Fanatical Islamic Terorists target everything we stand for!

Firstly – condolences to all the many victims of terrorism here and abroad – the terrible crimes recently committed in London, Manchester and Kabul.

History is littered with atrocities. Violence is part of what we are. The propensity to cruelty and fanaticism is unfathomable. The traits seem imprinted in our DNA. We merely seek the excuse – politics or religion, racism or jealousy. It matters little.

The ability to hate is there.

How to control it? That is the question.

It is fuelled by inequality, poverty, bullying, revenge and inferiority.

It is inflamed by people with political motives in order to gain power and exploit the gullible.

IMHO there are no easy answers or quick fixes. The answer will take time and requires a many-pronged attack.

a. Wipe out ISIS militarily to prove that there is no ‘god on their side’.

b. Police the mosques – arrest the purveyors of hate and lock them up.

c. Refuse entry, or extradite, all people who support the enemies of this country.

d. Support the Muslim population of Britain and bring them onside.

e. Stop unjust wars.

f. Solve the Palestinian crisis.

g. Integrate the Muslim population into mainstream culture.

h. Do away with religious schools.

I. Ban religion from schools, teach British values of tolerance, empathy, morality, equality, respect, democracy and freedom.

j. Stop the inequality, poverty and racism.

k. Shut down the madrassas and all indoctrinators of young children.

l. Speak with one voice to condemn violence.

m. Keep the impact of terrorism in perspective. Do not let it eat your mind, fill you with fear, alter your lifestyle, alter your values or perspectives, cloud your judgement of people or religions…….. Terrorism is not going to effect many directly. It’s greates effect is on the mind and imagination. Don’t let them win. Don’t let them fill you with hate. Don’t let them cause division. They are a tiny minority.

Vote in a Labour Government with fairness and justice as their basis.


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