The DUP – Democratic Unionist Party – The people who now rule Britain.

Welcome to the DUP – a tiny party of ten MPs, a party formed by Ian Paisley based on religion and unionism.

These fire-breathing protestants once proposed teaching creationism in schools. They are bible-bashers of the most extreme and reactionary to boot. They oppose abortion, gay rights and seem to be rooted in the Dark Ages. They are climate change deniers who probably believe that god gave us the planet to fuck up.

On a positive note they do not want hard boundaries with the EU following Brexit which might herald a softer approach. They also want to protect the triple lock on pensions so the Tories might not be able to steal from the elderly.

These are the guys who hold the power. I bet there will be a lot of new schools and roads in Ireland soon but I wonder how long this unholy alliance can possibly last – god and the devil don’t usually get along.

How wise is it for the UK Government to become involved with partisan coalition with one side in the Northern Ireland cauldron? We have short memories.

Let’s hope that this marriage heads for a quick divorce and we can have another election and get rid of the Nasty Party once and for all!

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