As Darkness Descends – a poem

As Darkness Descends


As darkness descends,

Bound for perpetual night,

Eight billion groans, moans and laughs

Adorn its progress.

Obliviously distracted

And living in denial

As the concrete and mud

Steal the very breath

In a slow motion crash

Equipped with no brake or airbag;

Flicking through,


At the frivolous,

As the life

Is squeezed

Out of the land.


Opher – 8.4.2018

16 thoughts on “As Darkness Descends – a poem

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    The billowing black-thing in the photograph, it is definitely alive! Its ugly presence is almost palpable

    Dark moody and menacing…one wonders what Gaia would write if she had chance?

    ‘Chortling’ – is a great word: to laugh in a ‘gleeful’ way. Love it!

    Good work dude. Keep it coming!

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Excellent…I love how antiquity sits so comfortably with the future 🙂

        How is the editing/rewriting going thus far? I was impressed at the rapidity of your creation! You’ve still got it.

        Cheers dude. Namaste 🙂


  2. This evening I passed through halfway of the redraft now page 140 out of 257.
    I have so far added four thousand words and smoothed out inconsistencies, embellished characters and got it flowing better. My sister arrives tomorrow for a week so work will have to stop. No problems though. It will be through soon enough and I will start the third write!

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