12 thoughts on “A Haiku for the Komodo Dragons.

    1. There were a number of them. I got to touch one. They’re big. They can move fast and they are venomous but they looked pretty docile in the heat.

  1. I once came close to a komodo dragon but i told her to get dressed and go home. it had been a long day!

    1. I think those monster lizards would have trouble getting off the ground. They were a bit docile in the heat. But I know they can outrun a deer so there’s no room for complacency if they are hungry or aroused. I spoke gentle words. The venom dripping from their mouth looked pretty icky.

    1. They were great Anna. I’m not sure they are cute though. They chase down deer and wild pigs and eat them whole. The use a handy tree to ram their meals down their throats. They have this reddish saliva that is so venomous that not many people survive a bite. But they looked wonderful.

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