Austerity – has it worked?

The Tory Government chose austerity. They gave tax cuts to the rich and the corporations and cuts to public services. It was a choice.

They are increasingly privatising.

Let’s look at what is happening.

Education – crisis in teaching with difficulty recruiting and staff leaving.

Health – crisis in the NHS with shortages of staff, chaos in A&E as staff are inundated, operations cancelled and poor recruitment

Social Services – crisis in social services with staff shortages and poor recruitment.

Prison Services – crisis in the prisons with staff shortages, increased violence and poor recruitment.

Police Services – crisis in the police with climbing crime rates and demoralised staff.

Crown Prosecution – crisis in services with the collapsing of cases and poor decision making and information flow.

Railways – crisis on the railways with price hikes, cancelled services and operators pulling out.

Corillion Collapse – crisis as government contracts are abandoned.

Local Councils – crisis in local councils as severe cuts mean they can no longer cope.

Armed Forces – crisis as the level of defence cannot meet the threats from all sides.

Rough Sleepers – everywhere I go there are poor unfortunates huddled in doorways in the freezing cold. The number of rough sleepers has gone through the roof.

Something is majorly wrong! Is anything working?

It seems to me that the traumas of Brexit are covering a festering mess as the fabric of the country is being allowed to decay for lack of funds. The only people doing well are the wealthy. The Tories are looking after them.

Time for action?


2 thoughts on “Austerity – has it worked?

    1. I could certain see that the tax cuts were a scam. The rich got huge chunks and the poor got tiny ones. That’s fair. It is also insane. How are those books going to get balanced?

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