Donal Trump – Who will pay for this orchestrated outpouring of hatred and emotion?

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Is this really politics?

When a crowd is baited into hysterical emotional outbursts of hate can that be politics? Who will pay in the long run? Is this healthy for the country to foster such hatred and division?

Surely politics should be about presenting a series of policies and arguing why they are the best options. Surely it should be a cerebral process of debating and weighing up which is the best philosophy for the country?

The USA process seems to be one of demonising, taunting and creating monsters out of the opposition. Seemingly Hilary Clinton is a liar who supports the devil. She should be locked up.

The audience is exhorted to hate in what looks remarkably like a scene out of George Orwell’s 1984. I find it frightening. The emotions are so high it breaks out into violence.

After all the dust has settled what will be the end result? Where will all that hatred and division go?

Here and in America we are looking at politicians (and their crew) who are setting out to inflame and create division.

Austerity, low pay, immigration, race, patriotism, poverty and hopelessness are deployed as weapons to create emotional responses. It is cynical. It is deplorable.

I believe in intelligence, debate and argument – not emotional outbursts and people being whipped up into a fury.

This is not politics. This does not result in a better future. This merely divides and creates hatred.

There has to be a better way than this. This will not result in a happy nation. The rage will live on and on and on…………..

24 thoughts on “Donal Trump – Who will pay for this orchestrated outpouring of hatred and emotion?

  1. This is the country I grew up in. I have a love hate relationship with it. The haves, no longer fear the bad public opinion of themselves. They have been hidden in plain sight for so long that they no longer care what the press or the world say about their corrupt thoughts, words and actions. I am not ashamed to be an American. I am glad that the world can see that we have a governmental process that is flawed, human and based upon the mood swing of the psychotic populace.

    People like me have been lumped into the “crazy fringe camp.” I’m not paranoid. I’m not exaggerating. Maybe the rest of the country will wake up and vote against this hate, instead of just complaining, while condemning the process and abstaining from the only power we have. Please vote.

    I am terrified of the outcome of this election. I’m not a political person, but I can’t stand aside and hide silently.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. They illustrate the problem very clearly. In my opinion there is a cynical element at work manipulating mass psychology and exploiting all their frustrations, dissatisfaction and fears. I have never seen it so virulent. This is a new nadir.

  2. It is so far and away beyond the beyond of horrific. It is so unbelievable to me that it has come to this. Remember how idealistic we were in the 60s? There was hope them, yet even then the powers that be were way beyond our comprehension. I really believed we would turn it around. I don’t know what our future holds, but we are certainly not going to be helped by our government. I do believe there are more good hearted people than those who seek money and power only.

    I love this country. Our government sucks. If Trump gets in….and it is so hard to believe that he actually could – but the strong possibility is there, we are done. I have always liked Hillary. Lately, it seems she has caved to certain powers, but she knows the system and has some educated and sound policy in mind that could work. She knows foreign policy. She knows how to be in that world. Her experience gives her substantial realism so she won’t get caught up in the frenzy. She holds some good values that I think she will stick to .Trump is mentally ill. He can’t seem to remember what he said the day before and just says the first thing that comes to mind, without the slightest care if it is truth, as long as people cheer and get all worked up. Crowd mentality. There is a lot of anger in the US, and the very people that he will hurt the most are for him. I don’t get it. I just don’t.

    The only thing I know to do is Love. Locally, I can love Nature and do all I can for her, as the big companies seek to destroy and use her up. I can love my neighbors. I feel powerless to do anything about the magnitude of fury. It seems like the final hour. I can write to our senators. I can recycle…you know all the things in our control to do.

    Peace Opher. It’s what we need to come together around. Peace and Love. Not anger and hatred and walls and stupidity.

    1. So true. Back in the sixties I really felt we were building a new perspective based on peace, love, harmony, environmental awareness, friendship, camaraderie, anti-war, anti-violence, anti-greed, anti-exploitation. I was looking forward to a world of happiness, freedom and peace without the racism, misogyny and violence. No more nations. A new age.
      What the hell went wrong? It seems at this moment to be worse than it’s ever been – more war, terrorism, inequality, [poverty, environmental destruction, violence and hatred. The establishment is stirring it up for their own ends.
      Peace, harmony and love to you Mary – put our energies into positive actions and trying to counter the hate.

