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My showcase Ron Forsythe Science Fiction Writer site is now up and running. It is good to see that it is building in both followers and readers.

Please take a look:

Have a read of the content, check out the interesting articles in the blog and leave me a few comments and likes, and if you like the look of it give me a follow.

Thank you!

A Big Thank You!! The Ron Forsythe Site is up and Running!!

Can I say thank you to all those people who have gone to have a look at my Ron Forsythe – Science Fiction Author site. I thank you for taking the time to look over the site and pass forward your comments, suggestions and views. It is enheartening to know that you found it was excellent, interesting and that it worked.

I have taken on all your suggestions and updated the site to make the necessary improvements.

Thank you again – the site is all the better for your inputs!! Much appreciated. If you would like to see the fruits of your efforts the link is below!

Stay safe and keep Rockin’!!

PS – inputs and suggestions still welcome!

New Website/Blog – Could I ask for a favour??

As everyone who has been following me knows, I have writing my Sci-fi under a different pen name – Ron Forsythe. I have now brought all eleven of my best titles together on a new website/blog to showcase my work.

I intend to sent my books around to various publishers and literary agents shortly (once I have the new site fully up and running). I would like them to refer back to the showcase

The favour I am asking is for you to just check out my new site and feed back your impressions and suggestions.

Thank you so much!! The link is below:

All the best to all of you!!

I’m Back!! – At least intermittently!! Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible!

Unfortunately my network went down!!

You do not realise how dependent on the internet you are until it ceases to function!

I have a nice man coming out to fix it on Friday! Until then I shall only have limited access.

So apologies folks. I shall try my best to catch up with all your emails, comments and posts. It may take me a while though!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

In the meantime please bear with me.

Thank You!!

Thank you to all my readers and followers – particularly those leaving comments, giving likes and showing they appreciate the efforts.

Thank you to all those who are buying my books. Please leave reviews!

Your interaction really makes a difference in these trying times!!

Thank you for going out of your way! It means a lot to me!

The Corona Diaries – Day 9

Well we continue in isolation – though I did pop in to pick up the paper and ordered some fish and chips at the chippy (I stood outside while they cooked it).

They are now talking about this going on for a year!

Oh well – I guess I’ll have a few books written by the end of that!!

I finished the second rewrite of ‘Farm 703 – The Human Project’ and am now doing a third rewrite/edit of ‘Schizoid’. When I’ve done that I will be finishing off the Roy Harper book!

After that I have a couple of rewrites of older books.

Should keep me going for a few months or more!

We went for a walk today – nice sunshine but cold wind.  Nice to be outside in the wonderful British Spring!

Still in this false dawn – don’t know anybody with the illness yet. That might change.

A friend sent me a report on a new drug that seems to be effective. A glimmer of hope?

It is going to be quite difficult not seeing our kids, grandkids and friends. We’ll have to facetime.

Back to the writing!!

Opher wishes you well! Stay connected!

These are difficult times with much fear and anxiety for our family, friends and ourselves.

I would just like to wish all of you well.

Whatever your views on Trump, Brexit or even Tommy Robinson I hope you and all of yours stay healthy during this corona virus crisis.

I hope that even if we are isolated at home we can still reach out and communicate in this on-line community. Because that connection brings life and comfort.

Stay safe everyone – I wish you well! Keep up the reading, the likes and the comments! Community is strength!

Spam and deception. What makes people do these things?

Spam and deception. What makes people do these things?

Every day I have to empty a number of messages out of my spam boxes. They are irritating and annoying.

I cannot for the life of me think why people send this stuff. They fall into a number of categories.

  1. There are adverts for all manner of goods. Would any sane person click on one of these products and buy them? Even if you wanted the thing you’re not going to purchase it off a cold call.
  2. Right now I have someone who is leaving weighty medical tracts on my blog – about 10 a day. I’ve had to block their IP so that they all go directly into trash.
  3. There are all manner of sex services, products and relationship organisations. Likewise – if you wanted to purchase sex, products, operations or join a partnership scheme would you do so from one of these? I doubt it.
  4. There are scams which want you to put in your bank details. Is anyone that stupid?
  5. The one that I can’t figure out are the others leaving meaningless messages saying they like your blog, or want to set up their own or like the layout, or just a big section of gobbledegook. What is that all about?
  6. Then there are the people who pretend to be friends just so that they can deceive you with flattery and try to make a fool of you. They don’t like what you say or stand for but pretend to. Why go to all that trouble?

People are strange.

This minority of anti-social or destructive people create huge problems for the rest of us. Just think how nice and simple the world would be if we didn’t have to put in expensive police, security checks and all the anti-theft paraphernalia. It would all be so much quicker, cheaper, faster and better.

The tiny percentage of criminals, psychologically disturbed, violent and malicious people create disproportionate problems for the rest of us.

What we need is a Love Gun that puts their brains right!

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