spin as a more important tool than financial prowess which ultimately failed. Blair and his people were just too damned immature and not yet nearly ready for the critical responsibilities placed heavily on their shoulders. That “New Labour” tag should have raised a lot more red flags.
      That’s actually the height of nonsense to say that “up until then their management of the finances was far superior to anything we’ve seen from the Tories”.
      Good grief, you cannot have failed to have noticed the massive growths throughout the 1980’s of unprecedented investments and capital gains. Were you in Greenland or prison or something, and missed it all?

      Start with the 1960’s when Labour taxed everybody out of existence and chased them out of the country.
      Following in the 1970’s when they allowed Unions so much power and the Labour government rolled over belly-up causing multitudes of transport strikes, constant power cuts, city streets heaving with monster piles of uncollected garbage and running with rats and where even our TV broadcasts were closing down at 10 pm.
      A very miserable time for all. At least we had the Punks to cheer us all up and they did a lot of the complaining for us. These Labour Fascist’s really stirred up a hornet’s nest with that one and it’s repercussions live to this day. They did everything they could think of to stifle this youth culture, where many if not most were from traditional Labour backgrounds but untimately failed big time. They took a shit from a great height right on top of their own youth. The Punks voted for Thatcher. Said it all really and what a very Punk thing to do too. I thought it was hilarious.

      Obviously you have forgotten why council homes were sold off to their council tenants – to those that so chose to buy. Labour Councils had a very poor record of upkeep and it was widely believed that the people themselves who took ownership would do a much better job and this has since been proved to be absolutely the case.

      The housing problem had been directly caused by the swelling numbers of migrant immigrants and a whole number of illegal immigrants flooding into the UK for years.
      This was to such an extent that during Labour’s tenure under Blair, that they no longer took accurate records and it is believed some 500,000 persons in excess of official numbers had in fact gained entry. This has resulted in a whole host of anti-social situations with houses crammed full of people living on top of one another in extreme slum conditions, hundreds of thousand of houses of multiple occupancy (HMO), all of which are licensed from county councils for a fixed fee.
      Naturally, all these people have placed a great burden on our health resources as they were never planned for hence why our some hospitals in particularly heavy populated areas are struggling. That can’t be surprising to anyone.
      There are segments of senior Labour Party members, many of whom themselves have an immigrant background whose sole mission in life seems to be to get as many of their brothers and sisters from back home into this country to receive all the benefits going. Dianne Abbott is their Chairperson in this respect.

      Derugulation – I’m all for it. It creates far superior standards of service, choices and jobs.

      BSE – what about it? Lessons were learned, it got sorted.
      We make mistakes, no matter who and will continue to do so. Get over it.
      We used to build homes and factories with Asbestos and we learned not to do that either. We learned another more recently with other building materials at the Grenfell Tower and it’s proved it isn’t always a good idea to cut costs. But when there are three conflicting substance report certificating bodies publishing their scientific findings this is one of the causes for bad decision making.

      Deregulation – I’m all for it. It creates far superior standards of service, choice and jobs.
      Tory deregulation was for these: (concerning banking, see below)
      Express Coach (Transport Act 1980)
      British Telecom (completed in 1984)
      Privatisation of London bus services (1984)
      Local bus services (Transport Act 1985)
      The railways (1993)
      The benefits included that their shares were offered to the general public.

      You should know that the deregulation of Banks was ONLY a Labour Party policy.
      Since 1997 the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown developed a programme of what they called “better regulation”. This included a general programme for government departments to review, simplify or abolish their existing regulations, and a “one in, one out” approach to new regulations. In 1997, The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the “freeing” of the Bank of England to set monetary policy. They freed the Bank of England from direct government control and removed the power by the Bank of England (and therefore by the government) from controlling the financial activities of banks in the UK. In 2006, new primary legislation (the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006) was introduced to establish statutory principles and a code of practice and it permits ministers to make Regulatory Reform Orders (RROs) to deal with older laws which they deem to be out of date, obscure or irrelevant. This act has often been criticised and called “The abolition of Parliament Act”. So there you have it in black and white – no Tory involved.

      You should also know that more homes have been built in recent years than at anytime during either Blair or Brown’s tenure.

      You’ve been reading too much Labour Party propaganda about NHS and schools cuts.
      Some of that does indeed exist but no by any means is it as widespread as the leftist propaganda promotes.

      Perhaps you don’t realise this but our tax levels compared to other territories are quite high and this is one of the reasons why cuts are granted to corporations.
      It’s not an issue particular to a particular party as Labour have doen this too, and frequently. It encourages continued investment. Why do business here when it can be done in India? Thing is many people in positions of power like London as a base so we’ve got to encourage that. I cannot see the problem with that other than your green monster raising it’s hackles. Too bad for you, see, you should have tried harder at school and got that 1st class degree and made something of yourself.

      Squandering of oil bonanza? Of what do you speak? We only get a 15% return on barrelage. The on-costs are extremely high and constant investment in equipment is required. Had we paid for all the searching for oil, invested in building the platforms and actually drilled for it ourselves, we’d be in a far stronger position making a heck of a lot more money out of it. Sadly that’s not the case as we are simply service agents to the industry.

      So how would you suggest we replace the One Trillion Pounds and the gold as squandered by Labour without it affecting anything to do with social services etc.?

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