Scaremongering and lies?

Sometimes a warning is not scaremongering.

£200 billion wiped out in half an hour.

The pound dropping like a stone to 1985 levels – twice as bad as the financial crisis.

Jobs, pensions, house prices, wages?

Prices through the ceiling? Wages through the floor?

What future the public services? The NHS is safe?

How long before terrorist bombs start exploding?

The break-up of the UK?

The break-up of Europe?

Russia sitting gleeful?

Bumbling Boris as leader? Or Coco the Clown? Privatisation? Austerity?

Talk about slitting your own throat – move over Greece we’re joining you.

Or is this me scaremongering again?



117 thoughts on “Scaremongering and lies?

  1. Scaremongering? I cannot believe you said that, when last week and all along I have said about the terrorists and bombs going off here you would not have it. Opher this is a Democracy (well supposed to be) and the People have Voted. It may have gone your way and I would have to accept it and go on, so must you. All this anger and dividing the Country is dangerous, this has to end. We have had weeks of hatred being spat out and enough is enough. I know you are worried, I am worried for my Sons they are my Family but there is nothing I can do or you. I spent my life worrying and look what it has done to me, you have to learn to accept this decision, it’s been made.

    You disliked Cameron did not want him as Prime Minister, well he will be gone by October. Corbyn will be stabbed in the back, who do you want that b…..d Tony “blood on my hands” Blair? We have all got to calm down and get on with this, the Country is divided enough.

    1. Anna – unprecedented drop in the pound? Share prices drop by 7% – that’s a crisis. Worse than the financial crisis. What about the reassurances from Gove and Boris that this wouldn’t happen? Where is this bonanza for the NHS?
      Watch the dominoes Anna.
      Cameron, Osborn and Corbyn will both go. The country lurches to the right. Complete chaos.
      This is the beginning of a nightmare. A calamity for our country.
      Yes – no blame – we have to get on with it and do our best to reduce the damage. The end of unity and cooperation – a lurch to isolation and decline.
      A very sad day that the whole country will come to rue.
      I’m completely calm Anna – I am just horrified. It was all clear to me before it happened.
      Scaremongering and lies? – A warning from experts who know what is the likely outcome is not scaremongering Anna.

      1. Opher, as you know I was pro Remain, always supported staying in Europe but two things changed my mind as you know, no point going over that again. When I voted yesterday evening I did not think that we would actually be leaving the EU, I felt the Remain vote was too strong. It was only when you said you were very worried I started to wonder. Then Sunderland Vote came in and the rest is history. There is literally nothing we can do. The Romanian chap who works for my Son was so worried that the UK would pull out, yet business is very good. My Son had a big Contract from the US last night, so he will just have to see how things go. We can’t let the Country be divided, enough damage is done. It’s all a waiting game now.

      2. To me that sounds a little bit like saying that after we’ve hacked through the bottom of the boat we should sit back and wait for things to settle.
        We’ll see if business is good in a month or two.
        I’m utterly devastated. I think this is an unmitigated disaster. We are divided. There is a crisis. It will not solve migration, terrorism or the sovereignty bullshit. Project Fear is fast becoming Project Fact. The kids voted for cooperation and now they are lumbered with isolation and fear. Brexit lied.

  2. YES!
    The USA ALWAYS drop a currency value and if you study the fluctuation of the Euro over the last 5 years in relation to timely Euro events this is evident. If one were not using Euros when doing frequent currency exchanges then most probably one wouldn’t have noticed as we don’t use it here.

    Terrorist bombs!
    I can’t see what this vote has in direct relation to that.
    Not that they need much reason other than hate anyway.

    The break up of the UK has actually been put even further back. Despite Scotland’s landslide result, this doesn’t reflect views on the UK and must be considered as a completely separate issue.
    Sturgeon knows she would lose her shirt (not that I relish such a state) if she were to push for that now. So she won’t.

    Now you’re scaremongering with Greece! Nothing is remotely in comparison to Greece. Unless we have 100,000 till dipping bank, government and council people. The more cash we threw at them, the more they stole. They even had the cheek to complain when the cash stopped coming!
    Just wait until they get the Turks. Good grief, that will be the biggest black hole ever imaginable.

    1. Don’t agree Andrew – the weakening of cooperation will be joy for terrorists. We’ll see.
      The UK will break up. Scotland has a mandate. The whole of Scotland voted remain. If I was a Scot I’d demand referendum. Sturgeon knows she has it in the bag. She will ride the tide and seize her opportunity.
      I’m still scaremongering? Let’s see how many hundreds of billions get wiped off our economy?

      1. What weakening in cooperation? You’re running riot on this and this change makes not the remotest difference to intelligence organisations. For a start, they work independent of home politics and international politics.

        You don’t understand the mentality of the Scots.
        They said their piece 2 years ago and their done with it.
        Even with Salmond/Sturgeon allowing 16 years olds a vote it didn’t work.
        Our views on Europe compared to the UK do not compare.
        The intelligent in business needs/wants England.
        The unemployed useless Chav in a council estate doesn’t and we are not short of such people.
        And we couldn’t give a toss what a 16 year old thinks he thinks. They’re clueless and should never have been given a vote in the first place.
        If you hate obtuse “Nationalism” there’s a good example in Capital letters as that’s exactly what they represent.
        Thankfully the majority are not quite so insular.

        Rural England spoke. These people ARE England.
        I can respect that.

        Lets move forward. Don’t look back. It’s a big world. We are now in a position to recruit NHS staff from Philippines, as in fact Leicestershire NHS were given the job of establishing this factor and were most successful, so that’s already in hand. It’s not that difficult to fill the voids if you know how.

      2. Nonsense.
        Remain has nothing to do with UK.
        She has sfa in any bag.

        Billion wiped off as opposed to given away and lost?
        It’s up to us to get our act together.

      3. Time will tell Andrew.
        My fears are real. What is already happening should make you think a bit more. You get a lot wrong.
        Billions wiped out of Britain? That’s OK is it? Rather than being put into a European project? I think I’d prefer Europe with all the waste than Britain as a reduced, isolated country. Not where I want to be. A big leap back. I’m an optimistic, idealistic outward looking person. I want a better world – not to retreat from it. I want to be out there influencing it for the better – not hiding away.
        The reality of this is a tragic disaster. There’s nothing to celebrate. It has made me exceedingly pessimistic.

      4. Only 62% of those that voted did. There was a much lower turnout as this was the 4th election in 2 years.
        It is not representative of the population views on the UK.
        When will you understand that they are a different entity.
        55% said no. Sturgeon has miles to go here on this.
        The only reason this party exists is for such an action!
        That’s all they do and hate you more than you’ll ever know.
        They hate England with such a vengeance it goes against everything you stand for and here you are lauding their plaudits! She’s fooled you, too, big time!
        Some kind words and a smile like a crack in a pie and you’re head over heels with it! FFS!
        I’m laughing at you.

