What is Opher’s World all about?

A blog for Writers, Readers, Thinkers, Beats, Freaks, Idealists, Punks, Hippies, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Photographers, Atheists, and all those of an Alternative Nature with Open Minds who seek Wonder and Fun.

I am writing a blog for thinking, creative people. I wish to promote thought and stimulate the grey matter.

I want to display beauty and an appreciation of the world, nature and human endeavours.

I want to illustrate politic and social events and not shy from controversy.

I want to highlight Rock Music, good lyrics and music that means something.

I want to communicate.

I want to address philosophy and religion. As an antitheist I would like to highlight the evils being carried out in the name of religion and express my abhorrence.

I want to display my own creativity in the form of Art, Poetry, Music and my Books.

I want to interact and get people involved.

Hopefully you will find this blog varied, passionate, funny, serious and open to all.

I am a humanist who believes in equality, fairness and tolerance. I despise inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty and intolerance.

I wish you a wonderful life in an incredible universe! You are all most welcome!

It’s all happening here! Help build a positive Zeitgeist!!

5 thoughts on “What is Opher’s World all about?

  1. Cool. Might i request your opinion on my book ? There is a free eBook version thru my site : secondmusic.org.

    1. I will check it out and give you an opinion (may take me a while – I’ve got stuff piling up!) cheers Opher (PS – I know how important it is!)

    2. Thank you. It seems to hit the spot with a lot of people. It’s good to communicate and share – to get the grey matter buzzing! Thanks for your comments.

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