First Britons – Black with Blue Eyes!

Analysis of DNA from the bones of the first Briton whose remains were found in a cave in Cheddar and date from 10,000 years ago show that the man was black skinned with blue eyes.

That means that it is the white skinned humans who came in later who were all immigrants! So much for all those racists.

2 thoughts on “First Britons – Black with Blue Eyes!

  1. I really had to smile when I read that news story. That’s the first thing I thought of! Watched a NatGeo on the Mayan Snake Kings last night and how archaeologists are using laser technology [LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)] to peek beneath the dense forest of Guatemala where they’re finding the Mayan culture was so much larger than they thought. Fascinating. They’ve found over 60,000 man-made structures under there. I keep wondering where they all went! (His nibs says they got in their spaceships and left! šŸ˜‰ )

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