      5. Don’t for a minute think that I like the SNP. I an all for union not separation. I hate what they stand for and the hatred they generate against the English. So stupid and myopic. Why do you make such assumptions? I don’t make any noises for the SNP – though I greatly prefer the legislation passed in Scotland to the crap we get in London. Education is so much better.
        I think if the referendum had been run again the next day it would be the other way round. She’ll get her referendum in the next two years and be out. I think it’s you who needs to get real.

      1. Not as a leader. Corbyn should go and Osborn. Only Sturgeon comes out with any credibility. She won Scotland for Remain.

  3. Opher, the terrorists are amongst us I have always said that, the Intelligence Services know that. Coming out of Europe has made no difference to them.

    1. Oh yes it has Anna – it will reduce the intelligence coming our way. I know. We’ll see more successful terrorist acts. We are unsafer today.

      1. No it will not and you do not know.
        We have people everywhere, all over the world, all the time 24/7. So do the CIA. I met many and still have a pile of their business cards.
        I have a relative whom has a senior position and monitors lists of people entering/leaving UK and these Police are absolutely independent. He used to run Glasgow Police drugs squad for years. Obviously I can’t give his name out!
        Opher, seriously, it doesn’t work like that and has absolutely nothing to do with Brussels or any Euro political stuff.

      2. I am, sorry to say this, (you will have an answer for it), but what you said is rubbish. The Intelligence Services are quick enough foiling attacks on the Royals alright. So Germany or France are told we are going to be attacked and Merkel turns to Hollande and says “don’t tell the UK they are going to be hit, they left the EU”. I take it your Son and Daughter-in-Law told you that we are no longer safe from attacks. We will be attacked because the ones that are radicalised here and the ones that radicalise them are left to do it, they should be arrested/locked up/ along with family etc but no we are too bloody soft. Before the Vote last night we were not free from terrorists today we are still not free from them. Stop trying to make things look worse, does it give you some kind of pleasure to make things up like this.

      3. Andrew – the cracks are showing. Cooperation is vital for our security. The EU is the cement. There will be a change. You don’t think it will be an improvement do you?
        Time to get real.

      4. Anna – I am not making this up or enjoying any of this desperate situation. You kept on through the whole thing saying we were scaremongering – look at what is happening. I’m not scaremongering – I am putting my genuine concerns.
        It’s not going to work in that manner you suggest. That is absurd. What will happen is that the cooperation will lessen and they will not interact as much. They will no longer have the European forums. It will be slow and result in worse sharing.

      1. Well we disagree. I think it has made us less safe. Time will tell. Crossing fingers never solved anything.

  4. Put it this way Anna. We will no longer be in a position where a lot of people are coming here from Europe and elsewhere in such numbers. This automatically gives us a better chance to weed out at stage 1.
    Our immigration security police already have direct links to airline/ship booking info. They know who is going to be boarding on any plane, anywhere, anytime the minute a booking has been confirmed. This is well established and on the whole well managed.
    Of course, some slip through when bookings are made in one name and changed at the airport to another shortly before take-off. That’s the usual trick they play and that’s flagged up immediately and there’s an entire different unit of security Police who monitor that.
    The numbers of those stopped at entry are on-going but we don’t get these details, nor should we expect to.
    The whole operation is huge, highly organised and the details employed are substantial.
    It’s those that are already here, established, sleeping and waiting that are the biggest threat.
    That’s another security force who monitor that, phones, movement etc.
    We now monitor all on-line chemical sales transactions and even fertiliser sold in garden centres.
    It’s endless.

    1. Do you really believe migration will go down? I don’t.
      The ones here are organised from abroad.
      You are very optimistic. I wish I shared your optimism. I think the lack of cooperation will prove fatal.

      1. The wrong sort of immigration – yes, definitely.
        The ones here are not necessarily always organised from abroad. It’s variable. And abroad doesn’t not necessarily mean just Europe does it?
        There won’t be any change to Euro security policy anyway as that isn’t in anybody’s interests as it works both ways.

      2. Yeah – but we know that is not how it works Andrew. They’ll pull apart.
        You asserted this morning that we were further away from another Scottish referendum.
        I argued about the economy and all the rest. It seems, from what is happening today, that I’m being proved right again and again.

    2. That’s really quite offensive to the majority of Spanish, Polish Portuguese and dare I say Romanians. The French know their terrorist threat is not coming from EU migration but is home grown because of many factors, one being isolation and lack of integration. I feel ashamed that this vote has been so manipulated. A survey shows that UK citizens are the least knowledgeable about how the EU works in Europe.

      1. As far as I’m aware we don’t have any terrorists coming from that list of countries. We’re talking about terrorists not migrant workers! How did you manage to equate to such a conclusion?

      2. Maybe it’s the association being made with immigration and terrorism from one of your previous posts. The one on border controls.

  5. You mean my second guess is wrong, there again I’m not responsible for what other’s do.
    Let’s face it, we were in Europe for – despite refusing to take on it’s currency – 40 years!
    We gave it a good shot. People didn’t like where it was going and taking us up a very dangerous path so far off the original map. The whole thing was getting out of control and no matter how loud we protested it could not be reigned in.
    These Eurocrats could not care less about how well we do out of them, as long as we send money and fulfil our obligations on this.
    How long do you propose we chuck cash into a black hole. And if you think that money gets to the people it’s supposed to you’re living in cloud cuckoo land.
    Brussels is like large scale Feudalism, only we don’t even get to meet the landlord as they’re unaccountable and unelected with 10,000 greedy bastard, selfish-pig, Eurocrats all earning a shed load without a tinker’s cuss what anybody else thinks, wants, gets or doesn’t get.
    It’s a crock of corrupt shit, run by megalomaniacs.
    Don’t be fooled by all the fancy terminology that spews from it’s forums. It’s the biggest scheister con ever invented since Islam in the 7th century.
    They all failed us big time, time and again. We should have been in a whole other league to where we are today. We played housey-housey with a whole host of smiling snakes in the pretence we were doing the right thing, enhancing opportunity, giving a helping hand up, engaging in multi-culturism, diversity etc.
    The Eurozone showed itself up for what it is, a disparate group of different people’s all of whom, each and every one of them was really only concerned for itself.
    Merkel’s actions highlighted that in spades, in true tutonic Germanic fashion of old.
    It will take generations for the mentality of those in the eastern sector to catch up to anywhere near ours and the several other first world Euro nations.
    We thought it might back in 1989/90. Alas, too many are still too backward and treat the whole thing like one big never ending chimpanzee’s tea party.
    In order for it to really work properly, we’d actually have to run these countries for them and that obviously isn’t ever going to happen. The variance and deficit of their aptitude of governments structures and internal politics are unfathomable.
    If you were to research, you will find many examples of the most ludicrous corruption within their midst and even their politicians have punch-ups and rolling around their parliament floors smashing chairs over heads.
    What are we doing here?
    Why did it take us 40 years to say, mmm, maybe not, eh?
    We got smart.
    We’ll get even smarter.

