New Website/Blog – Could I ask for a favour??

As everyone who has been following me knows, I have writing my Sci-fi under a different pen name – Ron Forsythe. I have now brought all eleven of my best titles together on a new website/blog to showcase my work.

I intend to sent my books around to various publishers and literary agents shortly (once I have the new site fully up and running). I would like them to refer back to the showcase

The favour I am asking is for you to just check out my new site and feed back your impressions and suggestions.

Thank you so much!! The link is below:

All the best to all of you!!

7 thoughts on “New Website/Blog – Could I ask for a favour??

  1. Very crisp and clear – straight forward – the theme. Yet the somewhat tautological
    Header / Sub-Header:

    Ron Forsythe – Science Fiction Author

    Writer of Science Fiction novels

    … wouldn’t be my cup of tea.
    But you were asking.

  2. Header: Ron Forsythe

    Sub-Header: Science Fiction Author

    Straight forward, as the rest of the site already is.

    And yes: I’d choose a “portrait” that isn’t that dark …

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