Like it or not the United Nations is the only hope!

The United Nations was set up after the Second World War as a body that would preside over the whole world, settle disputes and prevent further disastrous conflict and war. It rose out of the ashes of the League of Nations with a burst of idealism. It set out in its tremendous charter a template for human rights.


Since then it has been nowhere near as effective as it should have been. Why? Because the big powers veto action and control it and it is starved of funding. Its mechanisms are ponderous.


To be effective it has to have the power to override what the major powers want. It has to have faster responses and be less cumbersome. It needs to represent all the countries of the world equally. It needs to have the role of a world policeman.


There is always a danger that a global power could become tyrannical. We have to build in safeguards to prevent this.


Why do we need it?


Most of our major problems are now global and beyond the remit of any one nation. Without a global body they are unable to be properly monitored and controlled:






Global warming


Tax evasion






Habitat destruction

Human rights

Children’s rights

Worker rights

Mass migration

Gross inequality










Food and water quality


These things know no boundaries. The loopholes are exploited by powerful people. Capitalism is destroying the planet. Corruption means that even laws are flouted. Logging, strip mining, worker exploitation, trafficking of people, dumping of waste………


Without global action, laws and enforcement, we are heading down a slippery slope to destruction. We can no longer allow the rich and powerful to rape the planet through their selfish greed. They need controlling. We need to stop the huge population increase and regulate our actions. We need to close the tax havens and put an end to the unfairness. We need to stop wars and root out the criminals, terrorists and polluters.


We need a global body with teeth.


We already have a global body. It is the United Nations.


It is time to put in the safeguards, make it democratic and accountable, fund it properly and give it the power to get the job done.

10 thoughts on “Like it or not the United Nations is the only hope!

  1. The problem is we always point the finger up towards the top of the wealth pyramid where we claim the fault lies. The finger of accusation needs to point within , where human nature reigns in all its subtle ability to deceive. A friend of mine always reminds me of this with startling clarity when I ask him how he is doing. ‘ I’m ok ‘ he replies , ‘ it’s the other’s ! We laugh and share a moment of silent understanding. Of course it could be that the evil members of humanity work their way up to powerful manipulative positions but I suspect there is just as much goodness at the top as at the bottom, and just as much evil at the bottom as at the top. Likewise there is just as much goodness in religious communities as evil but in this case those outside take great store in pointing out what is evil within religious groups. The reason they do this because they mistakenly believe religious people should be better than others.

    1. I’m not sure you’re right their Kersten. The sociopaths and psychopaths, without conscience or compassion, tend to lack empathy, see things black and white and work their way to the top.

  2. I don’t really know but we can certainly see many psychopaths at the bottom end , I suspect the top ones are James Bond types who escape detection , sacrificing their lackeys when things get tough. I think the scripture much is expected from him too whom much is given is spot on, and since it is correct we must make greater allowances for those who carry great responsibilities. I forget I’m talking to a retired headmaster a very difficult job not to be underestimated. For a few years I worked as a milkman and met many different types. I arrived at the yard at 5.30am to load up the electric float which had been charging all night . Having loaded the Milkies were all smoking in a crowed room before setting off , often in bitter weather. The air was blue ; it was good to get outside and my round took me out into the countryside. Now much milk is brought in supermarkets doorstep delivery is a thing of the past.

    1. Kersten – my Headship is six years in the past and of no consequence. Being a milkman in the countryside must have been very rewarding at times. I bet you got to see a lot of great sunrises and wildlife that most of us don’t get to see. I’m not sure I would have enjoyed getting up at that time. I was often working until two and needed four or five hours kip. I didn’t get up until seven and that was hard enough.
      My contention is that most people agonise over decisions and the impact of them on others. Being in charge of an organisation means making painful choices that hurt some people. It is the unpleasant side. Things are never black and white. There are always a multitude of possibilities and unknowns. You have to weigh them up.
      However, psychopaths and sociopaths enjoy hurting people and can be decisive. People like decisiveness. It gets the job done. They tend to rise to the top. Because they lack empathy and compassion they do not care who they hurt. They do not agonise. They present arguments in black and white – Trump is a classic example.

      1. Opher that’s very true most people agonize over decisions and their impact on others , it’s part of our moral nature , and I have been fortunate in not carrying too much on my shoulders. People who see in black and white often become like bulls in china shops , they get things done at a cost. All action has a price on its head but to live is to act — the human dilemma.
        I had the longest round in the milk yard I worked in, it left the town of Crawley and skirted Gatwick Airport to arrive at the small village of Charlwood. In winter time I would always hear the dawn chorus as light slowly banished the night. The floats were cold unprotected transport but the action of delivery kept me warm. Milk was five and a half new pence per pint and my wages were £28 per week.

      2. I don’t think Trump agonises over his decisions, do you?
        That milkround must have been difficult but rewarding. It was a good job to have. In my student days I used to have a job as a roadsweeper and then a sewage farm worker. There were a number of interesting people working for the council. We used to have good discussions.

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