    1. No Country is safe, we have an Islamic Centre here, terrible trouble when it was first proposed, Council in the end dropped it, but it was eventually allowed, still against people’s objections, Odd thing is we don’t have the people for it, now why is that needed? This Town is just the right place if you wanted to radicalize a young lad – high unemployment, lack of money/drunks/druggies, young lads with nothing to do, these are the people that are chosen. This is all pre our Leaving the EU. At any time, in any place terrorists can attack Opher. Remember the terrorists who ran onto beaches firing at people, last year. I can’t remember what Politician it was but whilst he was campaigning a Lady stopped him and said she was voting Leave, when the MP asked why she simply answered “what did all those young men die for in the last War, they forgot them”.

      Have you heard Margaret Hodge and Anne Coffey have put in a Motion of No Confidence, PLP meet Monday to discuss it.

      1. An Islamic Centre does not equate with terrorism But I agree – far too many Muslims. They are not conducive to our culture.
        I don’t share your great fear. I just hate fundamentalism and the indoctrination that Islam specialises in. The terrorists are here. They are organised from abroad.
        I’m not xenophobic. British are a mongrel race. I don’t care what colour. I value our culture and values. Those I would protect.
        I’m not sure what the soldiers died for in a war that was probably illegal. They certainly made us all unsafer. Likewise Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Libya, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. All political decisions of a dubious nature and terrible outcomes.

      2. You just have to be joking, an Islamic Centre does not equate with terrorism? Well google that and you will find out, do you think I said that for the sake of it. The War was the Second World War 1939 to 1945 (neither of us were born) my late Husband was in the RAF/Burma and your Father I believe was in the Middle East, not an illegal War as you say. The woman to the MP was referring to the fact the men that died gave their lives for Freedom and now we (until last night) were obeying Europe. I give up!

      3. An Islamic Centre is not a terrorist training ground, Anna – that is Islamophobic. It needs monitoring but most Muslims are moderate. You and I might not like their religion but that is different.
        The second world war was many wars ago. It was a war against fascism. My Dad was in Italy. The European project was set up after that war to ensure peace. It has done that for the greatest length of time in European history. Churchill was its guiding force. We were not obeying Europe – we were in partnership with Europe and a leading role. 93% of our laws are make in Westminster. Only 7% originate in Europe and we played a big part in shaping them. Things like the Human Rights legislation were British. Freedom? We are now going to have our rights curtailed as a result of this. I don’t care where a law comes from. I only care if it is the right law.

      4. No.1 Don’t you dare call me islamophobic – you know how some of these centres are used.
        No2 You object to God and Catholicism, I have to read about your hatred for it, yes hatred.
        No3 Did I say we were obeying Europe, read what I put please, you got it wrong
        No4 Freedom – read what I put, I quoted what that Lady said to her MP
        No5 Italy, apologies
        no6 I don’t need a history lesson thank you

      5. No Anna – I do not believe all Islamic Centres are training grounds for terrorists. I have no doubt that ‘some’ have been used that way. But nowhere near all.
        I do feel strongly about religion – but not hatred. I want to see all that superstitious nonsense back in medieval history. But I don’t hate Catholics or believers in any religion. I detest dogma and indoctrination.
        Can’t find the post in amongst all this. But that is what I thought you said. If not then I apologise.
        No history lesson – just putting my views. That’s what the blogs about.

    2. Here’s one example of how badly Europe is run.
      The roads in the city of Athens are shot to bits and in a dreadful state. Countless millions of money went missing for this project.
      If it rained small children could drown in some of these holes as they are only filled with sand.
      Therefore, Germany took it upon themselves to go there, taking it’s own management and labour force and completely rebuild the motorway between Athens airport and the city. The road is as smooth as ice. Why did they do this? For the benefit, firstly, for their very own people as many Germans fly into Greece on holiday.

      1. Maybe they’ll put a big motorway into Britain to enjoy cheap British holidays. We can offer them pageant and wheel out the Queen. They’ll love it.

    3. No the EU has been important in peace and prosperity. You exaggerate about the negatives. The positives far outweigh the negatives. We’ll learn that lesson in the ensuing years.
      I stand for optimism, unity, equality and prosperity. Looking forward it has to be greater integration and cooperation. This is a big step back. We’ve handed our country to the small-minded Tories – but you think they’re doing a great job. We’ll see. You’ve been wrong a lot.

      1. Who are you talking to Andrew or me. Optimism, right so before I was talking rubbish about terrorists living amongst us, now we have left Europe they are here, what they caught a plane or fast train. Sometimes Opher, you really….least said.

      2. Anna – I have never said the terrorists are not here. They are being picked up all the time. I said that not all Muslims are terrorists – most are pleasant, tolerant people just like you and me. Don’t twist. Of course they are here. All our incidents have been home-grown.

      3. Opher, name me one week since 2014, where either Salmond or Sturgeon have not talked of another referendum.
        For a start she can’t do one straight away as it doesn’t work that simply. Secondly, she has to draw up all the legislation requirements as contained within Article #30 of all the rules and regulations for Hollyrood Parliament. Then she has to get that passed as a motion in Parliament. Then she has to go through Westminster and get their veto. And that could not possibly take place pre-October.
        So, therefore, by sheer virtue that is some time away, by about 18 months.
        Now given that a 2nd shot of a referendum was ALWAYS on the SNP agenda, what’s the difference?
        And that was the only thing that she could have talked about today.
        So I’d say that you have “proved” sfa! Again!
        Please, Opher, do yourself a big favour and refrain from trying to tell me anything of Scottish politics. We have 3 evening programmes of it on 3 channels, 5 nights a week that aren’t even broadcast in England, unless you watch via internet. I’ll get my political editor friend (we go to Dylan concerts in Glasgow together for years) from the Glasgow Herald to phone you and put you right once and for all.

        I not exaggerating anything – they exist. Check it out yourself.
        It’s all there for you to find. Nothing I said is fabricated whatsoever.

        You have forgotten that the minute that the power of Communism left the Balkans, the place exploded into full scale war! Europe was completely unable to stop that happening. You have forgotten that one non-Islamic country was forced to become such and allowed to come into the EU fold on the pretext of “peace” regardless of the tyranny of its peoples. If you call that “peace”, they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. You don’t half talk some woffle, eh?