  3. Sigh… I so agree with everything you said. And MFM (E.) and Mary nailed it, too. I swear, watching that convention this week has been like watching a Hitler rally. And it literally scared the hell out of me when Trump’s daughter got up to speak and swept her hand over the crowd in a Heil Hitler moment. You may have noticed the TV cameras have not been panning the auditorium at all. It’s because there’s no one there! I sure hope that’s a good sign.

    Utah has been a republican state since the early 20th century, but the delegates this year were trying to get the rules changed on the floor. They wanted to declare for Ted Cruz — spelled his name wrong on Anna’s blog — (and were not allowed to do that). They then decided to declare for the democrats. That’s a HUGE thing in this state. But the chairman of the Utah delegates was verbally assaulted in the restroom at the convention center. When the vote came out, Utah voted for Trump. I will always believe they were threatening. And he is one crazy-ass bastard who’d like nothing better than to get even.

    Ted Cruz said when Trump asked him to be his running mate, he told Cruz HE (Cruz) could run the country, that Trump just wanted to be a figure head like a king. I gotta give Cruz kudos for getting up and warning people in his speech that Trump would betray every ideal they had. He’s one brave guy!

  4. Do you think the Democrats do things any differently? For that matter, look at how the newsmedia covers everything? They’re as much to blame as anyone else.

    To be honest, I think posts like yours are just as bad as the actions of those you’re railing against. In it, you demonize one side for their actions, which is playing to your base and inciting hatred against them. If you truly care about this as an issue, you’d have been a lot more balanced in your presentation.

    Sorry, but you are far from reasonable.

    1. I’m not American. I’m looking in from the outside as an observer. All I can say is that I have never seen such vitriol, hatred and horrendous crowd rousing as with Trump. It appals me.
      Yes. I have seen it with the Democrats and we did have it here in Britain too but not with the same degree of base xenophobic, racist, misogynistic jingoism – nowhere near as crude and blatant – and nowhere near as charged. He is setting out to exploit the fears of terrorism, race and immigration for his own ends and doing it in trumps (excuse the pun). He is stirring up the people who feel let down and downtrodden, the ones who are victims of the economic crash, and manipulating them. There are violent overtones that should be contrary to the procedures of any democracy.
      From my perspective it is very scary and simplistic, populist jingoism.
      My posts are not stirring up hatred. My posts are not exploiting the weak and ostracised. I am not setting race against race, poor against poor, or political group against political group. I am merely reporting what I see.
      Trump rallies smell of fascism to me.
      And yes – the Democrats do it differently. They do not have the violent overtones.
      I call it as I see it.
      I look in from abroad and it scares the hell out of me.

      1. I think the post was meant to be a commentary on the Republican convention that just wound down.

        And as to the media, you’re right. They have become a law unto themselves. Actually, I’d go as far to say they’ve become a new religious order…

      2. A democracy is dependent on an unbiased media who bring objectivity and impartiality. I wish that was true for the media we have. They are biased, partisan, controlled and sensationalising.
        How can you run a democracy when you cannot believe what is being reported.

