Theresa May – Trump and Erdoğan’s Poodle.

Brexit has left such a huge gaping hole in the future British economy that it has sent a desperate Theresa May sailing into the arms of tyrants like Erdogan and Trump. You can see it in her face. She is so desperate to strike up a trade deal that she’ll say and do anything.

Sucking up to unpleasant characters and regimes is a desperate measure. It clearly shows what a weak position she is coming from.

We saw Tony Blair doing the same thing with Bush. He was Bush’s poodle but at least they didn’t hold hands!

What has Britain become?

9 thoughts on “Theresa May – Trump and Erdoğan’s Poodle.

  1. I used to think women were more far-sighted than men and would naturally make wiser leaders. But after all the news I’ve been reading about women leaders around the world, I may have to rethink my opinion… Maybe.

    1. You have no idea about our Prime Minister Theresa May, only what you read here. Theresa May is a good woman an honest woman, a decent woman who CARES for her Country the UK and its People that she is doing her best for. I ask you, what do you think PMs are supposed to do they meet New Presidents to form a Relationship and I for one was delighted to see how well Theresa May and President Trump got on and that The Friendship is renewed not thrown out like Obama did to the UK for 8 long years. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the strongest Woman Leader that I can recall, the friendship genuine friendship between President Reagan and PM Thatcher was so good for both Countries. Do not underestimate Prime Minister Theresa May. I cannot comment on other leaders around the World you have in your mind.

      1. Of course I have an idea of what Theresa May is about. I read the policy decisions and what her cabinet are up to. I don’t think she cares for the country at all. She’s a typical Tory like Thatcher before her. She cares for the rich people she represents and makes noises towards the rest. I watch where the tax cuts go and where austerity hits. It is always the same – money to the rich – cuts for the poor. She has let the rabid dogs loose and we’re heading for the ravine.
        Can you not now see the mess Trump is making? Pulling out of environment deals right left and centre. Or don’t creatures mean anything to you anymore? Trump is looking to tear up all trade agreements and rewrite them for his own benefit. Theresa May, holding hands, being sucked in.
        Then running off to Turkey of all places. Talk about desperation. I’m afraid Brexit has put us in the gutter grabbing hold of any rubbish to keep afloat. Erdogan is the most ruthless tyrant.

  2. Why did I press “like” absolute mistake. I detest the fact you are such a Traitor to this Country. I have said it before I shall say it again if you detest everything about this Country why don’t you go elsewhere. You lost the vote of staying in Europe, we shall be Out of Europe at last and all you lot of whining Remainders can do is cause such trouble divide the Country. Bullying, like children throwing their toys out of the pram because you did not get your own way, its “I want I want”. I am proud of my Country and defend my Country all you ever appear to do is run it down, such a traitor. This Country needs to make its own Laws once more, control our Borders and if you want to call me as you have done so often a RACIST/FASCIST than go ahead, I won’t allow you to bully me anymore.

    As for the Prime Minister Theresa May meeting the new President, that is what she is supposed to do and I for one was delighted she was the first Leader to meet him and that they got on so well. At last that Friendship is back, after 8 long years of that Obama throwing it out like the Statue of Churchill, and for what, for personal reasons that really is professional, I don’t think. One of the jobs of a Prime Minister is to gain Trade Deals thats what she does and if you don’t understand that, well! What Prime Minister has not had to deal with tyrants, I can’t think of any. The Queen entertains them, do you want the list.
    I am proud of my Country and will defend my Country. Young Men and Women are risking their life and will die for this Country and all you can do is ridicule it. You should remember its this Country gave you a FREE Education, FREE University – yet you hate it so much. Do you know how ridiculous you appear saying “at least they did not hold hands”.
    Your last comments “what has Britain become” well it will be far stronger OUT of Europe, we do need to control the borders, we do need to stop the wastage of money handed out to people not from here and to the amount of money handed to unmarried mothers, one child is a mistake 4/5 is not its a means of making money – £40,000.00 free homes some even earning from us Taxpayers £200,000.00 plus to these women to people those that refuse to work. We have been far too soft, we need to make new Laws of our own tougher Laws. No doubt that would be wrong with you, just let Jeremy Corbyn run riot.

    1. I don’t hate this country. I am all in favour of the hard-fought freedoms that have been wrenched from the hands of exploiters. I will fight to preserve them. I fight to preserve a country worth fighting for. It isn’t one where the rich get richer at the expense of the poor; where public services are decimated while bankers pocket bigger bonuses, or where bastards like Murdock are rewarded for running pro-Tory media campaigns.
      It is the hate and lies of some of the Brexiteers that is ruining the place.
      The Tory party was formed by the rich to protect the interests of the rich. That’s precisely what they do.
      Anna for the umpteenth time – I have never said you were a racist or a facist – I said that you are supporting people who are championed by the fascists and racists.
      I do not bully. I state my views strongly on my blog. You are free to argue your case. It is you that is doing the shouting.
      You are deluding yourself about us being stronger out. We are destroying our economy.
      I agree with both of your last points. We have let far too many immigrants into the country. Over half come from outside the EU and the Tory government has always had the power to stop them if it wanted. Why doesn’t it? Because they are good for business and put the profits of their chums up. Pulling out of the EU does not alter their entry one jot.
      I think we should have disincentives for large families and not handouts.
      Corbyn is wrong.
      I thought you were a Labour Party Corbyn supporter? You are sounding more and more like a hard-line Tory.

  3. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:

    Mrs Wibbly Wobbly is the only leader not to sign the letter condemning Trump’s betrayal of the world. The climate denier supports the destruction of the environment and May is his moll.

    1. That is rather an unpleasant personal thing to say to me Anna. I think the reality of your support for Brexit, Trump and May is creating an emotional dilemma in your mind. Theresa May has shown herself to be quite a despicable person. Nobody else is sucking up to tyrants like Trump and Erdogan – two most unpleasant people. You have your views and I have mine but I’m not being personally abusive towards you. I merely state my views and have no doubt that I shall be proven right.
      Brexit is a disaster for this country.
      Trump is a disaster for America and the world.
      May, and the Tory right-wing, are despicable, arrogant defenders of the rich, and a disaster for 90% of this country.
      Defend them all you like – hopefully without personal abuse.

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