        What I said was that the Chancellor hasn’t lost any money for the UK and our bank balance has grown into a much healthier state. But again and again, you surmise this as “support” for the Tories. FFS grow up, man! It’s a FACT.
        And had the Green Party done such, I’d say the very same thing. Your RED Labour indoctrinated eyes are killing your vision. It’s not new spex that you need but a new perspective!
        It’s not unusual for successful investments to reap healthy returns. That’s why we have a stock exchange. If our own people in the know are prepared to put their own money where their mouth is and hit pay dirt, good luck to them.
        Be it tax breaks – which are available through having big business investments to counter risk factors. It’s a draw clause to encourage such and minimise loss if such were to occur. They ain’t playing bingo here!
        Please study up here before utterance. It’s embarrassing.

        You say “you’ve been wrong a lot”!
        1) I wasn’t wrong with this referendum!
        Was I?
        Meanwhile, your trousers sit around your ankles.

        What else do you want to accuse me of being wrong about?
        You could not prove anything because nothing has happened yet has it? The vote only came in 8 hours ago and you’re already on chapter 19 of the Doomsday Book, talking utter bollocks about bollocks, running into complete hysterics on every jot and nuance of utterance emitting from your TV screen.
        I don’t know how you get through any given day. It must be terrifying for you!

      4. Andrew you clearly said that this result made a Scottish referendum less likely. I reckon it is now a done deal. It is just what she wanted – a strong Scottish in and an English out. It’s fallen in her lap. You were wrong – it is much more likely – and more likely that she’ll get it this time. Perhaps you need more objectivity?
        I didn’t say you fabricated your facts – I said you selected them. That’s what every spin doctor does – they sort the ‘facts’ to fit their argument. In my opinion you’re wrong on most of what you so vehemently spout. Your prejudice makes you gather the ‘facts’ that suit. But that is not the full picture; it is a perspective. You know lots of facts but your bias shines through them all.
        Osborn has consistently stolen from the public sector and poor to fill the hole created by the global financial crash (not caused by Labour – another boring mantra). He even had the audacity to give tax cuts to the very people who created the crisis. We all suffer the austerity created by his pals – the bankers. Instead of looking for growth he went for dogma. A bastard in my book. You can idolise him if you like. He balanced the books in the same way that the Sheriff of Nottingham did. The Tories have been extremely nasty and are about to get a lot nastier. The embarrassment is all yours. The blinkered support for political dogma that penalises most of the population and supports a minority is likewise yours. I don’t mind the abuse but please….. I not a fool.
        No you were right about the referendum. Fear and hatred won. My trousers are firmly round my ankles and I’m shitting myself.
        Check off the tick list. You didn’t notice the pound or financial markets? Or is 10% and 5% of no consequence? Hopefully they’ll pick up. If they don’t we’re in deep shit.
        Watch the dominoes. If everything is hunky dory in a couple of years I’ll apologise and admit I got it wrong. Will you ever do the same? According to you you’ve never been wrong on anything.

  6. To me we would have had a better democracy if there had been more understanding of the referendum Nick Clegg held. Well, I think there might have been a coalition and not a vote to divide Britain. For me it has been a referendum held by hollow men and shallow politics. As ever ordinary folk will finally be taking the hit while believing all this will make Britain better. Many folk have invested their lives in being part of the EU. Am not so bothered about the big corporations but if they leave there will be less investment. The fight for how we have a more peace loving, economically and environmentally sustainable society will have to go on. For me, just as the EU was finally getting its wings on that one!

    1. I agree with you Georgina. We’ll have to try to continue that cooperation and unity. It will just be a lot harder. It’s the poorest who will once again take the biggest hit. Life goes on.

      1. Well Clegg is infinitely better than the obnoxious politics of snide Gove and bumbling Boris. I’d prefer him every day.

    1. I don’t change my views Anna. I am consistent. I am against hatred and intolerance and for an outward looking cooperation. I like Corbyn but his performance was poor. In politics if you stand for something and fail you resign – a la Milliband and Clegg and now Cameron. This is far, far bigger than any general election. I am afraid he has to go. That doesn’t alter what I think of him and his views. I agree with him. But he failed miserably. The Labour heartlands left in droves. He should have put a passionate, positive message out there. He should have explained why it was in their interests to stay. He allowed Brexit to set the agenda and work their spin of fear. He didn’t counter it. He has allowed a rabid right-wing government in and the break-up of the UK. He has to go.

      1. I haven’t a clue where this fits in with the jumbled trail that wordpress produces. It’s hard to follow. But for some reason this ended up isolated in my spam box. I’ve dug it out and will see where it ends up.

      2. Right – I have found it. What am I talking about? Well I thought I’d made that clear. Corbyn is great but his performance was abysmal. He can’t handle the media. He was so luke-warm he did not put the case for staying. He lost and he has to go. That doesn’t affect what I think of the man or his policies. He has merely proved himself ineffective. In politics if you lose you go.
        Corbyn’s inability to get the message across has allowed a right-wing government and the probable ruin of the UK. That’s my view. He has to go.

  7. Was. Clegg’s past tense history and made an impression on nothing and nobody.
    The only thing he was in charge of was walking his pet dog.
    Gove has actually got a pretty smart handle on stuff. Intelligent guy. I don’t know him from Adam as he’s only really just recently popped up to my attention and I knew nothing of him before this recent stuff. Seems to me on face value that he knows what he’s talking about. We’ll see, but I’m not going to right him off like that, immediately.
    Boris has a personality, a sense of humour, and people like him for that. He has human attributes so much lacking in Clegg and Corbyn – who really reminds me of a geography teacher I once had. Stiflingly dull fellow who couldn’t inspire me to get out of bed never mind get into the subject.

    We need politics with people able to openly engage with their public. We’re tired with the same old types manipulated by spin doctors.
    Boris doesn’t need spin doctors – he tells it how he sees it, warts ‘n all.
    How refreshing.
    If he was Labour, you’d be over the moon.
    If he just wasn’t a Tory, you’d be over the moon.
    You already know he did a great job in London, which in itself has got to be great training ground for any potential future PM. I can’t think of a more qualified candidate and neither could you, if you told the truth.

    1. Clegg at least moderated the Tory ravages. That’s some achievement. They made the big mistake of going in with them in the first place. People didn’t forgive him.
      Gove is very bright. He is the geekie swot who knows nothing of life and has the stupid streak of wanting to force everyone to drink up his vomit. I suffered his insane stupidity in education. He’s set us back a generation or three. The fruits are yet to materialise. You can be both incredibly intelligent and extremely foolish. You seem attracted to them Andrew – Enoch was like that. An extremely dangerous combination. Gove is an extremely unpleasant and flawed individual of the worst kind – beamed in from the fascist mother-ship.
      Boris is a populist twat. He plays the buffoon but is quite cynical. Coco the clown would be far less dangerous. He was great in London? What did he do? Get stuck on a wire? Bring in a lot of busses which have all got to be redesigned at huge expense? I’m obviously not as easily taken in as you. Even if he was Labour he’d be a twat. I don’t think the guy said a sensible thing in the whole debate. He was ripped to pieces by Andrew Marr. You choose strange idols.
      I can think of a number of far better candidates – in fact nearly everyone is a better candidate. The thought of Boris and Trump conjures up a nightmare for me – probably gives you wet dreams.
      We don’t need politicians that use their buffoonery to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Politics isn’t showbiz – or is it?

