Disturbing the archeology of my blog.

It seems that I have completely run out of space on my blog. That meant that I either stop blogging, purchase a Business plan for £220 a year, or start deleting.

Well, after due consideration, I decided to delete.

I deleted 120 posts from 2014. That did not seem to make any difference. So I started deleting early photos. That has made some difference. I am able to blog again. Yippeee!!

It felt as if I was desecrating my site though. It felt like some vandal (me) was digging up ancient artifacts and destroying them – just as if I was a mad archeologist or member of ISIS. It made me feel very sad. I don’t think anybody actually delves back to read those early blogs or look at those pictures. But that was not the point. They were there, buried under the many posts from later years – like an era of geology buried in the strata of rocks. Once I had deleted them they were lost for ever. It was like a layer of history had been eradicated.

So my site is now less than it was.


Please go to https://opherworld.wordpress.com and not tygpress!


My dear Indian friends,

It appears that tygpress.com is putting out the entire output of my, and other peoples blogs.

Unfortunately they have not actually asked permission to do this.

However, I am pleased that my material is finding an audience out there in India, though I would prefer that you get the content direct from my blog:

You can do this by clicking this link:


If you like my writing you might be interested in purchasing one of my books. They are available on Amazon under either Opher Goodwin or Ron Forsythe.

Ron Forsythe is my pen name for my best Sci-fi novels:


Opher Goodwin is the name I use for a wide range of different books:



I think you will like what you find!


Thank you for your support.

Welcome to all my Indian friends!

Recently I have noticed a lot of visitors from the Indian subcontinent. Thank you for supporting my blog. I hope you feel welcome and like what you are finding here!

Feel free to leave a comment.

मेरे ब्लॉग पर स्वागत है
mere blog par svaagat hai

میرے بلاگ میں خوش آمدید

Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Opher’s World – The Blog that is the opposite of politics – I say what I think without regard to what anybody else thinks!

Overpopulation Opher Pete amazon

The trouble with politicians is that they are after your vote. They will say whatever they believe might win you over. They will promise the earth.

In the end they will cost us the earth.

My blog is different. I speak my mind and I don’t care what anybody thinks. What you get is me. Take it or leave it. I pander to no one.

If I think something is wrong I speak out.

If I think something is beautiful I record it.

I live to communicate and create. I live to change the world for the better.

You will probably agree with some and hate other bits. But that’s OK. I won’t lie. You know where you stand.

I stand for justice, freedom, tolerance, love, peace and happiness for all. I want justice for all life on the planet and an end to overpopulation and environmental destruction.

It’s simple.

Welcome!! – Friends from all around the world!!

Welcome!! – Friends from all around the world!!

That is amazing!!


Thank you all for supporting my blog!!

We are all one – in one brotherhood/sisterhood! Building a new world where all people regardless of race, creed or gender are equally important.

This is a community that values cooperation, tolerance and freedom above selfish greed and oppression.

This is a community that values nature and opposes the destruction of the environment. We do not want trees chopped down, animals killed and the wilderness destroyed.

This is a community that believes overpopulation is the biggest threat to the future of mankind and the environment.

Thank you for sticking with me!!

You won’t like everything I say. But I have to say it how I think it. There is no choice.

What you see is what you get. You know where you stand.

I appreciate your support for what I am doing! Thanks for the Likes and thanks for the follows – they make it all worthwhile!!

Let’s build a positive, global zeitgeist!!

Thousands of us can’t be wrong!!!

Opher’s World Blog is coming to an end!!

Dear friends,

I have been running this blog for 5 years now and built up quite a following. Unfortunately I am running out of space. I have bought as much extra space as they will allow and have nearly filled it all. I am currently well over 99% with no opportunity to purchase extra capacity.

It looks like I’ve run out of space and options.

My only option is to take out a business plan and I don’t think I can afford that.

If anybody has any other suggestions I would be interested to hear. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your support!

Thank you friends for your continuing support. I appreciate it all.

Thank you for following my blog, for every like and comment. It is very heartening to see the blog growing daily.

Thank you for purchasing my books – particularly my new ones. I would like to thank you for your faith. It means a lot to me.

It is heartening to hear so many of you are enjoying my books. They are written with heart and passion and make for a great read.

