My Weird Sixties Surreal Book – Part 2 – 2 – Infinity – poem

There was a lot of humour in this as well as some thoughtful playful philosophy. I was playing with metaphysics – making characters out of abstract concepts – putting consciousness into ideas.

I’m not sure if it’s a poem at all.

I was young and playing with ideas. It’s fun.


Chance decided that owing to magic and necessity,

Plus the fact that even infinity was an illusion,

Finity had as much right to be infinite.

Until all forever had passed

And all distance was crossed

Nothing was proven.


Illusion was worried by the ruling.

Was chance infinite too?

Did its laws exist everywhere?

By its own laws there must be somewhere it did not exist?

Did they apply in nowhere?


What of God

Who was now around?

He was busy trying to become bigger.

That was a stretch with nothing to help.


If the illusion halved its size each day

Would it disappear?

What is the smallest piece of something that can exist?


So how far is the middle from where I am standing?

Why is it all around me

And I am always in the middle?

If the middle is so small that it is nothing.

The middle of infinity is everything.


All the matter and energy created was of no size.

This was back-dated to create size.

But it did not work satisfactorily.

As nothing had decided it,

It would have to do,

At least until the next election.


After the election nothing was relegated

And ceased to exist –

A state that still exists sometimes.

But this too was in a state of flux.


Time alters even itself

Often or once.

This was proved to be true or false

Depending on whose side you are on,

The times and public opinion.

Which did not yet exist.


As the confusion developed further into chaos

Time the healer took over and stated that it had always been like this,

It is just that sometimes it gets clearer.


Mind, disbelieving this,

Openly stated that this was rubbish

And that time had only imagined it.


Mind no longer worried

Except when it was alone

Which was always.

So it split in two for company.

This led to arguments and disagreements

Over time, space and room.

There was just not room for two minds in infinity.

It was not big enough.

So mind reunited and became bigger.


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