  5. I vowed to myself I would not comment on anything Political again on your blog Opher, but I cannot resist this one. “Hitler Rally” going too far those comments, actually quite ridiculous and what is this, scared stiff Trump might actually do it, take the job? Perhaps you prefer Clinton the liar, the crook, the killer, and four more years of disastrous Obama policies. The people who are desperate want no more politics they want someone who is listening to them. I am not American or you Opher, only the American people can make the choice, what I have said to Cheryl and I will say it here is, I have found it so sad to see America the way it has become under Obama the Country is no longer strong or powerful or GREAT, and is it so wrong that Trump has given desperate people HOPE. I watched from the very beginning CNN the Convention until after 5.30am this morning, it is not true to say the cameras have not been covering the people there, I don’t know what you were watching Cheryl but the cameras certainly did cover the people. As for Trump’s Daughter, which one Ivanka, I saw NO “Heil Hitler” salute why would you say such a thing or even interpret a wave to be such – Ken Burns the filmmaker is responsible for this “Hitler” comparison and stupidly people are repeating this. If I were German I would find it most offensive these things being said, equally if I was Jewish I would be SO offended. Millions and millions of people suffered under the Hitler Regime, GERMAN People too who did not agree with him don’t cause offense to those that survived it all, by these statements. The fact Trump’s Family have German in them means they are Nazis? Dear, dear, dear, what is wrong with people these days? I wish the American people good luck with their Election whatever the outcome.

    I have to say I agree totally with the comments from “onereasonableperson”. As I said I have broken the promise I made to myself re commenting on your blog, hurtful statements were made, and I have no desire to argue with Cheryl or yourself over this, Friendships are not worth losing. but I do find it offensive to continually use “Hitler” comparison, be interesting to see if you use the same comparison for Clinton. Opher we have suffered recently in our own Country re a Vote and we have a new PM in Theresa May which I suppose you do not like or agree with, your perogative of course, the fact is she has stated several times now we are OUT of the EU we have to move on and make this Country move forward, forget the squabbling/fighting (I know personally I took enough of that in my life and hate the thought of it) we must pull together and put the GREAT back in Britain.

    No offence is intended to anyone.

    1. Good to hear from you Anna.
      All I’m responding to is the scenes from the rallies with people being beaten up and the huge threat of violence, the xenophobia to mexicans and muslims, the misogynistic comments and the way he is using terrorism, immigration and racism to stir up crowds in the same way as Hitler did against Jews. He promises lots in the most populist way but has no real solutions to the real problems. It is all rhetoric. He is stirring up such hatred and division that I think it will wreck the country for a long time. Trump is that black and white politician who will say anything to win, stirs emotions but has not answers.
      I don’t see Clinton doing that. I don’t particularly like her but I do think that the furore over using her own laptop. I don’t see that as a hanging offence. There are things she’s said that I don’t like. She hasn’t always been completely truthful. But she’s a politician. She is by far, in my opinion, the lesser of two evils. I think Trump will create war. He could kill millions.
      I don’t blame Obama for what has happened with the USA. It was Bush that took them into those terrible wars and set up Guantanamo bay. It is the Republicans who are blocking everything and causing chaos. Tea Party madness.
      No I don’t like our new PM – she’s a typical Tory who will not do a thing for public services or the poor. But we do need stability and at least she brings that. I’m hoping the Labour Party will sort itself out and become a viable electable opposition. I don’t see that at the moment.
      I don’t like this thing about being great again. America is the most powerful nation on the planet and runs the world economically for its own ends. What has knocked it for six is losing the wars that Bush started. He set up the wave of terrorism and ISIS. Obama ended them and has been reluctant to get too involved again – maybe too cautious – ISIS need destroying fast.
      Britain is a small island with few resources. The reason it was great was because of the wealth from its empire. Now the empire is gone it can’t possibly be such a force again, can it?
      I’ve always wanted a global view with more equality and global legislation on human rights, labour rights, environmental concerns, crime, terrorism and women’s rights. That’s my dream and that is why I see Brexit as such a bad thing. I hate sovereignty and the class system. I’m trying to get back on to a more positive track and steer away from all the looming troubles that I think are looming.

      1. Opher I had typed my response then it all went blank, the heat or what? My excuse!! Here we go again but can’t remember it all, so you are the lucky one!

