7 thoughts on “Some of the Magic of Scotland – Stones, Lochs and Reflections – Photos

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste. How’s you? πŸ™‚

    Scotland is a beautiful country and these images have caught something of her vibrant majesty.

    The opening shot is expansive, so rich in both colour and detail: the rippling lake and reflection is superb, it is my choice from them all – just that one image on its own would have sufficed, but you spoil us with more πŸ™‚ I have to say that by the last photograph I was almost convinced I was somewhere in the world other than Scotland but in a paradise far away in a tropical land, Hawaii or the Philippines perhaps.

    A joy to view – nature is exquisite – thank you πŸ™‚

    Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. Dewin – thank you for your praise. I trust you are well and in fighting spirit – there is much needs fighting. Recently you have seemed out of salts. I send you mental energy to buck you up so that you have the strength to resist the forces that would drain you!!

      1. You’re most welcome dude: the praise is well deserved – the opening shot would make for a great piece of wall-art, and cost you less than Β£60 to get framed. I can see that hung above your writing station.

        Me out-of-salts? Perhaps it is so: winter months are always troublesome. I seem to metaphysically forgo winter for some reason and head on into spring without pause to ‘steep’ underground for a while and switch off: take chance to catch up with myself and grow. Hence spring arrives with her energetic explosion and there is no choice other than go with the flow and push the limits again. It gives rise to a sense that I always rise to early for spring and bloom to early not to catch some frost. But as ever, by the time Summer is in full swing I hope I will be as well, The energy you send is most welcome, thank you! πŸ™‚

        In other ways the writing is tiring sometimes: I like to stretch myself and perhaps stretch to thin but doing what is enjoyable and addictive is very difficult not to get caught up in: tis the curse of the Midnight Muse as Cristian elegantly stated the other day on his blog. The Wizard of Wands took two years to complete, the current poem is already 70% the length of that story and that written in about 8 weeks: it’s been a huge investment of energy and I am a little jaded.

        Indeed you are right to make mention and direct my attention to reality. I have been following various news-blogs and read/viewed/watched many articles and reports detailing the state of the world. The Establishment under the bastard Tories continues to crap all over the common man, and it’s a state fo affairs that is global whilst the common man remains subservient to a closed society of blind, ignorant, self-serving elitist’s. The wave of public opinion is swelling up against this legalised tyranny and they fight with hooded claw to repel the advancing tidal wave hell-bent on destroying these capitalist inspired maggots. The Tories will destroy everything by privatising everything and anything, transferring costs to the common man whilst every penny that can be robbed, stolen, or acquired through legal loopholes and new legislation, will be moved upwards away from grass-roots and into the bank accounts of an elite few: the shady wankers, sorry bankers, who feck-up the world to fatten their girths. In the UK, if Corbyn doesn’t win at the next election, the UK will be totally f**ked. UK politicians (and the Establishment at large – a closed society including the queen) are blindly following Trump’s agenda, which is America’s self-interested self-serving money-grabbing idealism loathed and detested throughout the world – that triumphs because of unrelenting fecking greed and ignorance, and the apathy of the sleepy common man – and if permitted to continue will destroy society in the UK and create deepening division, further suffering and hardship and further despair for unknown hundreds of thousands of people. The NHS is just one example of what will be an avalanche.

        For our future to recall the historical turning point in the evolution of civilization the Earth will need to stop turning on an axis of fool’s gold. The perpetual problem is that only the very rich, the very ignorant and very selfish, those who are the fool’s in life, these are the fecking idiots who run the world pretending they know what they are doing when all they ever do is repeat under a different guise the same illusion to an ever-changing population that soaks it all up and believes it to be real. When the common man wakes up and understands that all they are being shown is just a stage-act designed to maintain social divisions by monetary mechanism that ultimately concentrate power to a select few, that will be an occasion to celebrate. The Establishment never changes its desire to be elitist, and until that selfish and merciless philosophy is destroyed there is no prospect that human-kind will be walking on worlds other than our own. Elitism thwarts the evolution of civilization as a whole and restricts its healthy organic growth physically, psychologically and spiritually because elitism dictates the vial common narrative: it is why this fascist government are trying to market an idea to the public that those claiming Social Security should be denied opportunity to vote. It is social engineering, it is eugenics, it is fascism, it is the desperation of those with an evil mentality, those who are ignorant and now redundant in this modern world and they must be stopped before the world does fall apart

        Thanks for the energy to have a little rant πŸ™‚ I feel unburdened and more buoyant as a result. I shall never give in or be drained or dredged.

        Viva la revoluciΓ³n!

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. Dewin – I neither understand the madness that is devouring the world; the selling of the future for a quick profit; the destruction of nature; the rape of the planet, nor the malleability of people and how cattle-like they are led by a ring through the nose and sold into this slavery. It isn’t even a gold ring.
        Until they wake up we are saddled with this selfish, greedy bunch of elite wankers. The Tories truly are scum.

  2. Reads like one loony speaking to another loony.
    Did neither of you manage to work out that the countries willing to do the most damage are left wing? They’re quite able to be selfish, greedy wankers all by themselves without any help from the Tories.

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