      1. There was no option with Clegg. It was a hung parliament. Remember????

        Gove knows nothing of life! Are you bloody kidding me?
        His old man was a fisherman running a trawler out from Aberdeen FFS! He was subjected to crazy fishing tariffs that really affected his business and family.
        He couldn’t be more working class if he tried. Gove just happened to get an education.
        Why don’t you know this?
        Gawd you do talk utter balls.

        Opher, go read Powell’s speeches NOW. You silly old fool.
        They speak for themselves.

        Look at all your fantasist conjecture here. Are you for real?

        He deserved to be pulled up by Marr. He had the wrong figure total on his tour bus. A figure that you also got wrong as you stated £350 million too, and a figure that I had to tell you what it really was, £164 mil. That’s what Marr does to people. That’s why Marr also presents/interviews for BBC”s Hard Talk programme. He does it to every politician from anywhere. Boris wasn’t a special case. You didn’t think he was did you? Pay attention there!
        Where have you been hiding?

      2. I know exactly where Gove came from. The only thing going for him is that he isn’t part of the Bullingdon crew. He still knows nothing of life, though regardless of his background. No cheap shots please. He’s the epitome of the closeted bright kid. There was one just like him in my year at school – bright but stupid. A school swot alienated and bullied, highly flawed and unpleasant. Full of misguided dogma.
        I heard Enoch for real – a totally misguided racist. We’ve been through that. You are trying to apply his rhetoric on Jamaicans – which never happened – to your self-confessed hatred of Muslims. Doesn’t equate.
        Boris was not only pulled apart by Marr – he was exposed as a bumbling fool.
        I’ve not been hiding. I’ve been all over the country and abroad. Where have you been?

  8. Yes I did clearly say it made another Scottish referendum less likely, as in the very near future.
    It’s way, way off. Understand that.
    You persistently completely fail to see the difference between the UK and Europe.
    She doesn’t run that parliament.
    She also is up against the formidable Ruth Davidson who gets stronger all the time and many people very much like her. Sturgeon had never planned for her being where she is today 2 years ago. Sturgeon never planned to lose seats to her on the last general election.
    Sturgeon lost a great deal of face with a £12b deficit in budget policy. This vote wasn’t about these issues.
    Don’t count her chickens just yet as she ain’t even laid any eggs.

    She will pick her moment to propose it. That’s their only agenda. That’s the only reason why these bigoted people like her exist. But she can’t do that soon as that would be the 5th time voters are called up in 2 years, so that is out of the question. She’d get laughed out of parliament for even trying.
    Another referendum will eventually happen but there’s absolutely no certainty of the result.
    Considering how absolutely certain they had been last time. They’d dome everything but open the bottles of champers.

    The pound sunk for about 20 minutes. It’s already recovering. The CEO of the Bank of England spoke. There’s no shortage of money. The economy will continue.
    What you’ve just encountered is what the Euro has been doing for 5 years. Only as I said before, because it never affected you, you never noticed. That’s what all these Europeans have to put up with when coming here all these years – a poor exchange for their Euros for our pounds.
    Didn’t hear you complaining about that then did I?
    That’s actually quite a selfish attitude from you isn’t it. Kind of “I’m alright Jack” mentality.
    Not good, not fair, not considerate of others.

    Yes I was right about the referendum. I think I could understand what people really want.
    Were I a young guy I wouldn’t give a shit, life goes on and life’s what you make it for yourself.

    I’m never wrong with the big picture, you know this already. I don’t use emotion.

    According to the TV most southern European countries are pretty much done with the EU, too. They will probably follow us on which kind of negates any sense of being maverick here.

    Even Trump says it makes not any difference to US trade.

    1. Ruth is formidable but hardly a full-blooded Tory come-back – more a one off. I don’t think the SNP are too worried.
      Time will tell if you or I is right. I’ll put my money on a referendum before we go out.
      Yep the pound sank to levels that were twice below that of Black Friday. It’s come back a bit. We’ll see how much we’ll lose in the weeks to come. I bet it won’t recover to where it was. The loss is greater than our contribution to Europe. Surprise surprise.
      No. No shortage of money – we’ll just pour it in willy-nilly to the bankers again – ad infinitum. Great! I love it. What a great thing to do with all our money.
      What I’m selfish because of the previous exchange rate? Really?
      I’ve always found you wanting when it comes to the big picture. You’re good on isolated details.
      Yes we might precipitate a further burst of nationalistic fervour and disruption. We could even lose Europe. A disaster and set-back to the development of civilisation. A slide back to squabbling little countries, isolationism and war. A great outcome.
      And Trump has a great handle on foreign policy.

      1. Are you paying attention to anything?
        Forget your conjecture on Hollyrood. You ain’t got a clue.
        You’re betting on nothing that wasn’t going to happen in about 2 years anyway.
        She has to wait a period time.
        10 years ago SNP got 20% of the vote.
        20 years ago it was 10%
        30 years ago it was 5%
        40 years ago it was 2%
        It’s been a very slow build process.
        And it doesn’t need a genius like you to tell us that maybe one day they just might get there. LOL.
        2 years ago they were 11% short of a majority.
        What we don’t know yet is if she will be allowed to involve 16 year olds again. A lot of people were very unhappy with that.
        That could be against her.
        Meanwhile we have the growth of support for Davidson.
        She could do a hell of a lot of damage in 18 months – 2 years.

        Well you don’t appear to have given a toss for all those in Europe battling with Euro exchange rates against the pound for all those years. Either you weren’t involved or ever exchanged any amount of money where it made much difference to you. I guess the latter if any because you by admission are a budget kind of guy.
        But when you lose 20% of E60K you’d know all about it and some more.
        You really don’t understand that Euro do you?
        So typically English, as long as Sterling is doing alright be damned with the rest of them.
        I’m amazed we managed to get quite so many tourists to come here as they were getting shafted on constantly fluctuating lousy exchange rates.

        You don’t know Trump’s foreign policy. He hasn’t put it out yet.
        He does love Scotland though. Big supporter.
        Maybe we could just say fuck off Inglanistan and let Trump fill our coffers.

      2. I suggest you listen to what she just said. She is riding a wave and on the warpath. And you accuse me of not having a clue? A joke.
        She has to go in the next two years to keep Scotland in. I guess it will depend on Europe. They might not want Scotland. That’s the only obstacle I see. The Scots will almost certainly vote for separation if asked. You may live in Scotland but you’re in a bubble.

