50% of the Planet as a National Park?? A solution?

At present we are busy destroying our remaining rainforest, hunting wildlife to the edge of extinction, overfishing the oceans, devastating delicate habitats and ruining the planet.

The decline in the world’s animals is unprecedented.

If this goes on much longer we will have destroyed it all. That surely is not good?

The only answer that I can see is to create many more national parks. If we made 50% of the planet national parks and prevented hunting and fishing in those areas we would provide havens for the remaining wildlife.

Humans could live happily in the other half and our grandchildren would be able to have the wonder of seeing elephants, gorillas, chimps, rhinos and whales living free; to see rainforest, desert, tundra, savannah and plains alive with wildlife.

Surely there is room for us all?

6 thoughts on “50% of the Planet as a National Park?? A solution?

  1. Today and every day the Amazon forest is being torn down at a rate of 200 football pitches an hour, every hour. Palm Oil additives to processed foodstuffs will be the death of us.

  2. One of the most inspiring ideas I’ve heard is of joining tree areas to recreate a continuous forest south of the Himalayas to act as a corridor for the tiger. Seems we need things like this to capture the imagination. We could start by rewilding the Fens … Wickham Fen is a glorious place but quite small!

    1. Sounds glorious. We need many more schemes like this for tigers and the wildlife of the fens. Nature is on its last legs. If we don’t do something soon it’ll be wiped out. The situation is dire.

      1. I’m sure ecotourism has a big part to play. It seems to me that sadly people need an incentive to care for things. It doesn’t come naturally.

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