Ruminating on Roy Harper – Book now edited – Thank you Andrew Percy!

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I have now thoroughly edited the book thank you to some superb work carried out by Andrew Percy.

He has the eye – no other grammar police could have done it better.

I am going to go back and add in some Roy Harper quotes and a few more anecdotes and it will be ready for publication. Hopefully Roy will find the time to do me a short foreword and we will be away. That won’t take me more than a day or two!

I’m excited by this book. It flowed out of me like the Zambesi over Victoria Falls. I think it encapsulates a relationship that sheds light on one of Britain’s greatest talents. Roy is one of the best songwriters in the world, one of the most intriguing men, the most outspoken of dissidents and he’s lived a life like no other.

I cannot wait to hold it in my hands!

4 thoughts on “Ruminating on Roy Harper – Book now edited – Thank you Andrew Percy!

  1. What’s it about – other than a eulogy to Roy Harper? When you say life like no other – is that a reference to urinating on his audience? I’m sure that episode if unique. Not even Jim Morrison or the Sex Pistols did that as far as I am aware.

    1. He was just taking the piss. The man is a law unto himself. His life is full of the most outrageous stuff. Makes the Sex Pistols and Jim Morrison look tame.
      The book tells the story of a relationship that goes back to 1967, his story and mine interwoven along with the tale of the times we lived through. Probably the best book I’ve written.
      Roy said he’d write an intro and then I’ll get it out!
      Liz will be back in a just over week. Let’s get that meal sorted!

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