  9. I hate Surgeon with every once of me. So do a lot of us.
    But you seen to persist with her mention at every single given opportunity.
    Can’t see why
    Maybe because she’s a 2nd class Labourite and should really be running Labour.
    Take her, you’re welcome to her.

      1. Listen good.. I worked the world for 18 fucking years with thousands of coloured people while you languished static in a classroom.
        I was fucking married to a person of colour.
        And if you so much suggest one more fucking time that I harbour any kind of racist anti-colour anything, I will jump in my car, drive down to Hull and ******* ********* *** to the extent that you would wish that you were never born.
        Do not ever, ever utter such balls in my direction ever again.

      2. Charming. You sound like the McDoud’s. Is that just thuggish attitude?
        Your ignorance is astounding. I languished in a classroom while you did real stuff. You wouldn’t last a minute in front of kids. They’d marmalise you. They hate arrogance. Teaching is in a different league to what you’ve done. You should try it sometime you’d soon change your tune.
        Now I haven’t a clue as to what you were responding to. I don’t recall anything I said about colour. The only recall I have is of your support of the racist Enoch Powell and his contemptuous attitude towards black people. Then there is your Islamophobia but Muslims can be of any colour. So I don’t know which bit you’ve twisted. But threats don’t make you any more plausible or pleasant. I’ve had the abuse, the personal shit and slurs, now we’re heading to personal threats. Have you been drinking?

      3. Now then Andrew I have been through and through and found nothing. The only thing I can think is that you have taken exception to the above statement which you have totally and incomprehensibly misunderstood. I did not in any way suggest you had a hatred to coloured people. I said you allowed your hatred to colour your thinking. Read it again. Your loathing of Muslims is what dictates many of your selections of anecdotes and facts. Your hatred of Labour and public servants. It clouds your judgement. The sentence is quite easy to understand. You have seriously misunderstood it big time.
        I don’t expect an apology for your violent outburst – not your style.

  10. Self-confessed hatred of Islam. If you’re going to say something say it correctly.
    I have the same hatred of it as you do.
    You need to read Powell’s speeches again today and you will understand them a lot better than when you did as a spotty kid.

    I don’t feel particularly inclined to drive about on motorways. Neither do I need to.
    It’s still far too early for my holiday time when I like to go somewhere. I also much prefer to fly somewhere.
    I’ll be going to Germany then on to Italy 1 or 2 days after I go see The Who here end July.
    I can do what I like when I like. I might well go on to Cyprus if I feel like it.
    I have friends all over the world, but just can’t be arsed getting on the plane to go as it’s long flights. One call and I’d get the keys for a friends holiday house in Bali. I first went in `93 and go sort of every 5 years.
    I’m never stuck for a venue. Never.

    I really don’t know what your “where have you been comment” amounts to.

  11. Btw A whole delegation of Scottish Business and MP’s went to a trade convention in Chicago, off their own backs in October 2014 and came back with a load of signed deals and future interest.
    Scotland doesn’t really need England for anything anymore.
    Maybe it is best they go their own way.

    1. No – I detest all religion but I don’t hate and fear Muslims like you do. I hate fundamentalism and terrorists – big difference – not where you’re coming from at all. My Muslim friends are not extreme terrorists – they may be daft and following some outdated, medieval superstition, like other religions, but that’s up to them.
      I don’t need to read Powell again. I had enough of his misguided hatred back in the sixties. His view of black people was odious. You’ll be championing Moseley next.

      1. I never said it won’t happen and I keep telling you it’s all she ever talks about.
        It’s a question of when. And not this year and perhaps not even next year either.

      2. Aah I detect a U-turn. I said within the timescale of us pulling out – just over two years. You pooh poohed it. We’ll see who is right. Last thing in the world I want.

  12. You’ve lost me on Davidson and the vote that isn’t even a vote yet and just a hope.
    If Scotland was quite so full on for reparation they’d have done it 2014.

    1. I think the mood has changed. The day after a lot regretted their vote. But we’ll see. I think they’ll vote out. And I think they’ll get the chance to vote. We’ll see who has their finger on the Scottish pulse.

      1. What would you know of any mood in Hull?
        Are you trying to tell me that you have a better idea than I might of people living where I live.
        Earlier tonight there were 7 people here. 5 will be able to vote whenever that happens.
        Not one of us will be changing their mind from the vote made 2 years ago.
        So there’s your starter for 10.

      2. Well I hope you’re right. The break-up of the UK is not something I’d like. But a little anecdotal sample of 7 is hardly large enough to tell us anything. You live in one metropolitan area. Perhaps the mood across the whole country is not in line with yours? Woods and trees comes to mind.

  13. You colour comment is 2 above your reply. Quite how you don’t know only you know.
    But don’t ever, ever spout such utter shite again, OK?

    Whilst you taught children, I taught adults. Foreign adults where their first language was not English. Taught to a standard where they needn’t just pass but master the job.
    So I’d wipe that smile of your face with your closeted and repetitive curriculum of whatever ultimately useless crap you people waste time with.
    No wonder we’ve got so many socially dysfunctional young people out there with almost no social skills or enough ability to be forthright enough to express themselves confidently.
    Why you people didn’t spend time on training them with interview skills, I’ll never know.
    There’s a whole generation of social vegetables out there today. So many can barely string a sentence together without “like”, “you know”, “yeah right” etc thrown in for added effect of verbal genuflection. It makes my stomach churn just listening to it.
    Why didn’t you people eradicate that crap?
    Why didn’t you give them elocution lessons to give them the best chances later in the work places?
    If the Chinese can do that, why can’t your people?
    Only a school teacher would think kids are leaving school ready for life.
    How wrong could these people get?

    1. Yeah I taught adults too – teaching training, adult education at a number of levels – money for old rope.
      Teaching kids (between the ages of 11 and 18) is quite a different ball-game. Teaching them useless repetitive crap is what Gove is trying to reduce us to. But I never fell into that trap. Education is not about feeding facts in; it is about expanding minds and getting them to think. But your experience in that area is so incredible limited and your narrow view of what goes on in education so set and thoroughly ill-informed that you continually spout your complete bullshit. It merely demonstrates the depth of your ignorance, arrogance and lack of ability to comprehend. Once again your limited experience of a bunch of semi-educated individuals going into the hotel business is trotted forth as an indictment of education. They might be the case with many schools but certainly was not th case with my school or any of my students. I did all the things you say we don’t do and a lot more besides. You are so totally out of touch it is laughable.
      This very morning I had the parents of one of my students (who is now 57) come round to bring me a copy of a book my ex-student has just published. He is a leading figure internationally in the field of pigs and has a world-wide practice covering Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. A very prestigious role. He wrote a dedication in the front of his book – ‘Chris Goodwin – Biology Teacher and Head Master of Beverley Grammar School who encouraged a lifelong interest in biology and taught me not to believe everything I read.’ I taught him forty years ago. The impact of a teacher is far reaching and transformational. You do an injustice to the brilliant dedicated teachers who work their socks off despite the best efforts of fucking Gove to clip their wings. But once again you feel that running a fucking hotel is somehow more real and important – the real world. A joke. I’ve done a whole string of jobs in the ‘real world’ and there is nothing more real about any of them. Running a school with a thousand people under you and a multimillion pound budget is as real as anything you’ve done. But despite repeating that a number of times you can’t seem to get that into your head.
      Kids at sixteen or even eighteen, or even twenty one, have their own agendas, priorities and ideas. The brain doesn’t finish wiring up until twenty five years old. You might not have been a mess at sixteen but most kids are. They are boiling with hormones with brains melting down and many of them are only interested in sex, alcohol/drugs and partying. Respect and status is everything and for most education comes a long way down their list of priorities. I bet you were scintillating at sixteen. At sixteen the vast majority are unable to see past next week let alone plan for a career. But my colleagues worked wonders with classes of thirty such kids and got them enthused, turned on and thinking. You cannot even get close to comprehending how difficult that is. It is the most important job in the whole world and one of the hardest.

