Extract from Rock Routes – List of Stiff Label essential tracks.

The new book, Rock Routes, is in production. The kindle version will be available soon. It is a run-through of the entire Rock Scene from the 1920s Country Blues through to 1980 Post-Punk. Every genre is described with its inter-relationships to others and each has a list of the genres essential tracks.

This is an example of the lists: The Stiff Label New Wave from the late seventies:

Artist Stand out tracks
Elvis Costello Alison

The angels want to wear my red shoes

Miracle man

Welcome to the working week

Blame it on Cain

I’m not angry

Waiting for the end of the world

Pump it up

Little triggers

(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea

You belong to me

Lip service

This years girls

Lipstick vogue

Oliver’s army

Accidents will happen

Senior service

Watching the detectives

Goon squad

Two little Hitlers

Busy bodies

Sunday’s best

I can’t stand up for falling down

Men called uncle

5ive gears in reverse

Beaten to the punch

I stand accused

Black and white world

Motel matches

New Amsterdam

Secondary modern


A good year for the roses

Almost blue

Ian Dury Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

Billericay Dickie

What a waste

Sweet Gene Vincent

Wake up and make love to me

Hit me with your rhythm stick

Reasons to be cheerful pt 3

Plaistow Patricia

Clever Trevor

I’m partial to your abracadabra

My old man



Don’t ask me

This is what we find

There aint half been some clever bastards

Lullaby for Francis

Common as muck

I want to be straight

Sueperman’s big sister


Delusions of grandeur

Yes and no (Paula)

Hey, Hey Take me away

Oh Mr Peanut

Fucking Ada

That’s not all

You’ll see glimpses

Spasticus Autisicus

Really glad you came

Wreckless Eric (I’d go the) whole wide world

Reconnez Cherie

Semaphore signals

Be stiff

Personal hygiene

Take the cash

I wish it would rain


A Popsong

Mickey Jupp Old Rock and Roller


Lene Lovich Lucky number

Say when

I think we’re alone now

Bird song

Rachel Sweet B-A-B-Y
Kirsty Kirsty MacColl There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis

They don’t know

A new England


Miss Otis Regrets

What do pretty girls do

Don’t come the cowboy with me sonny Jim

Fairy tale of New York

Jona Lewie You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Stop the cavalry


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2 thoughts on “Extract from Rock Routes – List of Stiff Label essential tracks.

  1. Crackin’ list Opher – I love a lot of Stiff!
    I think you’ve definitely listed the top 100 already…
    How about :-
    Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias – Snuff Rock EP
    Kill – Gobbing On Life – Snuffin’ Like That – Snuffin’ In A Babylon
    Devo – Jocko Homo
    Ian Dury – Razzle In My Pocket
    Mickey Jupp – You Made A Fool Out Of Me
    Jona Lewie – Denny Laine’s Valet

    1. Yes – all good stuff. All you mention are eminently worthy! I can’t believe I missed out Razzle – it’s one of my favourites. Never mind. I left out Devo because I put them in elsewhere I believe.

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