My Weird Surreal Sixties Book – Part 2 – Beginning of infinity – Poem

This is part 2. I was delving into the nature of infinity. Where did the universe come from? Where did god come from?

Now I don’t believe in god. But there is something wondrous about contemplating the universe, its infinite nature and its conception. If there was a god, as a mind, then it began somewhere.

Part 2

Beginnings of Infinity

There is no beginning. There was always something there before the beginning.

But everything that has substance originated out of nothing.

That nothing is the flux.

It changes.

That is its property.

Even present day infinity has changed.



Here was nothing.

For as far as nothing could imagine – nothing.

Not contained, stretching nowhere, everywhere.

Not with light, or darkness, nor even emptiness – for empty space has substance.

But here was absolute nothing – for this is nothing beyond the conception of mind – this is infinity.

Suddenly, or slowly, for there is no time, something began.

A swirling of nothing into something.

Finity was born.

In the midst of infinity – or all of infinity.

Abstract without form

Swirling in the nowhere that was here.

For a split second,

Or for all time,

It swirled.

Did it vacillate?

Did it totter between nothing and something?

Flashing in and out of existence?

Swirling back and forth –

Nothing to everything –

Everything to nothing –

Slipping back and forth

Between the infinity it was made from and the infinity it became?

Shapes and colours,

Light and form,

Pulsating energy,

Crashing sound,

Solidity and smell,

Merged with hallucinatory no form.

Matter and antimatter,

Sound and anti-sound,

With potential to cancel each other.

Unseen, unheard,

Unsought –

And so not existing – yet?

Expanding and filling –

Always filling everything.

How expanding when it is everything?

But that was what it was,

No matter how small,

Large or unimportant.

Without it there was nothing.

It was nothing.

No time passed before it began.

It will take no time.

It is total illusion – but real.

It altered.

It became attached to nothing –

A part of nothing that was mind.

This mind fluctuated on the edge of infinity, always pulled back to finity, but never making it, always somewhere.

It was formed of nothing the same as something, but very different.

This kind of something was intangible.

How far could it expand?

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