      1. I’ve already told you that I attended school to the minimum without being expelled. I was way into another zone. I hated 50% every useless second of it and them standing in front of me. They made sfa difference to what I had planned.
        Do you think being 16 just a few years ago was any different to being 16 when I was 16? Get real.
        Do you think that my school peers were any less intelligent than those that darkened your classroom doorway?
        One of my best school friends is a professor of physics working for NASA, earning astronomical money.
        One is an architect and employs 28 other architects.
        Another a self-made multi-millionaire in retail.
        Another runs a pub.
        Another in a gym instructer in a secondary school.
        Another has had so many bum jobs that he’s ended up in a call centre for an electricity company.

        And you just said it yourself – semi-educated people in young adulthood are extremely difficult to modify.
        It’s a bit like the army, you have to redesign how they think, teach them to think, teach them to think for others, teach them to think as a cohesive whole entity under real life conditions.
        And don’t think for a second that they are all semi-educated as many come from further education with all sorts of skills, too.
        Whereas you’re standing there with a dissected pregnant rat or analysing chapters from a book that somebody else had written. Words that aren’t even of your own making.
        You have not a clue what it takes.

        You talk in terms as if you were running Eton or Gordonstoun,
        when in fact what was it really? It just a shitty looking functional institutional facility.

        The next time that you are in London, walk into the Lanesborough, Savoy, Ritz, or Browns etc., sit down and watch and think seriously what it must take to get to where they are.
        I worked the top end of my industry. In many cases I started with a blank piece of paper and started from there.
        I some cases I was looking at a huge whole in the ground that had to be built and absolutely functioning to top industry level. I would be involved with internal redesign modifications as architects quite often don’t understand the scales of traffic flow, storage concerns, equipment, space requirements.
        Architectural redrafts were made, ideas flowed into fruition, visions realised and the details involved were immense.
        Even the number of centimetres square space allocation to every seat in a restaurant.
        Thereafter, we constantly worked on concepts of operations as it was ever evolving as were the operational manuals for every single detail.
        We ran food science laboratory teams working on new concepts. We worked with architects and designers on our next round of concepts.
        There was big money involved.
        All this was on top of normal daily operations.
        These buildings had to be maintained in tip-top condition and grounds perfectly manicured. Cleaning was on level par to nothing else except a hospital wing specialising in contagious diseases. The regime implemented with such details would blow your operation into smithereens.
        Schools are filthy places with no regard expressed towards doing such a menial task to the best possible standards.
        In fact, such would be bottom of your budget expenditure list, wouldn’t it!

        Has it never occurred to you why such establishments are indeed the centre points of social and business activity of the upper echelons of society?

        Judging by your insane vitriol you have not once in your life ever crossed the threshold of such an establishment. Perhaps your inherent working class attitudes prevent such an enlightening experience. That is very sad and very much your loss.
        You are such a blinkered, budget driven individual of acute mediocrity that so evidently lacks any worldly knowledge of enterprises of such quality.
        You state above that you were in charge of 1,000 people.
        I think it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of these children sat in class and behaved themselves. You were not by any stretch of the imagination running a prison.
        All you had to look after in terms of construct and fabric were minimum standard and extremely basic. Ceiling Fluorescent tube lighting prevails!
        Grey self-standing filing cabinets as decorative entities within your administration quarters perhaps adorned with a potted plant. Nice! How inspiring!
        You also state that you were in charge of a multi-million pound budget. Yet, within a fairly recent post that you had written, you state that figure to be £4m.
        I’m afraid to have to tell you that £4m represents nothing of the kind of “multi-million” anything.
        In fact, I reckon that £4m, would buy me my back of house staff facilities requirements and at best a few extra training rooms thrown in for good measure.

        I also most probably made around 2.5 times your top final gross salary. I could buy and sell you.

  14. You have decided to use as contrived ammunition to back your written failures with conjecture aimed exactly towards me that I hate Muslims.
    I hate the religion of Islam and all that this entails. That is it and absolutely nothing more than that.
    So do you and in fact you have expressed this fact loud and clear on more occasions than I have had hot dinners.
    But your recent choice of taste of expressionism contained within such vitriol towards me on this matter is questionable, unwarranted and very dangerous for you.

    I have also explained to you numerous times now why SNP are not in an immediate position to enforce a 2nd referendum.
    Therefore, you detect fuck all U-turn of any such nature.
    Your imagination and lack of understanding of the due process entailed is against your better judgement.

    You will never match wits with me. Your powers of memory are against you.

    You’re an over the hill has-been, living in a clouded mist of his own past glories.
    You are simply that of a 20th century walking dead socialist corpse.
    You are suffering badly from the shock of the actions of your very own like-minded socialists that have proved themselves to represent the majority. They let you down. Shout at them. Call them “Muslim haters” and see what their reaction towards you will be.
    You must really hate democracy.
    You would make for a much better Communist.

  15. You wouldn’t know very much of the work place.
    As described by yourself, you have held the following positions.
    1) Dish washer.
    2) Biology research student, standing squeezing pipets.
    3) Teaching in a school.

    1. Warehouseman
      Lyons bakery
      Factory – Marconi loudspeaker production
      Sewage worker
      Steel foundry
      Laboratory technician
      Animal House technician
      Adult educator
      Head Teacher
      Youth Leader
      Science textbook writer

      1. Such remarkable aspirations for yourself in your younger days.
        I can’t imagine what inspired you?
        Dostoevsky or Arthur Rimbaud perhaps? LOL.

        Science that I very much doubt contained any of your own discoveries. If so, why aren’t you listed?
        Where’s your Nobel Prize.

        Anybody can rehash others works into a new compendium.
        Our bookshops shelves are stuffed with them.

