Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival 2017 – The venue

Can there ever be a more perfect setting for a Jazz and Blues Festival? I don’t think so.

The grounds of Agnes Burton Hall are magnificent. You normally pay a fair whack to get in! It comes free for the whole weekend! The hall is a wonder, packed with art galleries and furniture to browse round.  The architecture is great. There is the old hall with its vaults and a tread-mill round the corner. Wonderful. Ponds, with revolving latticework globe, statues, lilies, carp and kestrels nesting in the old oak.

On top of that you have the magnificent gardens all full of colour and the maze. There are walks, good food (St Lucian curry and tagine), great Wold Beer and ice-cream. What could be better.

All we needed was the weather.

Well Friday evening was cold with a bit of drizzle so it didn’t get off to the best of starts weather-wise.

But Saturday and Sunday were wonderful – perfect Yorkshire days for sitting back and listening to some great music – blue skies with scudding clouds.

For those camping in the grounds it was the perfect venue.

The beautiful hall with oil paintings, lavish embellishment and fabulous rockin’ music.   

Lazing on a sunny afternoon.


A chilly first evening.

4 thoughts on “Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival 2017 – The venue

    1. Only drizzled that first evening. We had two days of sunshine. You would have loved it Anna – just your kind of music. Sitting there in the warmth with a bottle of wine, friends and relaxing music. What could be better?

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