Please leave a review on Amazon – that means a lot too!

If you would like to take a punt on something different I have a number on Amazon both under the name of Opher Goodwin and my Sci-fi nom de plume Ron Forsythe.

If you would like a recommendation just ask.

My new Sci-fi novel God’s Bolt is out on Amazon in digital and paperback formats. It is an exciting read – very compulsive.

If you’d like a copy it is now available on Amazon:

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In the USA –


My new Sci-fi novel Reawakening the sequel to God’s Bolt is also out on Amazon in digital and paperback formats. It is probably the best book I have yet written and works as a stand alone. Why not give it a try?

If you’d like a copy it is now available on Amazon:

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In the UK:

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Please leave a review on Amazon!! Thank you!


Trolling – The Glasgow Disturbed Guy

Isn’t it amazing the lengths some people go to in order to be totally unpleasant – including death threats and unpleasantness with threats, such as:

Black Army – Yes. The geezer doesn’t know he’s fucking born. He has no ideas what’s coming his way.

Black Army

He does now. The crew know his whereabouts. Manners will be taught to teacher.

Fortunately I have kept all the emails – under various pseudonyms they all emanate from one IP address An address in Glasgow.

This has been going on now for over a year with the most stupid set of names. The recent batch include:

Black Army





March of Black Death


Truth Will Out

Bill The Town Cryer

Terrence Batton

Yvette Morrison

Hugh Goodall

Colin Bleasdale





Victor Grace

Gerry Edwards

Peter Hargreaves

The Slow Simmering Death of Ridiculous Self-Righteous People

The Devil Does Damage


Goodwin Christopher

You Can Delete all You Like But I’ll Always Make a Complete Donkey of You



Details for

Decimal: 1524262256
Hostname: 5ada6570.bb.sky.com
ASN: 5607
ISP: Sky Broadband
Organization: Sky Broadband
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Dynamic IP
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom gb flag
State/Region: Glasgow City
City: Glasgow
Latitude: 55.8804  (55° 52′ 49.44″ N)
Longitude: -4.3007  (4° 18′ 2.52″ W)
Postal Code: G12

It sure takes a disturbed individual to go to such trouble. Dozens of different pseudonyms and hundreds of unpleasant putrescent messages geared to threaten, put other people off commenting and destroying my blog.

I know who this sick fuck is. So do others.

Vulcan Bombers Flying from Leconfield

As it seems the latest focus for Troll activity I thought I would dispel the stupid ridiculing for my assertion that Vulcan Bombers used to fly over my school.

I joined Beverley Grammar School in 1975. I can clearly remember Vulcan bombers taking off from Leconfield and going low across the school causing it to shudder. I am not sure how regular this was. I am also not sure if these planes were armed with nuclear bombs. I think that information was top secret. But it is perfectly possible that they were armed though it appears that following the introduction of the Polaris missiles the Vulcans were moved to other operations.

Why this should have been focused on for a target for abuse I am not sure.

Here’s an extract from Wikipedia:

In the 1950s Leconfield was a nominated ‘dispersal base’ for the RAF V bomber force.

The bombers were finally taken out of service in 1984.

Here’s further information about the siting of V Bombers:


I hope that puts an end to that senseless argument.


Trolling on my blog.

Dear friends and followers,

I would like to thank you for your support. Presently my bog is being subjected to a series of abusive trolling. I hope this does not intrude into your appreciation of the content.

I am being subjected to death threats, threats to my house, derogatory personal abuse and puerile comments.

I have a zero tolerance to trolls. I will delete all comments of a derogatory nature and people guilty of trolling. While I do not wish to suppress debate I will not allow my followers to be abused or for myself to have to put up with a stream of nastiness.

In the meantime I am taking action. I am retaining the comments and threats. I have an IT expert who is investigating the IP addresses – I believe they are come from one source. I am involving the police. Harassment is an offence but I believe that death threats are taken very seriously. Fortunately I have friends who are solicitors and a relative who is a DI. We’ll see what comes from this.

This trolling is designed to cause upset and prevent me speaking. I refuse to be bullied.

I am taking this very seriously and am not prepared to accept abuse. Freedom is too important.

Thank you for your continuing support.