      2. Roy Harper and Jack Kerouac.
        My research was on the Eutrophication of lakes. I was the third world expert on chironomid midge larvae. Can’t remember getting the Nobel prize. Thought you’d got all them.
        I’m sure anyone can. So what?

  16. No I am not in a mood. But simply returning the fucking out of order verbal snash that I received from you, yesterday.
    If you want to match wits with me on such a level then I’m your man and I will run you stop-dead into the ground to such an extent that you will wish you had never even thought of doing so, never mind actually doing it.
    You started it and I will finish it.
    You really are a smug Mr Middle England arrogant arsehole at times.
    Some might say, a Communist donkey.

    1. It surprises me not of your liking of Communist ideology.
      Yes, isn’t it fair that the pot washer gets paid the same as the scientist?
      Try that in Opher’s World and see how well you’d be able to swallow it.

      What a backward specimen you portray yourself to be at times.
      All mouth and no trousers.

      1. Not – not paid the same. I don’t think I’ve ever suggested that. I like the idea of equality, fairness and justice – so all of equal worth as people and a reasonable pay differential that is not so unfair. Shouldn’t be beyond the intelligence of man.

    2. Oh I see. Somehow in your mind I started the abuse. OK – suit yourself. You have a tendency to go off on one. Finish all you like. I won’t come down to your level.

  17. Some men are more intelligent than some other men.
    Perhaps that in itself builds an instant barrier towards any such philosophical-political concept.

      1. A stoner laugh?

        Judging from your own admissions, you probably didn’t indulge any less than I did. Or were you bragging and exaggerating? Trying to be seen as the cool hipster of old?

  18. I thought you said that you were some kind of scientist?
    Perhaps mucking about in a lab squeezing pipets of midge larvae into trays falls somewhat short of possession of any knowledge of COPD.
    It’s also very evident that you were unable to discover how to eradicate the pesky midge.
    Shame that, as so many of us would have been ever so grateful had you done so.
    Back to reality…
    COPD can occur out of the blue with adults around the 50 mark and not by any stretch did they need to have been smokers. Many suffer from COPD and had never smoked.
    Whilst smoking is a factor, it is believed that there is a strong genetic element involved, too.
    I had 2 grandfathers with bronchial problems yet not with my parents or grandmothers.
    COPD is a common complaint in the west of Scotland.
    At least this was what the specialist that I see now and again had to say about it.

    If you want to snigger in such an ignorant and juvenile manner at somebody with such a life threatening disease, it only shows you up to be exactly the type of full blown narcissist that I had previously said that you were and all anybody can assume is that you are indeed quite the total arsehole.
    A trolling arsehole who would argue with his own shadow and reflection in an empty elevator.

    1. No Andrew I certainly am not sniggering at your misfortune. I don’t wish you any harm, discomfort or illness. COPD is a very unpleasant illness and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone or delight in their suffering. It was by your own admission that you claimed it was the result of caning too much dope. That probably didn’t help.
      BTW – removing midge larvae might please lots of people but would be a bad thing for the food web. My research was nothing to do with eradicating midges.
      So is this arsehole trolling his own blog? Or are we still in the humour mode and not to be taken literally?

  19. Read your own words.
    Firstly, you laughed at me for smoking dope, despite claims that you also had done so and then went one step further to mock me for slowly dying from such an action.
    It’s in B&W.
    Whatever turns you on…

    1. I’ve read them again Andrew. I certainly didn’t laugh at you for smoking dope. I laughed at what you have previously said which I found farcical and suggested that you had been smoking too much dope.
      I would never, and did not, mock you for dying from COPD.
      You are reading things wrong again.

      1. So you don’t agree that some men are more intelligent than other men and just might develop concepts that could bring the lesser intelligent under their control?

        What does “at least I haven’t done my lungs in” mean to you?
        Is this an example of Opher’s World of humour? LOL

        Had you said “at least I didn’t hit my thumb instead of the nail”, then perhaps that could be considered humorous.
        The connotations of the lungs comment could be construed as beyond the pale and I am reading nothing wrong again.
        You knew exactly how deep you wanted to wound me with such a gross personal comment.
        But I’ll survive that one, no worries and I ain’t dead yet.

        Your “wee man syndrome” anger issues kicked into top gear and you temporarily lost control of your logical powers of reasoning and emotions.
        Your own psychology book might tell you that.

      2. I’m sure some men do. Most dictators and capitalists work on that principle.

        ‘At least I haven’t done my lungs in’ means what it says. I have always been aware of the health effects of anything I do and avoid the things that cause most damage. People who have been more careless should maybe have taken more care and responsibility for their health. There are repercussions for actions – same as with elections. You have admitted yourself that your wounds were self-inflicted – as an intelligent man you should probably have known better. I’m sorry if that sounds callous. In the context of the unpleasant personal abuse you’ve been giving out – including physical threats – it was par for the course. If you go giving it out then be prepared to take some. Mild compared to your tirades of late. I’m a arsehole has-been with juvenile thinking after all. You are exceptionally thin skinned when the slightest thing comes back in your direction. But I’ve got a wee man syndrome what’s your excuse?

  20. You didn’t see any “physical threat” as all you saw was “stars”. Right? I ain’t that stupid!
    You simply can’t admit to your actions. A simple apology would have gone a long way. But it’s beyond you. I ain’t no woosy soft touch who cries about anything – far from it – but really?
    I’m well aware of actions = symptoms, but I wasn’t by any stretch sitting in a smoky airless haze for years on end. Or sparking up first thing of a morning (never) and really wouldn’t fair too well on any given day at work under such conditions, not with the extreme straights that surrounded me or those HQ knobs that I reported too. These guys talked in rapid style. 20 questions a minute on the phone or email or memorandums that I’d almost need a QC to translate! With “return asap” stamped on them.
    I was known to sneak off for a quiet one, always remembering to take my jacket off, then wash my face, spray a scented smelly all over my hair and me and a minty mouth something. That grass stench sticks like glue. I had blue-ish tinted spex as a cover for blotchy red eye problems.
    I did once sneak off up the roof for a lunchtime doobie and the fire alarm went off just as I’d finished it (not due to me) and what a mistake. Never again. It was strong mega-grass and I was completely out of it!
    The sweat was dripping off me and I staggering about like a “weeballs wobble” almost falling over.

    Days off and holidays, yes of course, but not 24/7.

    Let’s just leave it done and dusted.

    1. Well it is hard to apologise when you are not sure what it was that was said wrong. I felt very much that you were misinterpreting what I said. Secondly, given the amount of abuse coming my way I certainly felt my remarks were restrained.

      Your description now was not the impression you formerly gave of your dope smoking.
      Perhaps the two of us should apologise for the personal remarks and draw a line. So I am sorry for any personal remarks I have made and will endeavour not to repeat more of the same.

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