        You have the right to your view as I do, and I did not intend this to become some kind of battleground between us once more “don’t ever discuss politics or religion” we can’t avoid them can we? Anyhow I say here and now I support Trump. You nor I have the right to say who we believe should be the Next Commander In Chief, only the Americans do. I don’t give a damn about the wealthy Americans most don’t care about their fellow Americans, some do. What I care about are the ordinary people who have been forgotten by Obama and certainly money grabbing Clinton. Now you can convince yourself Obama has been good for America I see he has not, and before you start questioning me again it has nothing to do with racism. I never liked the man from the very start as I never liked the last Bush, or any Bush come to that. America has always seen itself as Great and that hurts them that they are no longer thought of in that way. Their Veterans have been forgotten, not for the first time – I had a cousin who was left to rot after serving his time in Vietnam. Obama has put back the Civil Rights Movement, for a start asking “Black Lives Matter” to the White House, what are they? Dangerous talk “Hitler Rallies”Heil Hitler” what next Trump appearing covered in Swastikas – get a grip. The ordinary people are desparate I have said all that – the end of the day not you nor I Vote, the American People do. So calm it down you can’t change anything Opher no matter what your dreams. Just as here If the sweetest nicest person in the World was PM/Tory you would hate them even if they tried to change everything you would hate them, I am not saying that to disrespect you because I HATE that Bastard Blair and he should rot in Prison as should Clinton, disagree on emails, this is the woman who let four people die in the US Embassy in Benghazi including the Ambassador and her response to the Families “THESE THINGS HAPPEN” they should to her. America will decide, I have no problem with people disagreeing what a sad World if we all agreed (would be awful if we agreed wouldn’t it Opher). What I don’t like is all this hysteria and lies and slander, Trump does not will not cause a War, Clinton brought ISIS to us, the Enemy Is Not Outside of America/UK,France/Germany etc the Enemy is within and please don’t suggest I hate Muslims. We have to fight them on our own doorsteps – Norfolk and near abduction of Pilot/Brighton and knife attack/Margate the same. We are due to have the annual Airshow here in Clacton, what if someone strapped themselves with a Bomb – carnage. ISIS planned for months the carnage last week in Nice. French Authorities are a disgrace.

        I Disagree, Britain can be Great again, why not. Trouble is the British have become lazy not all but enough. I rarely go out as you know, but had to this morning for blood tests, Jonathan came with me and we did some shopping, had lunch. It upset me to see how badly dressed people are, barely any clothes some of them, it’s Hot but NO THAT HOT. Let alone washed, people smelt – of course it is the fashion not to bath or shower these days. My Dog is cleaner. Jonathan had to hold onto me quite a few times as I was pushed and shoved, no manners, I have a walking stick and that made me vulnerable. Two even walked right into me whilst on their phones, for heaven’s sake what is wrong with people. People are rude, ignorant I am upset by it and I would love, simply love to turn the clock back but can’t just as you wish for better it won’t happen.

        So let us agree to disagree Opher, (I have enough problems at the moment to say the least.) I wish the Americans good luck in November, and I wish better times for this Country.

      2. Well I would agree we can disagree without falling out. All I do on my blog is explain what I think and why. Nobody has to agree with it and it, as you rightly say, will not affect the outcome.
        My opinion is that Trump is all hate, lies and bluster. He says what people want to hear and feeds on their fears. He scapegoats people. He can’t build a wall on three thousand miles of Mexican border or expel or refuse entry to all muslims. Watching his rallies with the hysteria and the guys beating and kicking people is what reminds me of the fascists.
        I agree the people are desperate. The world economy has caused misery. The poor have paid while the rich have prospered. But Trump the billionaire doesn’t really stand for them. He’s using their misery. I hate his tactics and his callous exploitation. In my opinion he is a fascist.
        From my perspective Britain’s greatness was built on the empire and the wealth we extracted from it – and that went to the rich while the poor lived in terrible conditions.
        But I do agree that there are a lot of people who have lost their manners, standards and pride. But showering and wearing better clothes won’t make us great again. That’s gone. What I want to see is a world that is fairer and more equal, not one country prospering off the backs of others. We have the means for everyone to have a good standard of life but inequality loads the dice. We can be a country of pleasant, friendly people who are compassionate and caring. That costs nothing.

