What is the perfect education?

a. The Setting

Education should take place in a setting that is friendly, warm, secure, safe and beautiful. The building and rooms should be cheerful, artistically interesting and full of stimulation. The grounds should be a haven of nature.

b. Education should be fun

c. The Teachers should be warm and caring and devoted to their students.

d. The curriculum should be broad and all encompassing. It should also be fluid.

e. There should be no facts – just opportunities to explore and discover and concepts to understand.

f. There should be all manner of equipment to enable that exploration.

g. Teachers should be facilitators to assist and guide.

h. Lessons should be discussions, investigations, experiments.

I. Creativity should be at the core of everything that happens.

j. The curriculum and syllabi should be flexible to enable children to explore

k. Testing should be diagnostic.

l. Basic skills and knowledge should be assessed and focused on so that no child is left behind.

m. Education should be exciting, mind expanding and full of wonder.

n. Praise and encouragement should be the currency of the classroom.

o. Relationship is the basis of good education.

p. Rewards should be based on effort and never attainment.

q. There should be a ‘can do’ attitude.

r. Teamwork and peer assistance should be encouraged and facilitated.

s. There should be plenty of assistance for all who need help.

t. There should be no such thing as failure.

u. The basis of the ethos should be tolerance, respect, responsibility, friendliness, empathy, caring, equality, fairness and love.

v. All should be encouraged to respect nature and care for the environment, and all creatures who live in it with us, for we are part of the wonder of life.

w. The basis of education is delight in the wonders of an incredible universe.

Of course, we live in a world of examinations, success and failure, careers and the hard reality of life. But I believe that if you focus on doing things right then the examinations, careers and a happy life are a product of the process. And I proved that through my 36 years in education. My school’s results were outstanding.

76 thoughts on “What is the perfect education?

  1. Secondary School made not the slightest bit of difference to my life. All I needed were the skills to read and write and arithmetic which I had from Primary school. I thought my years at Secondary were a complete waste of my life and I hated every minute of it as did most of my school friends.
    School was anything but fun, it was horrible. Most teachers were bastards and the canteen food was putrid. I couldn’t wait to leave. I went on to own three clothes manufacturing factories, two in the Birmingham area and one in India.
    My child’s school recently hosted an L/B/G/T awareness week. I objected, as did many other parents and our children did not attend any such sessions. Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to subject our children to that? They must be insane!
    School’s are run by people who should never be anywhere near children.

    1. Yes – my experience of school back then too. It was extremely poor, with a knowledge crammed curriculum, rote memory tests, violent teachers (ex-army traumatised from the war) and a joyless regime.
      Fortunately education has moved on a lot – though it is fast being dragged back into that same restricted nonsense by the Tories.
      I’m sorry to hear you do not like to promote tolerance. Sounds like your school was doing the right thing. I would say that intolerance is extremely undesirable. What would you like to see – the return of homophobia and bullying?

  2. When children feel safe and have creative outlets…. what they learn is astounding! And… it promotes the LOVE of learning… teachers can get creative to continue to work towards this environment, it just takes more effort in some districts 🙂

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  4. We live in a world of examinations where we have to put some extra efforts to grow. The revision notes for maths like subject lay a strong foundation to fight upcoming competition.

  5. there is no such thing like perfect education developing qualities and gaining the knowledge is education and still need self mastrey to gain such kind of high lvl discoveries of rare and genius lvl articrafts

    1. Mahesh – while one cannot achieve perfect education – I think it is different for each individual – but it shouldn’t stop us from striving. For me a perfect education would encompass the full range of subjects, skills, qualities, knowledge and critical thought.

  6. I agree with you on all points, Enriching oneself with education and economic rewards go hand in hand, A good student will be successful in any university. I have done my schooling from GD GOENKA Public School, Rohini and it has helped me to harmoniosly connect to the tenets of the global world along with facilitating the dynamism of my own and cogency of the collective.

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