  6. You do like to twist my words, that is rather annoying. I did not say or suggest wearing clothes ( of whatever quality) and showering and having a bath would make us GREAT again ie GB, please do not twist my words to suit yourself. You have your extreme views on Trump that’s up to you, just don’t assume you and others, that those who will vote for him those that support him, that we are in the wrong. Seen Germany tonight, enemies within from whatever side.

    I will not get myself into a long drawn out argument with you, I said that in the beginning. You are not prepared to accept that you could ever be wrong, anyone that does not agree with you well…………… No point discussing further because the American People decide not us.

    I withdraw Opher, because you really don’t listen to anyones view unless it is the same as yours. Enjoy the Democratic Convention next week, I won’t be watching, for the obvious reasons. No offence intended.

    1. That’s OK – no offence taken. It’s OK to feel differently about things. I wasn’t twisting your words though. That’s not what I intended.
      I have my views. I watch and I do listen and I form my opinions. I am merely expressing it as I see it. I’m not trying to change your mind. I just can’t understand why you are attracted to such strong belligerent men as Trump and Johnson/Gove/Fox. I find them utterly repugnant. But as my mum used to say – it takes all types to make the world go round. It’s not that I don’t listen; it’s that I don’t agree.

      1. “I just can’t understand why you are attracted to such strong belligerent men as Trump/Johnson/Gove/Fox” who said I was attracted to them where do you get this NONSENSE. I said I would support Trump, I know your opinion on Trump only too well. If I spewed as much venom against Clinton you would be having a go at me. If I were an American and a voter and poor I would vote for him that does not mean I am “Attracted” to him, in any way. He has listened to those people who are desperate not as stupid as you would refer to them. When I was younger I felt attracted to a lot of other men physically/sexually but Trump there is no attraction, as for belligerent well he is not “engaged in a War or Conflict” is he? (don’t bother typing “yet” I can hear you already).

        I don’t like your comment “I just can’t understand why you are attracted to such strong belligerent men”, you don’t know me well enough to say that. I like a man to be strong to love me protect me, perhaps because I have never had that – I had a cold, cold husband. I would also like a man that could be strong but inside need me and be soft and want me as much as I would want him.

        Where are you getting Johnson/Gove/Fox from, because I voted LEAVE EU, do you not think I am capable of making up my own mind how I voted, you may have been impressed by REMAIN Leaders, albeit Tories, I thought you hated them. I made my own mind up I did not need any Politician to tell me how to Vote, I had my own reasons as to voting. I read the “Telegraph”, sometimes “The Times” does not mean I am a strong Tory, what is it for you “The Guardian” that’s always been the Teachers paper has it not. “Belligerent”, are you referring to yourself because that is how you are behaving in your words to me. I get the feeling, yet again, you are trying to draw me into a confrontation with you as in the past, sorry it is not going to happen Opher.

      2. No Anna – I’m certainly not trying to draw you into any confrontation and I certainly don’t intend to be belligerent. I did not mean attracted to in the way you interpreted it. I meant attracted to the arguments they put forward and the way they present it. No conflict – furthest from my mind.
        The Remain campaign was a coalition of Labour, Greens, Libs and Tories. The Leave campaign was nearly all just the hardline Tories (Bojo, Fox, Davies, Gove etc). But really it wasn’t about right and left was it? The Remain campaign was poor. They should have focussed on the advantages of staying in. Cameron was useless, Osborn was counterproductive, Johnson and Corbyn were invisible and Faran useless. Both sides were a pack of lies, exaggerations and emotion when it should have been a proper debate about the pros and cons. I’m waiting to see how they are going to address all the promises made. I don’t think it’s possible.
        As for Trump – is he really going to build a wall along that 3000 miles? Ban all Muslims? Put people in camps? – No I don’t believe it.
        I read the I but I sometimes read the guardian Observer and Independent. My dad worked in Fleet Street for the Evening Standard. He was always saying to me about the political slant of the press and the people who control them all. I don’t think we have any unbiased news not even from the BBC.

    1. Well no Anna. You can argue what you think. We won’t change each others view but we can explain what we think and why. There are plenty other people out there who read it. Some may even join in. All our views count. I just state mine.

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